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Driving while Black in Florida, data proves police racially profiled based on their assumption about minorities

"Each one of those stops had nothing to do with breaking the law. It's like somebody pulls your pants down around your ankles. You're standing there nude, but you've got to act like there's nothing happening. The worst thing you can do in a situation like that is to become emotionally engaged, because if you do something, maybe they're going to do something else to you. It doesn't make a difference who you are. You're never beyond this, because of the color of your skin." – Michael, 41, chief executive of municipal agency.
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Easy Street Burgers Serve The Best Burgers

I have incredibly high standards for burgers. In N Out is my favorite. So you could imagine my surprise when I tried Easy Street Burgers and fell madly in love. Single Smash Burger: Single Smash Burger begins with a 100% pure beef patty smashed and American cheese, seasoned with just a pinch of salt and pepper between Martins famous potato rolls. Choose your toppings of tangy pickle, chopped onions, ketchup, mustard, and our special wild sauce. It contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or added colors from artificial sources.
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Incredible Sandwiches At Langer's Delicatessen

"In Los Angeles, where any business that stays open for more than five years is likely to proclaim itself a “legendary institution,” Langer’s Delicatessen is the real thing. Langer’s is also a living microcosm of the Los Angeles story, from dramatic post-war growth through all the triumphs and tribulations, changes and challenges that have followed.
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The Best Viewpoints in Los Angeles

There are many spectacular things about Los Angeles. The food is beyond sensational, the people are amazing (some of them at least), shopping is a blast, parties are wild, but the sunsets, the sunrises, and the actual city itself is a masterpiece.
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Is It Just Too Expensive to Live in L.A. Anymore?

From the high cost of housing, to the cost of childcare and even the expensive sales tax, Los Angeles is not an affordable city. People are leaving. For years, people came to Los Angeles in search of a better life. They sought sunny weather and beautiful people. They wanted fame and fortune.
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Grabbing a Slice in Tampa: 3 Popular Pizza Parlors

I'm a pizza junkie. Grabbing a slice of delicious pizza is one of the tremendous gustatory pleasures that just about everyone experiences. Choosing a fantastic pizzeria in Tampa is not too hard when you have a shortlist of the three best pizzeria locations in your neighborhood. From New York to Neapolitan, grabbing a tasty slice means it is party time. Bring on the pepperoni.
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Best Chinese Food At Yang Chow

The very first Yang Chow opened its doors in 1977, in the heart of Chinatown. Located beneath the Bing Wong Hotel, it was a former diner that was converted into a two room eatery. Started by a family of five brothers, the restaurant was named after their hometown. The Yun family comes from generations of cooks and restauranteurs.
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5 Subtle Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Person

I used to look at guys and wonder if they were The One without even knowing their first name. I’d date people so wholly wrong for me that I could almost forsee the breakup before it even happened. “The heart wants what it wants,” I’d tell my friends or even to myself when I was trying to convince myself what I knew was wrong was right.
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Experience in a Perkasie Eatery Aids College Student’s Research Project on Post-Pandemic Restaurant Recovery

Maddie Reim’s collegiate research project was aided by her work at a Perkasie restaurant.Image via Andrea at Pexels. The COVID-19 outbreak socked the restaurant industry, a high-touch line of business. Mapping post-pandemic restaurant recovery takes special insight, one that student Maddie Reim provided thanks to her experience at a Perkasie restaurant. Rochelle Allen, for the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), reported on how Reim’s background was academically helpful.
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Projective Tests in Psychological Assessment – The Human Figure Drawing Tests

Goodenough (1926) originally introduced the Draw-a-Man (DAM) Test to assess developmental level or intelligence in children based on indices measuring spatial interpretation and fine motor skills. However, Karen Machover (1949) considered such drawings to be a rich source of clinical information and suggested that human figure drawings, the Draw-a-Person Test (DAP), be used as projective test of personality. Interpretation of human figure drawings is largely based on psychoanalytic theory. Based on this theory, features of drawings are thought to represent the artist's psychological make-up. For example, drawing figures with large eyes indicates a concern that others are watching, suggesting suspiciousness or even paranoia. Examinees who draw figures with wide hips may have a preoccupation with sex; such drawings by males may suggest latent homosexuality. Drawings of hands with conspicuous fingers and thumbs may suggest a preoccupation with masturbation.
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How To Set Up A Home Workstation For Maximum Productivity

Computers on an organized desk.Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels. It's no secret that having a workstation set up at home can be incredibly beneficial to your productivity and overall wellness. Without the distractions of social media, friends, or family members' phone calls, you'll be able to accomplish more in less time.
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7 Websites to Find Stock Photos If You're Ready to Pay for Them

Before I start singing the praises of these other stock photo sites which require payment of some kind, I must admit that free websites like Unsplash, Pexels, and Pixabay are an amazing resource. I've seen images that rival the kinds one can find on premium sites. Yet the issue is those photos are often used by everyone, making it harder for the stories I write to stand out in a sea of content. Our eyes process an image faster than words. So once an image is overused, readers will just scan over the piece, thinking they read it before.Though I still use Unsplash, I usually will take time to go through several images before picking. Now, I tend to get my photos from other places. I've tried several sites (and recommended others do the same) to find which works for me. Because most are not yearly commitments it's been easy to wade through their selection to discover which was perfect for my needs.
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5 Mindfulness Exercises To Boost Your Productivity

A man wearing a black hat.Photo by Kelvin Valerio from Pexels. It's no secret that we live in a world of instant gratification. We want what we want when we want it, and the more accessible it is, the better. But as much as technology has made our lives easier, there are still times where it can be overwhelming and distracting.
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5 Bad Habits That Are Destroying Your Focus

A woman in a white shirt.Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels. Many bad habits prey on your focus. And if you don't know what they are, they will affect your productivity in the long run. Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours on end is bad enough, but other habits can be just as destructive to your focus.
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Downtown Royal Oak Considering Angle Parking

Just in: A new parking meter system is coming to Downtown Royal Oak this fall. With this new system and change coming, Royal Oak officials are considering what other changes could be upgraded to service the community. On-street angled parking is being highly considered on Washington Avenue and Seventh Street in the downtown.
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Incredible Italian Food At The Pink Door

The Pink Door located at 1919 Post Alley Seattle, WA 98101 is an incredible restaurant for you to go to if you're celebrating, or going out for a fun date night. Dinner here is impeccable, they have delicious arancini which are saffron rice balls fried and stuffed with mozzarella, fontina, and Parmigiano cheese. I also like to get the Ahi Tuna Crudo, which is incredibly refreshing. It's made with fried capers, smoked castelvetrano olives, microgreens, and an orange citrus vinaigrette.