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Cat's Sweet Greeting for Mail Carrier Is Too Cute to Resist

A lot of dogs aren't too crazy about their mail carrier, no matter how many treats the mail carrier gives them. That's why we are on total team cat today after seeing this sweet feline all excited to see her neighborhood mailman. And the mailman, TikTok user @Spiffedspaceman, seems pretty...
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Dog's Trip to Visit Santa at the Mall Is Too Cute to Miss

If your pup has never visited Santa before, this year could be the year! One dog mom brought her German Shorthaired Pointer, @eva_on_point, to visit Jolly Old St. Nick at their local mall's pet photo night, and the results are just adorable. It won't take long for you to see how excited she is to be there!
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Tiny Toad Photographed In Dollhouse Is Hilariously Perfect | The Dodo

Toby is a wild toad who was found living on this woman's porch. One day, she decided to start taking pictures of him in her dollhouse, and they're absolutely hilarious. Keep up with Toby and all of his little adventures on Instagram: Love Animals? Subscribe: ¿Hablas español?:

Dog's Reaction to Seeing Grandma After 6 Months Apart Is Beautiful

Reunions are the best, especially when it's been a while since you've seen your loved one. Perhaps that why this sweet dog's reaction to seeing Grandma after 6 months apart was so special. Well--that, and the way his mom set up the interaction!. @Whiskey__blu is one gorgeous Australian Shepherd and...

Junk Yard Cat's Reaction to Finally Getting Love Warms Our Hearts

We love nothing more than when a cat finds its human. Whether it's a shelter cat or a stray cat, getting these animals into a safe and loving home is always so wonderful to see. It's incredibly touching when you get to witness this in action, which is why the...

Adorable Video: Lubbock Prairie Dogs Love Pumpkins Too

We have all seen adorable videos of different animals eating pumpkins. Honestly, it is sometimes my favorite part of October's end. Lubbock sadly doesn't have a zoo so we don't get to see our cute animals eating them until now. Whether you’re five or ninety-five, the Science Spectrum Museum in...

Tiny Chihuahua Waiting for a Kiss Is Stealing Hearts Everywhere

If you were needing your daily dose of serotonin we've got it for you in the form of TikTok user @Zucchinichi 's adorable Chihuahua puppy who wants nothing more than a kiss from mom. Zucchini is a Blue Mere long-haired and he is just too stinking cute. He's so patient...

Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 739

I’ve only known one person — actually, strike that — one cat who could look debonaire in the middle of a rainstorm. Trust me, the paparazzi tried to catch him looking unkempt or frazzled every time it rained, but they always failed. Even during a torrential downpour, Tabs was able to serve major lewks.