The Scriptures – The Rule of Faith for Christians

“Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate released Barabbas to them. He had Jesus flogged, and handed him over to be crucified” (Mark 15:15). The context of the verse is the “trial” of Jesus before Pilate. Pilate knew Jesus was innocent. There was not a doubt in his mind. Pilate absolutely...
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Symbols of Religion Can Really Mess with LOVE

Not seeing the forest for the trees. For instance, what If the resurrection never happened?. Yes, what if? I mean, what if there was no Judas, no pieces of silver, no. Pilate—no Crucifixion? What if Jesus worked it all out with hugs and left. everyone in his wake feeling warm...
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Weekly Truth

As we look at the New Testament together, we’ll commit Acts 13:27–31 to memory. In the second half of this sermon from Acts 13, Paul speaks about the role Israel played in Christ’s death, fulfilling Old Testament prophecies about a coming Savior. This passage reminds us that, as believers, we serve the risen Lord while bearing witness to the hope of the gospel.
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Government: Ally or Antagonist?

In years past, Christians were an ascendant force in culture. More recently, they have become a forgotten relic. Whether cultural force or relic, governing authorities rarely had cause to make Christians uncomfortable. But the coronavirus pandemic led to regional lockdowns for businesses, churches, and public events. In light of this unique governmental pressure, Christians have had to revaluate their relationship with the government.

A Mad Man, A Prince of Demons and a Dysfunctional Family!

R&I – TXPAT — A Mad Man, A Prince of Demons and a Dysfunctional Family!. The early Gentile followers of Jesus did not envisage that the man they invented from the Jews was later going to bit them in the arse! For they had no concept that posterity and knowledge would see their invention would have as many sceptics of his story as adherents. Throughout the scriptures, Jesus is controversial and contradictory and come from a dysfunctional family, who think him [Jesus] mad at the best of times. Mark 3:20-22 Jesus is not only seen as insane but possessed by the Prince of Demons. Including, he would also divide his family and other families, and it would not be peaceful, but by a show of arms. Matthew 10:34-39.

Mary Magdalene and her Red Egg

We all know the awe-inspiring story of Mary Magdalene, the first person Christ appeared to after his Resurrection. She was a true saint of hope running to tell the Apostles she had seen the Lord. They didn’t believe her until they ran to the tomb themselves. The unbelief of the...
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Classic rock opera at TLP

Timber Lake Playhouse's third production for its 2021 mainstage season is a true Superstar. “Jesus Christ Superstar” opened last week and will run three weeks, ending Sunday, Aug. 1. Director and choreographer Paul Stancato and his team of designers bring a fresh, modern, urban interpretation of this classic rock opera,...
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Mencarelli Shares About 2021-22 Campus Theme from the Book of Matthew: “Follow Me”

Brent Mencarelli serves as the dean of chapel at Grace College. He and the students on his chapel team are passionate about creating a chapel experience that is personal, Christ-centered, and gives each student the opportunity to grow spiritually. The campus theme for the 2021-22 school year is “Follow Me,” which comes from the book of Matthew. It is our goal to integrate Matthew into all parts of campus life — from chapel, to growth groups, to athletic teams, to casual conversations at the dining hall.

Mass of St. Gregory the Great: Snapshot of a Mystery

Known for lending his name to Gregorian chant, Pope Gregory the Great, who reigned from 590 to 604 made notable changes and additions to the Roman liturgy, from moving the Our Father to its present place in the Mass to forbidding subdeacons from wearing chasubles. In art, however, he is perhaps best known for being portrayed in a scene where Christ miraculously appears upon an altar at which Gregory is saying Mass.

Chaplain's Corner: It's Time for Truth

Throughout our lives, we have had many, many questions, but the question most ask throughout the ages is, what is truth? Some say truth is in the eye of the beholder. The funny thing about truth, good or bad, truth is always right! When Pilate asked if Jesus was a king. Jesus said, “I am a King, but not of this world. I was born and came into this world for this very reason, that I might testify to the truth! Everyone who lives in the truth listens to me.” Then Pilate said to Him, “What is Truth?” In John 14:6, Jesus said, “I AM the only way to God and the real truth and the real life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.”