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Bitcoin Could Crash Below $10,000 With New Pattern Developing

Like most of the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin endured a painful retracement in November after recording new all-time highs. While Bitcoin currently trades 17% down from its $68.7k all-time high, an investor believes it could get worse. Famed growth investor, Louis Navellier, the chairman and founder of Navellier & Associates, has...
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A Vacation Home in Uruguay Could Be Your Cast Iron Plan B

Punta del Este in Uruguay is a quiet place most of the year. Then, during the southern hemisphere summer months of January and February, it fills with vacationers. Thousands of them. Many of them own a home there, a brick-and-mortar investment where they can enjoy summer. And for the smart...
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Why Vaccine Passports are so Controversial, and the Alternatives

In the UK, COVID passports, also known as immunity certificates, were introduced on May 17, 2021. Concerns were raised about vaccine passports due to the lack of constitutional basis, possible misuse, and discrimination and inequality against the unvaccinated. Ultimately this led to the non-pursuance of the plan. TrialSite takes a global look at how other countries are handling the issue.

Boris Johnson sets date to formally review Christmas Covid plans as lockdown fears swirl

The Government introduced new temporary measures last week to fight the spread of the virus in response to the Omicron variant, which will be reviewed just one week before Christmas. The planned review date is reminiscent of last Christmas, when the Prime Minister waited until December 19 to announce that the planned relaxation of lockdown rules over the festive period would not be going ahead.

Bring back ‘work from home’ guidance to tackle omicron, top advisers tell government

Boris Johnson’s government should consider bringing back “work from home” guidance in bid to tackle the spread of the Covid omicron variant, top scientific advisers have recommended.The full official notes from the latest Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) meeting – published on Friday – show that the experts believe remote working is a “highly relevant” way to reduce transmission of the new variant.The Sage committee also warned ministers that they may not be able wait for data on omicron before deciding whether to bring in more restrictions.“Even if measures are introduced immediately, there may not be time to...
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Tips for Teaching the Older Learner

Jack, with the aircraft named after his late wife "Babe," earned his private pilot certificate in his 70s. Contributed photo. One of the greatest joys as a flight instructor is when you get to work with someone who has wanted to fly their whole life and they finally have the time and the resources to make that dream come true. Very often, these learners are in their 50s or older—often retired or close to it when they start on the path to pilot certification.

Heimtextil cancelled, announces possible Plan B

Frankfurt, Germany – With another wave of Covid-19 surging in Germany and other parts of the world, the organizer of the Heimtextil international home textiles fair is shifting gears. This morning (U.S. time), Messe Frankfurt announced that the January show has been cancelled. The expo organization said it will work...

Times leading on the bedblocking unjabbed

Doctors and nurses vent anger as unvaccinated Covid cases delay vital operations.…. I must be the only one who shows up for work, does the job I’m paid to, and goes home without getting angry at patients. I’m paid the same to see people or drink tea. Im not arsed which I do.

Doctors Preparing for Omicron Variant to Hit Tri-State

"Try not to panic" -- this is what tri-state doctors are saying when it comes to the looming threat of the omicron variant. "Until we get rid of Covid-19, we will continue to see the possibility of variants," said Dr. David Schultz, owner of Evansville Primary Care. When it comes...

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Loser Plan B? Supreme Court Reform Momentum Builds for Dem Sens

As the Supreme Court revisited the constitutionality of abortion this week, Senate Democrats are growing increasingly concerned things will not go their way. So, to fight back at the perceived partisanship, they are ready to weigh more partisan reform on the judiciary by Congress, The Washington Post reported. "It is...

Crypto Flipsider News – Facebook to Allow More Crypto Ads, Plan B Says Bitcoin Will Hit $100k, Terra Overtakes Shiba, BoA Says Metaverse Is Massive Opportunity, Katana Now Second-Largest DEX

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) Will Allow More Crypto Advertising, Jack Dorsey Rebrands Square, Changes Name to Block Inc. Bitcoin Update: PlanB Makes New Prediction, Fidelity Moves Bitcoin ETF to Canada, User Loses $50 Million. Altcoin Update: Terra Overtakes Shiba Inu, Filecoin’s Computing Power Declines. BoA: The Metaverse Is a Massive Opportunity, $106...

Bitcoin to blast off to $100,000 following Plan B’s Stock-to-Flow model

Plan B has reaffirmed Bitcoin price target of $100,000 in one standard deviation band in his Stock-to-Flow model. One of the largest asset managers, Fidelity Investments, plans to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF in Canada this week. Alex Krüger has placed the odds of Bitcoin hitting fresh all-time highs by...
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5 Simple steps to protect your practice from cyberattacks

An expert shares strategies veterinary practices can implement to protect their business from cyberattacks. In 2021 alone, prominent organizations like the Colonial Pipeline, JBS, and CNA Financial made front-page news by falling victim to cyberattacks that incurred severe financial damage. However, Fetch dvm360® Conference presenter Clint Latham, JD, said the veterinary industry has been largely passive and unconcerned with cybersecurity. Rather, veterinary professionals tend to assume they aren’t a target, because they are small businesses and, therefore, small targets.