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Leaks Point To Nintendo Games On PC

Though it is beloved and renowned for bringing players some of the best video games in history, Nintendo has been shady when it comes to its allowance of intellectual property on non-Nintendo platforms, with the company usually featuring its owned properties on their own platforms such as the Nintendo Switch. This has been displayed by the company destroying sites that deal out bootleg ROM files for the purpose of emulation on the PC, or suing famous rappers for releasing consoles that resemble their own. If a recent leak is to be believed, that could all be changing very soon.
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Discord Self-Serve Game Selling is Ending

The Discord Self-Serve Game Selling feature is coming to an end, effectively ending the ability of people to buy (or sell) games through the social media platform. Back in 2018, Discord launched the global beta for the Discord Store. This storefront promised to give players the opportunity to buy games directly through Discord (and naturally, to allow developers to sell them).
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Steam Deck: no exclusives on the Valve console

In an FAQ posted by Valve on its new PC / portable console, the company says there is “no sense” in offering games exclusively on the Steam Deck. As the builders fight for exclusive contracts (temporary or not) for future games to be released, Valve has announced that there will be no similar policy on the Steam Deck. The new portable console of the American brand, which will be released in early 2022, will benefit from a “normal” PC catalog.
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Nintendo Games to Be Released to PC? There’s a Possibility

The gaming universe is a strange place, and we know there’s more than this. Many things can happen, and it seems that a new link shows us the unbelievable. Days Gone and God of War, for example, was only released for PlayStation in the beginning. Eventually, it was released for PC. Sony did it, so will Nintendo also do it for its games?
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The Steam Deck won’t have any exclusive games, says Valve

When it launches next year, Valve’s Steam Deck will be able to run a suite of PC games, none of which will be exclusive to it. The mobile console, which is really more of a handheld Steam machine, won’t have any exclusive games according to Valve. In a beefy FAQ...

Valve says Steam Deck exclusives "don't make much sense"

PC games firm Valve has said that it's unlikely that there will be any games that are exclusive to its upcoming Steam Deck hardware. That's according to an FAQ page for the console – as spotted by IGN – in which the company says it "doesn't make much sense" to have titles that are only available on this piece of tech. Valve added that Steam Deck is "a PC" and as a result "it should just play games like a PC."

GeForce NOW RTX 3080 Tier Impressions – Cloud Gaming Gets Serious

NVIDIA can be included among the pioneers of cloud gaming with GeForce NOW, which began its journey over six years ago. Sure, there were OnLive and Gaikai before, but they simply didn't have a real chance of breaking through due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure for cloud gaming to take off.

Nvidia Leak 'Confirms' Nintendo Games For PC

Nvidia GeForce really needs to up its security detail. The gaming processing units are designed to be a great benefit to gamers, but the most interesting thing about the product is what they don't want to tell us that helps the public the most. 2021 has had a few leaks...

Seven amazing indie PC games you can’t miss in December

It’s over! Peak is finally over (not now, Halo Infinite), the hype train has reached the end of the line, and its passengers are disembarking and making their way home. We like to think of ourselves as the complimentary newspaper that’s tucked under their arms, loaded with gaming news, long reads, and indie treats that they can return to at a moment’s notice.

11 Best Battle Royale PlayStation 4 Video Games

The last player standing wins. The battle royale genre blew up in popularity the past few years. There are so many video games being released into the market regularly, but we have a few video games we recommend checking out if you’re playing on the PlayStation 4. From wacky battle royale games like Fall Guys to the worldwide popular hit Fortnite, here are some of the very best battle royale games that are available today. With that said, don’t put too much focus on the ranking here, most of these games are free-to-play so you might be able to dive into these games right now without having to fetch over a single cent.

Halo Infinite’s PC Cheating Has Xbox Players Wanting To Split

Halo Infinite has certainly had an eventful launch. The game released over half a month early, was met with critical acclaim for how damn good it feels, and received massive backlash for its progression system all in the span of a single week. As the dust has settled and players have gotten more comfortable in the game, though, new problems have emerged—chief among them are complaints about in-game cheating. Things have gotten so bad, according to some, that a very vocal portion of the game’s console playerbase is asking for an option to disable crossplay.

Nvidia leak hints that Nintendo could bring its games to PC

The leak that Nvidia suffered last September still giving a lot to talk about. Its GeForce Now service, which suffered an attack that revealed a large list of titles that have not been announced or have not been released, has been gaining more and more traction as more and more games of those leaked have been confirmed for PC. This was the case with God of War, the failed compilation of GTA Remastered Trilogy, or Alan Wake, in addition to other cases. But could it come Mario, the great Nintendo icon, to computers? Well that possibility exists.
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Nintendo’s Possible PC Cross-Platform Reported

Games that were originally marketed as PlayStation-exclusive finally made the transition to PC. So if Sony can do it, may Nintendo be next in line? A leak from the Nvidia GeForce datamining implies that two Nintendo games could be converted to PC as part of a cross-platform effort. We all...