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Restaurant Review: Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria

I found Lucy’s New York Style Pizzeria on Yelp – it was the highest-rated “New York Style Pizza” I could find in Idaho Falls, so I gave them a call. My hopes weren’t high when I realized they were in the middle of the busy Idaho Falls shopping district in a strip mall. But then I reminded myself that the best New York pizzas I’d ever had came from places I wouldn’t usually go, in buildings I would never have suspected. So, I put my judgment aside and placed an order.
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Andrew Alvarez

Top 3 pizza places in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA — Cheese, pepperoni, and mushrooms over tomato sauce. Who wouldn't love a pizza? Pizza is even a staple in Atlanta's cuisine. Pizza restaurants are literally everywhere. Out of all of them, here are three of the best pizza restaurants in Atlanta.
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Peace and quiet and pizza

This morning, I walked the dog down to the mailbox where the Wall Street Journal used to be delivered. Emphasis on used to be. I suspended my account because delivery became unreliable and sporadic. I’ll pick up the paper again in a few months when we return to South Carolina.
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Here Are The Highest-Rated Pizza Restaurants In Cincinnati

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a good slice of pizza. Luckily, fellow pizza lovers have taken to TripAdvisor to rate the best pizza places in Cincinnati, and share their experiences. To make the list of best pizza places even more accessible, Stacker compiled a list of the 30 highest-rated...
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Alleged Wallet Thieves Smiling on Camera Exiting Store in Tyler

The City of Tyler Police Department is requesting the public's assistance in identifying suspects that allegedly stole a wallet. The last thing I want to do is say someone is guilty, because we all are innocent until proven guilty. But that is exactly why our local law enforcement wants to talk to the suspects in the photos.
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Our tips for the crispiest, crunchiest, charred-est pizza ever

We love ordering pizza from our favorite local slice joint or Neapolitan-style spot, but the taste of homemade pizza — especially our favorite grilled pizza recipes — is something truly special. A lightly charred crust drizzled with olive oil, a sprinkle of basil leaves, a swirl of marinara sauce, and a generous amount of ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese is as simple and delicious as can be. Of course you can go all out with truffle-flavored ingredients or meat-lover toppings galore. If you're looking for an upgrade to your summer dinner (after all, who doesn't want a new and improved menu for entertaining family or friends?), make homemade pizza on the grill. Ahead, we'll tell you how to do just that like a pro.
Breckenridge, CO5280.com

Tin Plate Brings Fancy Pizza to Breckenridge

Swank toppings, sourdough cookies, and playful cocktails are the draw at this new high country eatery. In a mountain town accustomed to feeding droves of tourists, informal fare like nachos, wings, and pizza are easy to come by. Restaurateur James Harris wants to redefine Breck’s pizza scene with Tin Plate, a new pie joint serving sophisticated creations. Case in point: The Elote ($19) is a light, airy and chewy sourdough crust pie topped with cream, corn, roasted poblano, basil, goat cheese and an acidic kick, thanks to lime-pickled onions. And there’s so much more.
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Four great reasons to make a pit-stop in Penngrove

Do places ever remind you of a song? Paris and Django, the Haight and the Dead, NOLA and Armstrong, Memphis and Elvis are all like that. You roll into town and the same tune just floats into your awareness. It’s only in the really memorable places that actually happens, right, the coolest spots? Whenever I drop into Penngrove, I think of “Melissa.” Crossroads, freight cars, sunbeams shinning through his hair, the gypsy guy and the girl at home, Melissa. If you’ve ever stopped in Penngrove, you’ll know what I mean.
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Breakfast Pizza

Unroll crescent rolls dough and place on a sprayed pizza pan or baking sheet. Press seams together and press up side of pan. In a skillet brown the sausage and drain. Sprinkle the sausage, hash browns and cheddar cheese over the crust. In a bowl beat the eggs and milk...
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Connecticut: A Pizza Lover’s Paradise

“Let me settle this once and for all,” tweeted Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports and a pizza aficionado. “The pizza capital of the United States is New Haven CT.”. Portnoy’s tweet set of a string of comebacks from followers all over the country. Some agreed with Portnoy, while...
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Toppers Pizza Dairy-Free Menu Guide with Vegan & Allergen Options

Thanks to their many plant-based sauce, topping, and crust options, most of the menu at Toppers Pizza can be ordered without dairy. Just make sure to carefully specify your dairy-free needs on ordering. They have dairy and dairy-free versions of many items, like their ranch, cheese, stix, and a couple vegetarian pizzas, so mix-ups could easily happen.
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Your Guide to the Best Pizza in Jersey City

Pizzerias in Jersey City are everywhere. At first glance, it can be nearly impossible to decipher which ones stand out from the rest. It comes without saying that most pizza you come across in a state like New Jersey will be pretty delcious however sometimes there's just some places that take the art of pizza making a step beyond and that taste in quality really stands out to you.
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Criss Angel makes restaurant appear in rural Nevada

Las Vegas headliner and “Mindfreak” master Criss Angel was standing in the middle of the road Friday, posing so photographers could also focus on his sign in the background. Only a few motorists approached, and those who did politely drove around him and went on their way. It would never...