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Corporate Employee Snooping: How to Address This Threat?

For every organization, the data in its possession is one of its most valuable assets. The ever-increasing number of class action lawsuits and media attention due to data breaches have made organizations more vigilant. Organizations today are highly focused on data security and privacy. They dedicate lots of resources into protecting their data against external threats. However, most organizations often overlook insider threats, which can be the most dangerous of all. One of the biggest internal threats manifests in the form of employee snooping.
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Navigating PIPL: European businesses plot their next steps into China

European businesses may have been pre-warned about China’s new Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), but levels of preparedness – and perhaps even willingness – remain far less clear as we enter 2022. PIPL in its most recent guise was released in August 2021, coming into effect on...
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Reducing cybercrime means addressing its most complex component: human behavior

The technological advancements that let our world connect and thrive in the digital age also present increased risk as more people and organizations become victims of cybercrime. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the total damages attributable to cybercrimes – including loss of data, money, and productivity, and the costs of investigations,...
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Beyond the tick box: What to consider before agreeing to a privacy policy

The doorbell rings, you answer, and a representative of a large company is on the doorstep offering to allow you to use their free service, something you know would be useful and convenient. All the rep asks you to do is tick a box on a piece of paper and the service is yours to use. They hand you 15 pages of ‘Terms and Conditions’ that all look legal and complex, and before you know it the rep is on their merry way.

Keeping Corporate Data Safe: 5 Trends Likely to Continue in 2021 Featured

When it comes to protecting corporate data, the pandemic created a host of new challenges. Employees are increasingly working remotely, and organisations are likely to continue supporting remote work for at least two more years. To complicate things further, attacks on networks are increasing, and several reports find that remote...

Conflicting State Data Privacy Laws May Drive Up Costs for Businesses

A hodge-podge of privacy laws across the U.S. threatens to cost businesses more than $1 trillion over the next decade, with at least 20% of that burden falling on small- to medium-sized businesses, according to a report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) issued this week. The study...

The future of Whois access is on the table today

ICANN and GNSO Council will meet to discuss the future of SSAD. Today, the ICANN board and the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council will meet to discuss ICANN’s first-ever Operational Design Assessment for the proposed System of Standardized Access/Disclosure (SSAD). The SSAD could end up being the post-GDPR successor to Whois access. The meeting is scheduled for 21:00 UTC, and people can register to attend on Zoom.

Imperial College ordered to release redacted version of bullying report

Imperial College’s Council, including President Alice Gast and CFO Muir Sanderson, have lost a bid to keep a report into bullying at Imperial College unpublished. Imperial College’s Council, including President Alice Gast and CFO Muir Sanderson, have lost a bid to keep a report into bullying at Imperial College unpublished.

This proof of concept NFT can swipe unsuspecting users' IP addresses

Both OpenSea and Metamask have logged cases of IP address leaks associated with transferring nonfungible tokens (NFTs), according to researchers at Convex Labs and OMNIA protocol. Nick Bax, head of research at NFT organization Convex Labs tested out how NFT marketplaces like OpenSea allow vendors or attackers to harvest IP...

EU’s Data Protection Watchdog Supports Stricter Rules for Online Ads

The European Union’s privacy overseer has lent its support for additional rules on political advertising crafted to strengthen the 27-member states’ democratic process, according to a press release. The European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) has endorsed proposed legislation that would require providers of political advertising and related services...

Blockchain Platform Profila Rebuilds Trust Between People and Brands

People will be rewarded for sharing their personal data, and brands will get a new channel to reach their audiences directly. The startup announced a token sale that starts in March 2022, with valuable referral rewards. The team behind Profila recently presented their solution aiming to stop the misuse of...

Last year’s new products – a review; and expect more – in 2022!

The new working year is up and away, cruising steadily and assuredly like… a long-range airliner flying east. Out the window it’s getting brighter: in Moscow daylight has increased by nearly an hour daily since a month ago; in New York – by 40 minutes; and in Reykjavik – by more than two hours. Even in Singapore there’s… one more minute of sunlight in a day compared to a month ago.

Reports Warn of Worsening Warfare From Cyber Criminals in 2022

Reach key decision makers with sales-ready leads that shorten your sales process. Move the needle by delivering funnel qualified leads to your sales team. Learn more. Brace yourself, 2022 promises to bring expanded cyber confrontations as ransomware attacks gain the high ground. A dangerous increase in ransomware attacks last year...

Data Breach at Drug Screening Lab

A configuration error has caused a prolonged data breach at a Florida County’s drug screening laboratory. The security incident occurred at St. Lucie County’s Drug Screening Lab (SLC Lab), which supplies drug testing services for employment, court cases and other purposes. In a statement released January 20 2022,...

How UX Can Strengthen Data Security

Data security remains a major concern for internet users worldwide. As a business on the internet, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and privacy of your visitors’ and customers’ data. There are numerous data security measures you can implement, but here we’ll focus specifically on UX...

Transcend Introduces First Actionable Data Mapping Product Along With Privacy Compliance Survey Data

Nearly 2 out of 3 surveyed are seeing an uptick in Data Subject Requests, while more than 70% are only moderately confident they’re in full compliance. Transcend, the one-stop platform that makes it easy to encode privacy across a company’s tech stack, today announced the results of its latest survey of decision makers (C-Suite, VP, Director, Manager) from fintech, e-commerce, and B2C organizations on privacy compliance. Nearly 2 out of 3 of those surveyed indicate that they are seeing an uptick in Data Subject Requests, while more than 70% of those surveyed indicate they are only moderately sure they’re in full compliance with relevant regulations.

Consumers would have more control over their personal data under Senate bill

Indiana consumers will have a lot more control over the way businesses keep and sell their personal information under a bill that cleared a Senate committee Thursday. Though the measure, if it becomes law, wouldn’t take effect until 2024. Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne) said there’s nothing wrong with...

Data privacy day 2022: furious brits tell facebook to stop selling their data

Tomorrow is Data Privacy Day (28th January 2022), and new research has found that more than half of Brits (57%) are shocked and even angry, that tech giants like Facebook were selling their data on, without their permission. According to the latest research, almost a third (32%) of people say...

The Algorithmic Life Is Not Worth Living

It’s Privacy Week here at CoinDesk, and we’ve been diving into a variety of technological and legal angles on the consequences of digital surveillance. Anxiety about the rise of omnipresent snooping can often feel like an academic matter of principle, or a series of warnings about important but uncommon edge cases: the battered spouse being stalked with malware, the dissident tracked and murdered by a government, the consumer with legal but socially marginalized tastes. These scenarios of privacy compromise have serious implications, of course, for those who fall victim and for every single one of us.