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Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure. Instead of the traditional ham, this Hawaiian chicken pizza recipe not only adds chicken as a topping, but bacon as well. And of course you can't forget the pineapple!. There are so many pizza options out there - from a...
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Aunt Helena

I witnessed a scary sight last week at the corner of Hunt and Railroad. A young woman was crossing Railroad in the crosswalk, engrossed in her cell phone, when a small SUV approached the stop sign, stopped, and started to turn left. As the driver peered down Hunt to look for cross-traffic, the vehicle inched forward until it nearly hit the woman in the crosswalk. The bumper was inches away from her legs when the driver saw her and lurched to a stop. The driver rolled down the passenger’s-side window and said something — I can only assume it was an apology — but the woman kept walking, oblivious. She never once took her eyes off her phone. As far as I know she never realized she was a fraction of a second away from a broken leg, if not two. Drivers, please keep an eye out for pedestrians. Pedestrians, please keep an eye out for drivers. We’ve suffered quite enough tragedy in the last year.
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The 10 Most Amazing Food Stories of All Time

Throughout history, food has always been one of society’s favorite subjects that has awakened even the lowest passions and has made even the most famous ones comment on one or another madness. Finally, it is undeniable that eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life for most people. In such a way that it is no surprise to say that there are some of the most original stories that revolve around food, based on this we set ourselves the task of compiling some of the most iconic stories of all time They will leave you with a square eye!