Puppy Who Can’t Stand On Her Own Learns To Run | The Dodo

Watch this tiny puppy who couldn’t stand on her own learn how to run and grow up in the perfect family. Keep up with Rosie on Instagram @rosie.theposie: thedo.do/rosietheposie. Check out more of Oh Chin Yang's photography on Instagram @ohcy: thedo.do/ohcy. Special thanks to Action for Singapore Dogs for their...
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Big Dog Ranch Rescue Gives Abandoned Dogs Facing Euthanization a Second Chance

Animal shelters are perpetually filled to the brim with adoptable pets, but due to lack of space and resources, roughly 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized every year. Sadly, injured animals and senior animals are often the first to lose out on the chance for a forever home due to the resources they require. Founders of Big Dog Ranch Rescue are unwilling to accept the sad reality of shelter dogs, and so far, they’ve saved over 47,000 adoptable dogs from euthanization.
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25 people, 6 dogs exposed to local puppy with rabies

JOHNSTON, S.C. (WRDW/WAGT) - The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control confirmed that a puppy in Edgefield County has tested positive for rabies. The puppy was on Lanier Road in Johnston but also lived in Augusta from July 14-17. At least 25 people were exposed and have been...
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Wild dogs causing problems in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY, WV (WOWK) – The City of Montgomery, West Virginia is experiencing an unusual problem. We’re talking about wild dogs. Residents say the pack of wild dogs has been running around, killing small animals, even some people’s pets. Now the city is taking action. “A wild pack of dogs running...
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Pets of OMP: Meet Irish, the Irish Draught Horse

Irish is an Irish Draught horse, with a heart as big as he is. The breed was developed in Ireland as the working horse for Irish families. These horses had to be able to do it all: pull a plow, gallop cross-country, pull a cart to Sunday mass, and be steady enough to take little ones for rides.
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Rabies detected in Sylvania Township bats

LUCAS COUNTY, Ohio — The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department reported Friday that two bats recently tested positive for rabies in Sylvania Township. Rabies can be contracted from a bite, scratch or saliva from an infected animal, often without noticing due to bats' small size. The virus can fatally impact the nervous system in mammals, including humans.
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How One Wildfire Survivor Learned To Heal After Losing Everything

Whether it’s the Bootleg Fire ripping through communities in Oregon or the tragic condo collapse in Miami, many Americans are sheltered one day and homeless the next, their home and possessions destroyed by disasters. But what do you do after you lose everything?. Dacia Williams walked that road to a...
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Temporary job at pet clinic blocks Miami woman’s unemployment benefits

MIAMI – Anna Maria Brown’s unemployment benefits have been stuck in “pending status” because a five-day job with a Miami pet clinic last October triggered a returned to work status from the Department of Economic Opportunity. “Just waiting, it’s just horrible,” the single grandmother said. “I spend sometimes whole days...

Severe weather preparation for your pets

When it comes to keeping your family safe in a severe weather emergency you likely already have a plan in place. Everyone knows where to go and what to do to stay safe, but can the same be said for your pets?. Elliott McConnell is a Humane officer with the...
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Brave Yorkshire Terrier, Macy, protects her 10-year-old owner by fighting off coyote twice her size during attack

A lionhearted Yorkshire terrier fought off a coyote twice her size to protect her 10-year-old owner after it attacked them. Owner Lily Kwan, 10, said she had just seen fliers in her Toronto, Canada neighborhood on Tuesday warning people of a coyote chasing children in the area when the animal started snapping at her heels while she was walking her dog Macy.

Which Birds Make the Best Pet Birds?

Maybe it’s the appeal of feathery snuggles or the hope of whistling tunes together. Or maybe you are looking for a lifelong companion… With their hilarious personalities and intelligence, birds make wonderful pets. But which pet bird is right for you? This guide can serve to introduce you to the most popular pet bird species and give some pointers to help you choose which bird species is right for you!

Top 25 Most Affectionate Large Breed Dogs

Big dogs sometimes get a bad rap. Though often intimidating, they can make for great family pets. Some large dogs are incredibly friendly, the American Kennel Club points out. This AKC rundown has been compiled by ranking how affectionate the dogs are to family, whether they get along with other pups, and if they like children.