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Italy in Lower Manhattan – A. Pasta Bar in Soho, NYC

Jordi Adiao takes a closer look at A Pasta Par in lower Manhattan, and found himself transported to Italy. For various and obvious reasons, I haven’t traveled much outside of the tri-state area in the last year and half. Though I’m determined to book an excursion soon, I find that I can assuage my wanderlust by trying new and interesting restaurants and experiences that New York City has to offer in abundance. One Soho restaurant recently transported me to what I can only imagine is the sophisticated nightlife of coastal Italy. Simply sitting at A. Pasta Bar will erase lower Manhattan from your peripheral. Surrounded by its luxe modern finishes, playful sayings in neon, potted palm trees and a plethora of white and yellow roses, it’s easy to imagine easing into dusk on a small Italian island on the Mediterranean with balearic beats wafting softly into your ears.
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Community Profile: Joel Carlos

Carrollton native joins hometown police department. Officer Joel Carlos was raised in Carrollton his entire life. He attended Homestead Elementary School, Arbor Creek Middle School and Hebron High School. He graduated with his master’s degree in marketing from the University of Southeastern Oklahoma State where he played football as a kicker. He has been with the Carrollton Police Department for two years working as a patrol officer. He says he enjoys being a Carrollton native and working for the city that has made him the person he is today.

Could Another Pasta Shortage Be Coming?

Americans eat a lot of pasta. Citing the 2019 World Pasta Industry Status Report by the International Pasta Organization, Share the Pasta reports that the average person in the United States eats about 20 pounds of these beautiful carbs each year. Americans also produce a lot of pasta, clocking in as the second-largest producer in the world as of 2019 with 4.4 billion pounds of pasta being made yearly. But pasta lovers may have cause for concern because we might be in store for a global shortage. We emphasize "might" because we definitely don't want to artificially cause a run on pasta at your local grocery store; however, there are a few key points of concern with pasta producers worth highlighting.

Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free)

Mediterranean Shrimp Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, artichoke hearts and a creamy lemon garlic sauce is a wildly flavorful dinner that will knock your socks off! If you love shrimp or pasta, this meal will make you swoon!. Date night recipe, anyone?. Nothing says, “I love you,” like shrimp pasta,...

Garlic Parmesan Beef Tips with Bow-Tie Pasta?

Based on garlic parmesan wings from Buffalo Wild Wings?the first recipe of this creation of garlic parmesan,it combined beef tips and bow-tie pasta on mac and cheese like casserole. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Cook bow tie pasta according to package directions. Coat a 2-quart casserole dish with cooking...

Classic Pasta Carbonara Recipe: A Master Class on How to Make Pasta Carbonara From a Chef

Carbonara. Eggs, egg yolks and Parmesan cheese. That’s all you need! Before you begin, there is something you should know: during some of this recipe, you will need to cross your fingers. The technical part is where you add uncooked egg yolks to hot pasta and hope they will not curdle. Of course, I share tips to make sure it works. Don't worry, because it's so worth getting out of your comfort zone! Once you get the master classic recipe down pat you can add anything from wild mushrooms to fresh peas and use any type of pasta.
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Acclaimed Flour + Water team is opening a rustic pasta restaurant in San Francisco

The founders of San Francisco pasta destination Flour + Water are opening a new carb-centric restaurant called Penny Roma. At the new Mission District spot, the focus will be on rustic and simple Italian dishes, from crudos to wood-grilled vegetables to pastas like cacio e pepe — a significant departure from Flour + Water’s innovative Cal-Italian fare.

10 Delicious Pumpkin Pasta Recipes That Will Satisfy All Your Fall Cravings

IMHO, pasta is the quickest way to nourish your soul while devouring lots of fresh, seasonal ingredients. You just can’t go wrong with a warm bowl of satisfying carbs combined with colorful veggies—it sets off all the pleasure receptors in the brain. Since October is nearly upon us, let’s cruise into fall with these absolutely delectable pumpkin pasta recipes.

Agnolotti del Plin: Piedmontese Pasta at Its Finest

A Piedmontese pasta from Langhe and Monferrato, agnolotti del pin, is stuffed with braised meat and then “pinched” closed into its particular round shape. Though the recipe’s origins are generally unknown, agnolotti del plin were created to use up the leftovers from a meat roast. Once upon a time, the Piemontesi served agnolotti al tovagliolo – meaning that they were placed inside a napkin to maintain their softness after having been cooked. They were then eaten on their own or with sauce, or occasionally alongside a light broth served separately in a cup or with red wine.

Boursin Pasta – Tiktok Viral Recipe

This is the Boursin pasta Tiktok told me about! Boursin cheese and tomato pasta is so easy, with a creamy Boursin pasta sauce made right in the pan! And if you like this Boursin pasta bake, you’ll love my Lemon Shrimp Pasta with Kale, Chicken Macaroni Salad, and my Pear Puff Pastry Tart with Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese!

Lemon Parmesan Kale Pasta

Full kale pasta recipe with amounts can be found in the recipe card below. How to cook kale for pasta: Slice the woody stem out of the kale then wash well and roughly chop. Dry with a clean tea towel or a salad spinner. In a large frying pan heat the olive oil then sauté the garlic and pepper flakes for 30 seconds. Add the kale and allow to cook until wilted.

Emeril Lagasse's Go-To Pasta For Family Dinners

Who doesn't love pasta? From oozy baked ziti to veggie-loaded pasta primavera to fluffy pillows of ricotta ravioli, we'll chow down on this satisfying carb any day. And we're not alone: Over in Italy, the country most associated with the pasta we know and adore, the average citizen forks down a whopping 55 pounds of pasta per year (via South Florida Reporter). Here in the United States, the figure is a still-respectable 20-ish pounds per year (via Food Business News).