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Cops tried to tase him during a routine traffic stop, but a video turned the tables

As police reform efforts stall across the country, the case of an Arizona man who was dragged from his car by cops during a routine traffic stop is revealing. In this episode, the Police Accountability Report investigates the incident and exposes flaws in the system of police accountability in Arizona that reveal just how difficult it is to create effective systems of police oversight.
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Dior Lipstick RDL/E Couture Collection 2022

As the promo photos of Dior Lipstick RDL/E Couture Collection 2022 have been released in the beauty community in Asia, I thought of sharing some details with you. I posted more photos on my Patreon account so please consider subscribing there to unlock exclusive content. Join my PATREON PAGE and...
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BioShock 4 in 2022? Leak Reveals Timeframe and Setting

Another leak about BioShock 4 reveals where the new installment of the series will take us, possibly as early as next year. News of BioShock's return has been stirring the imagination of gamers for two years, but for now, the devs of the new installment of the series seem unwilling to share new information. Of course, no long-developed project is not accopanied by speculation and rumors, for example, about the time and setting. If recent leaks are to be believed, BioShock 4 will take us to Antarctica in the 60s.

Kyle Watson Talks “Conversations” and His Return to Touring

South African dancefloor don Kyle Watson swung by to chat about his new single “Conversations” and the first US shows he’s played in years. Kyle Watson is a shining example of what can happen when artists keep their heads down, work hard, and let the grooves speak for themselves. For the better part of the last decade, the gifted producer has been relentless in his quest for dancefloor dominance. Mega-hits like “I Got You” and “Moments” have flexed on some of the world’s most respected sound systems, further making it clear that he’s carved out a place for himself among house music’s brightest stars.

AetherSX2 beta released: PS2 emulator for Android

AetherSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator that runs on Android devices and which early testers have indicated offers strong performance on recent phones with flagship-class chips from Qualcomm Snapdragon or MediaTek. Now you can try it out for yourself. AestherSX2 Beta is now available from the Google Play Store. Note...

A Favourite Room to Play

The transition from the joy to the anxiety inducing uncertainty can give you whiplash. I have just finished a solo show at The Stand in Newcastle, one of my favourite venues for staff and audience. Everyone is delightful, kind, complimentary. I need to get to Halifax tonight and, as this...

DLD 362: Oh. My. Cron!

A new variant of concern doesn’t have us too concerned. At least not yet. Plus greenwashing, hub bluffs, and pilot retirements. Like what you hear? Support the Show and get early access to episodes. Also in this episode:. South Africa Omicron variant brings lockdowns and travel bans. India finally reopening...

Chickpea Curry Recipe for Punjabi Chole from Indian Cooking Class by Christine Manfield

This chickpea curry recipe makes a comforting Punjabi chole from the new cookbook Indian Cooking Class by Australian chef Christine Manfield, whose love of spice, Indian food and India began soon after she started cooking. Chole is ‘chickpeas’ and this richly spiced chickpea stew is a beloved dish of Punjabi cuisine of Punjab, a region straddling Northern India and Pakistan.

"Priscilla's Song" COVER

This is my Priscilla's Song cover with the original's lute arrangement, otherwise known as The Wolven Storm, from the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. ►Support my videos on Patreon! -- https://www.patre... [Source:] [ Comments ] [See why this is trending]

BioShock 4 with a huge dose of information. Some details about the next installment of the series have been leaked

BioShock 4 is a game that is still relatively unknown. Earlier this year, we found out We will wait at least a few years for the projectAnd a little later it was proven Title still needs a lot of timeBefore we can check it ourselves. However, recently something happened and we got it First major leak of information About what we can expect.

Has BMW Gotten Its Mojo Back? I Test The Brand New BMW M240i AND The M440i To Find Out!

Go to and download the app today. Your chance to save hundreds on car insurance awaits. #sponsored. ( ) Check out our new spot to find ALL our content, from news to videos and our podcasts! BMW's reputation for creating the ultimate driving machines stems back decades, but that hasn't *always* been the case with some lines...even some in recent memory. But has BMW gotten it back for the enthusiasts with the brand new M240i and M440i models? Pro racing driver Paul Gerrard takes both on the track, and we drag race the two!

Vote Your Top Fujifilm (Related) Product and Roadmap Lens 2021

There won’t be any more announcements in 2021, so time to look back at the Fujifilm year 2020 and vote which one according to you was the top product of the year launched by Fujifilm. And why not, let’s include also the third party autofocus lenses for Fujifilm launched (or...

Podcast Episode 104: You be him, and I’ll be her. | The House of Yes (1997)

“It looked like a hairbrush, like a brush you brush your hair with.”. Surprise! Since it’s a holiday weekend Charles suggested we review a fucked up family on screen. Well, I definitely never expected we would reach quote possibly the most screwed up Thanksgiving film that can ever exist. Starring...

Anno 1800 – Playthrough with Friends – Help your opponents help you!

Today I am joined by my friends Anastasia & Nick to play a full game of Anno 1800! I will first teach an overview o the game using a physical copy, and then we will play a full game using Tabletop Simulator. This video was voted on by Patreon supporters and you can check out to learn more!