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How to help children build a growth mindset

A new year is a perfect time to consider the habits you want to keep and the ones you’d like to develop. One resolution to consider is helping your children develop a growth mindset this year. “We know one of the greatest boosts to parents’ confidence over the past...
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Business complains Jeremy Hunt’s UK growth plan lacks new policies

Business lobby groups on Friday criticized prime minister Jeremy Hunt’s keynote speech on the government’s plan to boost economic growth, complaining that the government had introduced no new policy. hunting use speech to highlight the government’s “growth plan” and its focus on the “four Es” of business, education,...
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15 Personal Growth Questions To Ask Yourself

While we might stop growing physically as adults, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn and grow in other ways. One way to continue growing and developing is to ask ourselves personal growth questions. Asking profound questions and checking in with yourself can help your mindset and help you...

Helpful Personal Development Questions To Ask Yourself in 2023!

Working on personal development is a constant journey that will inevitably have its ups and downs. But there are tasks and changes you can make to help you along your personal development journey. And one of those is to journal about these helpful personal development questions. Which is why I am sharing these question prompts to use in 2023!

4 Steps to Developing a Growth Mindset

We all have a voice that can encourage us to reach for the stars or pull us back into mediocrity. To make positive and successful changes, you must learn to identify this fixed mindset voice and develop a growth mindset instead. [1]. Identifying the Fixed Mindset Voice. A fixed mindset...

Experiencing new language, new food and personal growth

Little Pasture on the Prairie Last week marked the Lunar New Year, a holiday celebrated so ubiquitously in China that is sometimes simply called Chinese New Year. This week also marks the 25th anniversary of my arrival in Shanghai, China to begin a semester abroad. I didn’t know about the Lunar New Year then, or much of anything about China, honestly, but I was young and naive, and consequently…

Life Transition

Transition from middle school to high school is a different experience for each person. Some feel joy, while others feel fear. Every year in August, a new Freshmen Class comes to Sunlake High school in Land o’ Lakes to kick off their high school years. Out of these hundreds of freshmen is Jairo Todd. On his free time, he enjoys playing the sport of soccer. Jairo started playing soccer at the age of 5, making him compete in the sport for 10 years. Due to the high-level league, he plays (MLS Next). Jairo does not participate in high school soccer. However, he still has had big accomplishments. He states “[m]y most notable accomplishments are playing in various tournaments in Germany and getting multiple awards.” He played across seas in Europe which in soccer knowledge is the top continent to be playing in. The area where the top pros are competing in, and the next generation of top-level talent is developing. Every person that plays a sport knows there is a drive to keep you enjoying and staying in your sport. For Jairo, the thing that keeps him in the sport is that “playing soccer has always been the #1 thing I’ve [sic] wanted to do since I was a toddler and getting as close … to my dream is what drives me to play every day”. Jairo competes on a team by the name of Tampa Bay United MLS Next 07, and an accomplishment they have made this season “was playing in MLS Next tournament and placing high in the group as a team”. His very successful team is likely to make the MLS Next finals and compete to be the top team in the country in the MLS Next league. Jairo is looking forward to potentially lifting that trophy and “personal growth as a player, whether that’s playing college or going on trial” with a professional club’s academy. He is on the road to being successful in his future with all his accomplishments, and has time to still figure out the college plan as he is only a freshman. The final words Jairo has about soccer are “that I [sic] love the sport,” something that is really important when it comes to any sport. Love and passion for anything lead to success and achieving one’s goals. Jairo is one of many freshmen that have a hobby outside of school that has a major impact on their lives.

From Stuck to Success: 
How Conceptual Thinking Can Revolutionize Your Personal Development Journey

Integrating the Principles of Conceptual Thinking into the Process of Personal Development. Imagine for a moment, you're standing at the edge of a cliff, staring out at the vast horizon before you. You can see the endless possibilities stretching out before you, but you can't help feeling a sense of uncertainty and confusion. You know that you want to reach the other side, but you don't know how to get there. This is the feeling of being stuck in life, unable to see the bigger picture and unable to take action towards your goals.

How to Write a Personal Narrative: 10 Best Beneficial Steps

What is a personal narrative? and how to write a personal narrative. A personal narrative is a story that describes an event or time in your life that you want to keep as a memorable moment. It needs to be authentic. You are the author and the whole story is your point of view. You need to help the reader feel and hear, and see the description you provide in the personal narrative.

Charlie Munger’s Advice on Investing and Life Choices That Make a Person Wealthy

Charlie Munger is one of the most successful investors and businessmen in history. Charlie Munger’s advice on investing and life choices that make a person wealthy is invaluable for those looking to build their wealth. In this article, we will be exploring his investment philosophy, how compounding can help you grow your wealth, why it’s important to invest in yourself, and what mental models he suggests utilizing when making decisions about investments or other aspects of life.

Buy and Build Concept: A Strategy for Personal Growth and Wealth Building

The buy and build concept is a well known strategy used by companies to grow their business through a combination of acquisition and organic growth. It usually involves buying existing companies or assets to quickly gain market share or access to new technologies, and then building upon those acquisitions through internal development or further acquisitions.

Why Love Isn't Enough To Save Your Relationship

Love is often described as a feeling of strong affection for a person, but it can also include elements of devotion and commitment. It can consume one's thoughts and emotions and can have a profound impact when it ends. However, love alone may not always be enough to sustain a relationship, and other factors such as compatibility and communication may play a role in the success or failure of a relationship.

Kill Mxddy’s New Single “These Things” Set To Drop On February 13th

Kill Mxddy’s song “These Things” is coming out on February 13th. “‘These things’ is an alternative, hyper-pop track about self-awareness, Personal growth, Standing up for yourself, and being able to deal with all ‘these things’. It’s my second song after ‘Celery’, my debut single with a completely different style.”
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18 Undeniable Traits Of A Good Person

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links. How can you tell if someone is a good person? The concept of a "good person" exists in every culture, all over the world, according to the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, but there is no single definition of what makes someone a good person (via ResearchGate). Each culture has its own set of characteristics that they associate with being "good" based on what personality traits, morals, and beliefs are valued in that culture. In cultures where people are expected to adhere to societal traditions, having respect for traditions is a trait commonly attributed to good people whereas a culture that doesn't emphasize traditions may not consider this a trait of a good person at all.

The Cannabis Entheogenic Experience – Spiritual and Personal Growth Through the Healing Plant

The Cannabis Entheogenic Experience – Spiritual and Personal Growth Through the Healing Plant. Welcome to the world of entheogens, my fellow cannabis enthusiasts. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, entheogens are substances that are used for spiritual or religious purposes, and cannabis happens to be one of the oldest and most widely used entheogens in human history.

Personal Growth Through Learning the Enneagram

Have you ever spent hours putting together a jigsaw puzzle only to discover that a vital piece is missing? Your initial thought is probably: “It can’t possibly be lost.” “It’s got to be here someplace.” You take each accessible piece in turn. You look...