Glossier You Solid Perfume Returns

First debuted in 2018, the Glossier You perfume in solid form is now back in stock. The fragrance arrives in a refillable pink case designed with an ergonomic thumbprint, which you can put in your pocket or handbag with ease due to its compact size. The scent itself boasts notes of ambrox, ambrette, musk, iris root and pink pepper. The solid formula features a softer consistency this time around and comes with an alcohol-free, anhydrous — meaning without water — wax base that instantly melts into the skin.
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This Affordable Perfume Is A Perfect Dupe For Chanel No. 5

There are few perfumes more iconic than Chanel No. 5. For more than 100 years, women have worn this perfume as a battle armor of sorts, assuming a new kind of powerful magic from its modern, musky floral scent. Prior to taking on one of the most illustrious fashion houses of all time, Coco Chanel had been obsessed with a channeling a clean, sophisticated smell that would last (at that time, many perfumes did not stay on the skin). "It was what I was waiting for," Chanel said of Chanel No. 5, per BBC. "A perfume like nothing else. A woman's perfume, with the scent of a woman."
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Chanel Le Lion Perfume Review

The opening phase began with fresh, lemon and its rind, just peeled and off to the side–a little bitter as an undertone to the brighter, sharper lemon. Alas, it was only a flash of lemon because five minutes later, it smells of smoky, leathery labdanum; it read as drier, aged leather. It had an earthier, spiced wood element come through after 20 minutes of development, which blended well with the leather and took away some of its intensity, and I felt like I could detect a touch of lemon back in the mix but not consistently.
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Musc Eternel

There are 1 reviews of Musc Eternel by Mizensir. Think of beautiful,feminine,dusty, dreamy,semi-sweet face powders come in gorgeous,luxurious packaging.Musk Eternal is not a scent that i find particularly beautiful in itself,but it evokes timeliness,and sometimes a perfume that works magic is even better than one that's only is a perfume of angels. i imagine that snow white would smell like this.clean,fresh, intimate,elegant.

Yves Rocher

There are 3 reviews of Cléa by Yves Rocher. 2 Positive (67%) 1 Negative (33%) I picture the horse race scene in My Fair Lady,women in outrageous hats and beautiful dresses.there's something very vintage and very alluring about this exquisitely elegant,ladylike aldehydic floral.a beautiful thing about this scent is that the aldehydes are never overpowering.the sharp blast that comes from some aldehydes is much softer this beauty dries down, the florals continually develop and intermingle.

There’s more Genshin Impact perfume now

Genshin Impact perfume? Sure, this game is a marketing machine, there isn’t any field this series won’t touch eventually!. While developer miHoYo and Tokyo-based fragrance company Primaniacs (who also handles lots of anime-based perfumes) have collaborated before, more scents are now confirmed to be on the way. Through Primaniacs, you can pick up Shouri, Tartaglia, Kanu, Kokusei, and Syou perfumes, which are inspired by the geo, hydro, cryo, electro, and anemo elements respectively. Mona, Klee, Kaeya, and Diluc also have lines.
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Ángela Aguilar: what perfume does she use and how much does it cost

With a melodious voice that has fallen in love with thousands of Mexicans, Angela Aguilar She achieved tremendous fame with each hit she produces, but the role of singer is not the only one she plays, as she has also become an influencer and creator of content on social platforms.

Within Perfume

If you missed out on my Full Moon Oracle Deck Series: Cancer Manifestation Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! My Within Perfume was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of frankincense from Somalia and India, rose, and patchouli – all essential oils associated with Cancer. It’s also blended with cacao absolute, lavender, amber, and a special oil: Turkish rose otto. In addition, every bottle of Within Perfume is infused with a bit of sparkling purple and gold mica along with an amethyst chip stone for balance, peace, and purification. For full visual effect, shake your perfume well before use! Anoint yourself with it to channel Cancer’s nurturing, intuitive, and caring energy and discover what lies within.

