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Best gaming PC deals ahead of the holidays

The low prices of Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but that doesn't mean there's no value in buying a gaming PC this side of New Year's Day. If you're in a pickle trying to pick up a PC for someone special, or just looking to treat yourself (hey, you deserve it), these are the best gaming PC deals I could uncover this December.
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Xbox App For Windows Tells You How Well A Game Might Run On Your PC

The problem with PC gaming is that unlike consoles that could last for 10 years, it is very likely that your 10 year old PC will be able to run newer games at similar levels compared to newer builds. This is because developers for console games have fixed hardware to work with, meaning that it’s easier for them to work around it.
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The Xbox Windows app will make it easier to know if a game will run well on your PC

With so many different ways to build a computer, one of the trickiest aspects of PC gaming is knowing whether a game you’re about to install will play well on your machine. Microsoft is testing a feature that could make that easier. As spotted by , the Xbox app on Windows now includes a label that will tell you if a game will “play great” on your PC.
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Chieftec Stallion 3 gaming PC case launches February 2022

Chieftec has introduced a new gaming PC case in the form of the Stallion 3 ARGB Case announcing it will be available to purchase during February 2022 and features a front and top removable mesh design for high airflow together with 4 x pre-installed 120mm A-RGB Rainbow fans, together with sliding tempered glass side panel and a 3PIN +5V A-RGB M/B Sync via RGB control hub. Check out the video below to learn more about the premium gaming chassis and its features.

AYA Neo 2021 PRO AMD Ryzen 7 Handheld Gaming PC

Meet the AYA Neo PRO (2021): a handheld gaming PC with plenty of power to run your favorite titles. It has a 7-inch display, an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U processor, 16 GB RAM, and 2TB M.2 SSD inside. It uses a silent fan, double copper tubes, and copper heat sink fins to stay cool as you play.

Get the best Christmas bargains on PCs

The humble PC might not be the must-have tech it used to be, but for many, they remain the best way of owning a computer and getting stuff done. Whether you want a gaming rig, all-in-one or a traditional tower the Cyber Monday sales might be the perfect time to grab big discounts.

The Xbox PC app will give a "rating" to your gaming hardware

The Xbox PC app, the same one that runs games on the Xbox Game Pass, often acts as a return to the ancient past of PC gaming. On this launcher, it is practically impossible to find some basic information, such as how long you have been playing a game or what its hardware requirements are. The latter is a bit comical because the hardware requirements for PC games are available on the Microsoft Store, but not as part of the Xbox app.

News bon plan The fixed gaming PC mounted with RTX 3070 loses 700 $ for Christmas!

Good plan news The fixed gaming PC mounted with RTX 3070 loses 700 $ for Christmas!. You may be familiar with Lenovo’s Legion 5 line for its laptops. But did you know that the famous Chinese manufacturer also makes stationary PCs? This tower, or central unit in good French, has everything you need where you need: Intel Core i7, RTX 3070, 16 GB of RAM, and a canon price, especially in the current period.

5 Ways to Boost Gaming Performance on Windows

As a gamer, you know that every frame and every second counts in determining who wins or loses a computer game. So, squeezing every possible inch of performance out of your machine can indeed be super helpful to your chances of success. Seeing or hearing an enemy before your competitors obviously gives you a greater chance to defeat them.

16GB of RAM and GTX 1050 graphics: this desktop PC is at a bargain price on Amazon | Technology

In this article, ComputerHoy could receive a commission for your purchases. More information. Although laptops, above all gaming, have great performance when it comes to running the latest titles released on the market, perhaps you prefer to have a powerful desktop gaming computer perfect for those video games that you like so much, and these dates they are ideal to obtain some with succulent prices.

Razer CEO Warns Of Major Price Increases For Gaming Laptops

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has issued a warning to people looking to buy a gaming laptop: prices are going to go crazy by next year. According to DotESports, Tan tweeted about this after having a look at Razer's upcoming gaming laptop line for 2022. His official reasoning was rising component costs, which could increase the pricing for his company's gaming laptops across the board:

Best white PC cases 2021: top chassis for your gaming computer

Choosing the best white PC case over the usual black is really a matter of preference. However, while it all boils down to taste, there are a few benefits to having a white PC case. A white interior will help reflect those RGB lights on those components better, allowing them to look even more impressive. Also, a white case tends to make your gaming PC look a bit more elegant and premium.
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Get this HP gaming PC for $550 for Cyber Week 2021

The best Cyber Monday deals are still hanging around even though the big day is long gone. We’ve spotted a fantastic HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop for just $550 working out at $100 off the usual price. Available from HP direct, it’s one of the many Cyber Monday gaming PC deals currently still available. You’ll need to be fast though. We can’t guarantee how long this offer will continue for now that the big sales event is over.