The death of passwords is near, so get your business ready

As we increasingly rely on biometric data such as fingerprints and facial recognition to secure our digital lives, many of us are reaching a point where using strings of characters such as passwords to encrypt our data will become a thing of the past - and perhaps quite soon. Big...
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4 ways to know you should change your passwords

You should change your passwords every three months. Wait too long, and hackers might crack the code. However, cybercriminals work quickly, so you need to look for other signs that it’s time to change your passwords. After this tip, you’ll know all the signs of a compromised password. As...
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Kimpton Hotels New Secret Password Is Out, Good Through February 20, 2023

Kimpton Hotels have just launched their new Secret Password, “The Snuggle is Real” which is now valid for stays through February 20, 2023. Members that say these words at the time of checking in are in for a surprise that could anything from a complimentary breakfast or drinks to free parking (up to the hotel to decide what their offer is).

Thwart cyber hackers with longer passwords

Businesses are being urged to create longer passwords amid growing fears of a surge in cyber-attacks. Following a series of high-profile attacks by pro-Russian hackers on the FBI website and Australian private health insurance giant Medibank in recent weeks, large organisations are believed to have begun bolstering their digital defences to protect against criminal activity.

For those who forgot their passwords! How to see saved passwords in Google Chrome?

As the applications we use and the websites we need to login to increase, password management becomes more difficult. While using the same password on all sites poses a threat to our security, our risk of forgetting increases when we use different passwords. Here, Google Chrome can save them with your permission against this risk. So how can we see the forgotten passwords in Google Chrome?

How to use WebBrowserPassView to view all browser passwords?

View all browser (chrome, firefox, edge, opera, etc.) passwords saved on your Windows 11, 10, or 7 systems using Nirsoft Webbrowserpassview free software. WebBrowserPassView is a simple free browser password view tool for Windows available to download from the Nirsoft website. We can use it to retrieve various passwords saved on hard disks by browsers installed on our computers or laptop. It can be Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or another one. However, currently, you can not retrieve the password from an external drive. This program is developed and distributed by Nirsoft.

Russia stole the passwords of 50 million users

For the past seven to eight months, we have been constantly reading or listening to Russia’s negative involvement in cybersecurity. Now, the latest that has been published by Group-IB claims Moscow’s involvement in the password stealing of over 50 million users. Yes, according to a report compiled after...

Do You Use The World’s Most Common Password?

The world’s most common password has been revealed and it’s not that difficult to guess. In fact, the world’s most common password is “password.”. That’s according to new data from password manager company NordPass, which creates a list of the most common and therefore worst passwords each year. “We learned that despite growing cybersecurity awareness, old habits die hard,” NordPass says.

How to Password Protect Pages Document on Mac

A document can have a password attached to it so that only those with the password can open it. Nearly any combination of numbers, uppercase or lowercase letters, and unique keyboard characters can be used as a password. There can only be one password per document. When you share a document with others and then update the password, the old password is replaced.

The Best Password Managers for Daily Secure Surfing

To choose which password manager is ideal for you, you must first consider your specific requirements and then compare those to the options currently on the market. A good password manager streamlines the process of creating and remembering complex passwords for each service and application you use. The most straightforward security measure is to guarantee that you only need to reset a single password in case of a breach in any of your logins.

Cintas Partner Connect Login Guide, Change Password For Employee 2022

Cintas employees can easily access their account with their username and password on the Partnerconnectcintas site by using the Cintas partner connect login portal, which is the right place for them to go. About Cintas Partner Connect Upoint. Joined Forces around 90 years ago, Cintas was established as a company...

Password Security Best Practices: The Complete Guide

Managing numerous passwords can be quite frustrating for anyone. Weak passwords are prone to hacking while strong passwords are cumbersome and hard to remember. However, passwords are our first line of defense against unexpected threats. Despite multiple attempts, we still haven’t mastered a technology that completely replaces passwords. Our best option today is to incorporate various password security best practices and build a resilient defense against unexpected cyberattacks.

Over 50 Million Passwords Were Stolen by Russian Cybercrime Groups in 2022, Researchers Say

Security researchers warn the public about the spread of info-stealing malware initiated by at least 34 Russian hacking groups. Group-IB, a group of Singaporean security experts, detected cybercrime gangs using off-the-shelf malware that targets unsuspecting users. Scammers Impersonate Reputed Companies To Steal Credentials. At least 34 distinct Russian-speaking hacking groups...

Lloyd's updates its password policy

Lloyd’s has moved to make access to its applications more secure by updating the Market’s password policy and enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA adds a layer of protection to the sign-in process. When accessing accounts or applications, users are required to provide additional identity verification using the Microsoft Authenticator app.