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Allegro - San Diego Authentic Italian Restaurant

Allegro is an authentic Italian restaurant that just opened in Little Italy of Downtown San Diego a couple of months ago. Allegro is inspired by Sicilian cuisine and combines traditional Sicilian recipes and flavors with the ingredients and cooking styles of California. The ingredients they use are both locally sourced and imported globally, namely from Italy itself. Their seafood is locally sourced and their pasta is always hand-made and fresh during the day to ensure the best quality. They also offer a wide variety of different types of pasta as well as unique vegan and gluten-free options for those who have dietary restrictions but still want to enjoy traditional Italian food.
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5 Mediterranean restaurants you should try in Miami

There are plenty of reasons to love Mediterranean food. Whether you’ve always had a particular craving for its distinctive flavor, or you’ve recently been won over by the well-known health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, it’s always a good time to try new Mediterranean-inspired restaurants.
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Incredible Italian Food At The Pink Door

The Pink Door located at 1919 Post Alley Seattle, WA 98101 is an incredible restaurant for you to go to if you're celebrating, or going out for a fun date night. Dinner here is impeccable, they have delicious arancini which are saffron rice balls fried and stuffed with mozzarella, fontina, and Parmigiano cheese. I also like to get the Ahi Tuna Crudo, which is incredibly refreshing. It's made with fried capers, smoked castelvetrano olives, microgreens, and an orange citrus vinaigrette.
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Parmigiano Cheese Rinds Ragù, Why Not?

A golden rule of Italian cooking? Never discard your Parmigiano cheese rinds. Or any scrap for that matter. Much Italian food is based on the cibo povero/waste-free philosophy because, in the old days, no one discarded anything, maximizing the potential of every last crumb. Parmigiano cheese rinds, for instance, were grated to the bone and incorporated into soups.

Master Class

When pasta water is being narrated to you as "Tears of the Gods," then you know you're listening to someone with a great, immense passion for Italian food. Here, we chat with Munno on her summer entertaining tips, crowd-pleasing recipes, and of course, how to make a delicious pasta, every time.
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How to Shop For Cheese, According to An Expert

That Cheese Plate is a column by Marissa Mullen—cookbook author, photographer, and Food52's Resident Cheese Plater. With Marissa's expertise in all things cheddar, comté, and crudité—plus tips for how to make it all look extra special, using stuff you probably have on hand—we'll be crafting our own cheesy masterpieces without a hitch. This month, Marissa is sharing how to make the most out of shopping for cheese.
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A rollicking and fancy Italian dinner in a bleak part of town

I hadn’t ventured downtown since the before times, but recently the lure of our urban environment called me to indulge in a fancy Italian dinner in the fashion district. It was still light out as we threaded our way past Disney Hall’s gleaming undulating walls and 7th Street’s vibey storefront eateries. Suddenly, civilization gave way to streets filled with discount goods and warehouses, then block after block of tents and dented lawn chairs.
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JoyRide Pizza: Detroit’s in the house!

I happened upon JoyRide Pizza by chance, out on a walk when they were handing out free slices for their soft opening. JoyRide makes Detroit-style pizza. Something I’d never heard of, but apparently it’s a trend that’s been sweeping not just the country but the world in the last few years. It’s made in advance in deep, rectangular steel trays, originally meant for holding small automotive or factory parts. JoyRide’s slices are incredibly inviting, with their crispy, caramelized edges and the intoxicating aroma wafting out the door.
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Pasta... in a pie? Say no more

The opening scene of the first episode of Netflix’s cult foodie docuseries Chef’s Table starts with the 2012 earthquake that shattered the Italian town Modena. Local chef Massimo Bottura stepped in to rescue some 360,000 wheels of damaged Parmigiano-Reggiano. He came up with a recipe for risotto cacio e pepe and got people around the world to cook it. All the cheese wheels were sold, and no jobs were lost. That was “a recipe as a social gesture”, said Bottura in the show.

Disney Recipe: Make Trenette al Pesto from Pixar’s ‘Luca’

If you’ve seen Pixar’s Luca, there’s a high chance you’ve been dreaming of a summer on the Italian Riviera. If you’re a food-lover, like us, there’s an even higher chance you’ve been dreaming of the pasta made by Massimo in the film. Luca director Enrico Casarosa has shared his recipe...
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Is Aloe Vera the Secret to Perfect Pizza?

One of the benchmarks for which Italians use to ascertain perfect pizza is digiribile, or digestible. In Italy, pizza is generally served as individual pies, and after finishing the entire pizza, no one wants to feel too full or uncomfortable – so digestibility is important. Vincenzo Lettieri, the pizzaiolo of...
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The Best Rooftop Bar In Santa Monica: Elephante

Elephante is singlehandedly the best restaurant you can go to in Santa Monica. Here's why:. It's beyond beautiful. The atmosphere is phenomenal, it's gorgeous, and they have two separate dining rooms. The cactus room is when you first enter, and it's decorated well and looks like you're in Cabo. Then, there's the Sunset room where you have a view of the ocean.

Sicilian Pesto and Its Variations

Liguria isn’t the only Italian region to proffer up pesto sauce. Sicilian pesto is an equally enticing alternative to the classic version with basil. Its colors and flavors hold transportive powers – thanks a good part to the tomatoes, which along with almonds and ricotta, comprise the base of the recipe. The tomatoes up the creamy factor, resulting in the perfect consistency for pasta-clinging. This Sicilian pesto can be made in a matter of minutes and it works just as well as on bruschetta and crostini as it does on pasta.

Scarpazzone: A Savory Pie from Emilia-Romagna

Scarpazzone, also known as Erbazzone, is a seasonal savory tart from Emilia-Romagna. It has humble origins, having been prepared in the countryside from late spring to All Saints’ Day, which happens to be beet season. It’s a great brunch or breakfast food, offered at several accommodations in the region, including Casa Maria Luigia.
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Lunchbreak: Gioia nei Paccheri

Federico Comacchio – Chef Partner of Gioia Ristorante e Pastificio. 1133 W. Randolph – at the corner of May Street in Chicago’s West loop. The sauce is the key as well as the quality of the Paccheri, that’s why at Gioia Ristorante & Pastificio we use Mancini Pasta. Peel the...
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That sage growing in your yard? Delicious

Sage is one of the key flavors in Thanksgiving turkey stuffing, but that’s maybe one of the few times we notice the herb in a dish. On our daily walks/bike rides around Oak Park, however, we see it everywhere; the recent rains have helped sage grow abundantly. Sage was sprouting in our Oak Park garden for years before I started cooking with it, and I feel I must now make up for time lost.

Grilled Naan Pizza + Summer Veggie Pasta, S'mores, Cukes & Green Beans

My cherry tomatoes are coming in. Cucumbers (all kinds!) are flooding the markets. And I’m in the mood for easy grilling. Voila, grilled naan pizzas. As much as I love grilled pizza, it’s not a weeknight endeavor. Fortunately, I discovered a few years ago that store-bought naan takes on a lovely texture and flavor with only a short spin on the grill. Brushed with oil, sprinkled with plenty of salt, and popped on the grill grates for no more than two minutes per side (any longer and the flatbread will turn stiff), naan makes a great canvas for summer toppings. Not real pizza of course, but plenty tasty!

Tiella Recipe From Puglia With Love

This tiella recipe is the perfect dish to create at home if you’re looking to wax nostalgic about Puglia and its food or temporarily transport yourself to the southern Italian region. Also called riso, patate e cozze (rice, potatoes, and mussels), tiella is one of Puglia’s most beloved dishes, and...