A Storied Perfumer Is at the Center of an Elder Abuse Scandal

For almost 200 years, Guerlain has been an iconic name in perfume. The company was family-owned until 1994; that year marks the moment when LVMH purchased a controlling stake in it. Now, however, the Guerlain family name is enmeshed in something else — a bitter legal conflict that includes accusations of elder abuse.
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Barnabé Fillion’s Synesthesia-Inspired Perfume Project, Arpa, Is a Melodic Escape

All products featured on Vanity Fair are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. On a recent winter evening, the perfumer Barnabé Fillion is painting a kaleidoscopic picture: sun-baked orange earth hardened into rivulets and pools, filled with water the color of a green apple Jolly Rancher. Speaking over Zoom from his studio in Paris, the perfumer is talking about the Ethiopian region of Dallol—a fever dream of environmental extremes, and the root idea for one of three debut fragrances from his new project, Arpa. “Dallol, the one that inspired the perfume Arco Spettro, is the place that looks the most like the genesis of the planet,” Fillion says, referring to the astrobiological research there investigating the limits of life. “It’s in a salt desert, and then suddenly, after days of driving, you arrive in this hallucination landscape.”

You're Probably Applying Your Perfume Wrong — Here's A Tip To Make It Last All Day

Our editors have independently chosen the products listed on this page. If you purchase something mentioned in this article, we may earn a small commission. Some are devoted wrist-spritzers; others prefer the walk-through method; many dab the neck, right underneath the earlobe; a few even spray their heart—how you choose to apply perfume is up to you. Your own technique is as unique as your signature scent.

A £2 pot of Vaseline can make your perfume last longer, according to beauty experts

THIS £2 beauty product can make your perfume last longer, tame your brows and lengthen your lashes – and you probably already have it in your bathroom cabinet. Make-up artists swear by Vaseline as their cheap wonder product, with Jennifer Lopez using it as a make-up remover – and Beyonce's glam squad coating her lashes with it.

7 Tips for Choosing Your Signature Perfume Scent

Your signature perfume scent says a lot about how you present yourself to the world. That's a lot of responsibility for one hygiene product. So, before you buy, make sure that you consider all your perfume options. Keep reading for seven tips on how to find your signature scent so...

You Are Not Alone in Your Grief, No Matter How 'Messy' It Is

Five years ago, I came head to head with grief, and ever since, I’ve been muddling my way through this strange journey. Grief is, in its own right, a spectrum of emotion. No two people will experience the same grief, and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. When I first experienced grief in late 2015, I often found myself wondering how exactly I was dealing with it. I couldn’t see myself facing it day by day, understanding it, and accepting it. I never realized that grief is one of those overwhelming things we as humans, flawed and insecure, adapt to.

Ferderic Malle Portrait of a Lady Perfume Review

Ferderic Malle Portrait of a Lady begins with roses just before they bloom with hints of greenery and woody stems in the cool, early morning air. For the majority of its development, rose remains the star and driving force, but the scent becomes earthier, smokier, and woodier over time as the notes of patchouli, sandalwood, and incense become more and more dominant over time until the drydown where the rose finally recedes into the background, though still distinct enough to know it’s there.

These solid perfumes are a more sustainable way to wear your favourite scent

We're calling it: solid perfumes are going to be big in the fragrance world over the next few years. Why? Well, they're great for popping in your handbag, or packing on holiday, and they're more sustainable. Most solid perfumes come in refillable packaging rather than a heavy glass bottle with a pump dispenser that contains plastic and cannot be recycled.

West Desperado’s Hooey Perfume

Have you heard? The new Hooey Perfume is where it’s at!. “Soon after we started seeing success with the men’s cologne, retailers began asking us to create a women’s fragrance. I immediately thought of Shaley. She’s a friend and obviously has a great instinct for style and quality. I knew her input on creating this scent would be invaluable plus she’s always so fun to work with. I love the way it turned out and so far sales have been phenomenal!” – please attribute this to Lauren Austin – Co-owner and Chief Product Officer for Hooey Brands.