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Democratic lawmakers push to include consent awareness in school health education

The problem is rarely addressed by teachers. But sexual assault among students is endemic, says Rep. Debra Altschiller. “We think that schools are the best place to reach the most children to talk about personal body safety,” said Altschiller, a Stratham Democrat. “And that is their right. They have the right to be safe.”
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The Importance Of Separating Work And Personal Life In A Remote Environment

Communications Specialist for Insperity Recruiting Services, specializing in employment branding and recruitment marketing. Early in November 2021, Portugal passed a law banning employers from contacting employees outside of work hours. This concept is nothing new, as France passed a similar law in 2017. Portugal’s legislation is just the latest attempt to encourage employees to disconnect at the end of the day in order to improve work-life balance.
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Self-defense class at high school offers education, training for students

BOONE — Watauga High School’s senior counselor Wes Calbreath is offering a self-defense class for students during the spring and fall semesters to help make young women feel safer throughout the entirety of their lives. The class educates participants about common red flags, grooming techniques and provides a...

The Art of Saying ‘No’ and Creating Personal Boundaries

When we are toddlers we go through a stage where our reply to everything is ‘no’, but asserting control with that two-letter word isn’t quite as easy when we grow up. By the time we are adults it can be especially difficult to say no to family, friends and employers. We’ve all been there before — we’re overcommitted, stressed or just plain old tired, and we find ourselves saying yes to favours, extra work or social events we know we shouldn’t take on.

Thriving during the pandemic

A miracle is sometimes defined not so much as supernatural but as a highly improbable or extraordinary event, or development that brings welcome consequences. I was blessed by that kind of miracle. The significance of community during periods of isolation cannot be overstated in 2022. While we all know humans...

The Weight on BIPOC at Work and How to Prevent Emotional Burnout

Emotional labor is often defined as unpaid labor done to appease others. But when it comes to emotional labor by Black, Indigenous, and other Women of Color in the workplace, it often refers to the uncompensated diversity work that deals with microaggressions, trauma, and biases of others—sometimes called the “emotional tax.”

Creating (and Respecting) Boundaries Was a Big Deal in 2021—And These Tips Made That Possible

Boundaries have always been important, but, as we close out another year with the COVID-19 pandemic in tow, they’ve become even more vital to our daily lives. There have been developments in the pandemic throughout the year—vaccines rolled out, mask mandates were lifted (in certain locations), and Zoom gatherings became safe-as-can-be-possible meetings in person, as calendars began to fill with social events—that have crystallized the importance of boundaries.
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Grace for the Day: It is impossible to love too much

I have heard it so many times in therapy, “I guess I just love him too much.” No doubt you have heard that statement yourself. You may have uttered it. Have you noticed it is presented with an aura of victimization and regret? It sounds noble . . . to over-love someone. The notion suggests that love is like sugar or salt, a little is good, but too much will hurt you.
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How to set healthy boundaries — and what to do if people keep crossing them

No in the New Year is Yahoo Life’s series about the power of saying no, establishing boundaries and prioritizing your own physical and mental health. When it comes to personal boundaries, you may not intentionally set them, but you know when someone has crossed them — whether it's the relative who makes unwelcome comments about your weight at family gatherings, the boss who expects you to answer his emails on weekends or the friend who assumes you’ll drop everything when she needs you.

How To Assemble The Perfect Team Based On Mirror Theory

In everyday life, we often hear: all people around you are mirrors, but what is this connected with? Why is it possible to get along well with some employees in the team, while communication with others is one continuous pain and irritation? With the help of the theory of mirrors, it will be possible to see yourself in employees, to understand how to choose them not only in terms of business functions but also in terms of complementing your own qualities. In the ideal picture, the team should have people who compensate for your weak spots and reinforce the sides that you are proud of and are inspired by.