Court Rules Man Shouldn't Be Fired for Not Being 'Fun' at Work

Not having to make small talk at one's desk or go to "happy hours" when you just want to get home is a major reason more and more people are opting for remote work. Recent surveys found that only one in six Americans working in an office feels "highly connected" to the other people there.
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Drama! Intrigue! Intricacy! Ooh, la-la. Ever since Victoria Beckham climbed the formidable steps of her first Parisian runway this September, a certain air of mystery has filled her London ateliers. “It’s a powerful femininity that’s quite seductive and alluring,” she said during a preview for her follow-up collection for pre-fall. Her words couldn’t have painted a greater contrast to the pragmatic glamour that defined the first 10 years of her brand. Now, she is changing the conversation. Her spiritual move to Paris—with its haute couture appointments and avant-garde esotericism—is ushering in a courageous but confident paradigm shift for Beckham that was evident even in a commercial proposal like her pre-collection.

Bentley Subjects Batur Grand Tourer To Punishing 30 MPH Test Drive Along Monaco Sea Front

Brake feel? Check. Powertrain calibration? Check. Sufficient heads swiveling in Monte Carlo as the car passes? Check. Check. Check. Bentley just put out a press release talking about how its engineers are subjecting the new Batur coupe to a ton of what it calls “real world” tests in advance of the 18 production cars being delivered to their egregiously rich owners next summer. It’s mostly PR puff – every carmaker tests cars, though I’m sure Bentley will claim that its “120 individual tests over a 58-week period” reach the weakness that other brands’ tests just don’t reach.

The Unesco heritage baguette: we found Jean, "the Little Parisian" in the photo of Willy Ronis

With the Eiffel Tower, it is one of the most characteristic emblems of France. The baguette was listed this week as an intangible heritage of humanity by Unesco. Flour, yeast, water and salt: since it appeared on the tables at the beginning of the 20th century, the ingredients have not changed, even if each baker has his own little "trick" for personalizing it.
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French authorities donate 111 million euros for the 2024 Olympics

French authorities introduced on Friday that they are going to improve their contribution to the Organizing Committee of the Paris (Cojo) 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Video games by 111 million euros ($117 million), AFP reported. Nationwide and native governments adopted a request from Cojo, who mentioned on November 21 they...

Headstrong French star Kylian Mbappé wants to be more than a well-paid top football player

Ask young people in the Parisian suburb of Bondy what star footballer Kylian Mbappé means to them, and nine times out of ten you will get an answer that is not really about football. They start with the sports complex that was refurbished in 2017 by Mbappé’s sponsor Nike. About the concert by rapper Niska that took place in the town thanks to Mbappé. About the huge mural that adorns an apartment building. Or about the empty streets when all of Bondy turned out to welcome the attacker home after the World Cup in Russia in 2018. “He lit up Bondy,” says student Soraya Amara (17) beaming.

Top 14: the big blow of Stade Français in front of La Rochelle

The offensive bonus snatched at the very end of the match by winger Lester Etien (78th) is the symbol of this Parisian team, now second in the standings behind Stade Toulousain after its convincing victory against La Rochelle (27-14), this Saturday evening at the Jean Bouin stadium. What you must...

load shedding will not affect the same establishment three times

ENERGIES – Try to reassure families. While schools will not be spared in the event of load shedding this winter, the Ministry of National Education detailed this Friday, December 2, the terms of the closures, in a protocol sent to the unions. The schools will not be closed at the last minute, assured the ministry in particular.

World Class Stays: The best private homes, villas, safari lodges and chalets available for rent anywhere in the world right now

From multi-generational summer vacations to adults-only celebrations, there’s a vacation rental to suit every trip. Our travel editor Rosie Paterson handpicks some of the best. La Maison d’Ascain, Ascain, Cote Basque, France. Who? Sleeps 16 (owner says eight adults and eight children works best). Groups with teenagers are...

When outfits and fashion shows adapt to people with disabilities

On the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, focus on the fashion sector in France, where people with disabilities are still not very visible… But in this solidarity fashion show, organized by several Parisian associations , everything has been thought out to better include them. This...

Parisian by Design

“The design world in Paris is dazzling. For centuries France has been considered the pinnacle of refinement in fashion, food, and design. This is in large part because the French have always revered and supported artisans who are the best at what they do, whether they are employing ancient techniques or new technology.” -David Jimenez.

World Cup 2022: Argentina and Messi take the quarter trembling

Even if he was all crumpled with anguish, the match between Argentina and Australia (2-1) will have served as an invitation card for next Friday and an enticing Argentina-Netherlands in the quarter-finals, where we will be able to summon the memories of these matches apart. Cruyff’s magic during the ’74 World Cup, the final four years later at the Monumental stadium in Buenos Aires or Bergkamp’s sublime goal during the quarter-final in Marseille in ’98. sublime vintage just after the mile. Because when you spent your 18-year career panicking statisticians and accumulating records, you couldn’t make your thousandth professional match a day out.

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

The Dutch artist Vincent Willem van Gogh is one of the most famous painters, whose name is shrouded in a huge number of secrets, legends, and conjectures and is synonymous with genius bordering on madness. By an evil irony of fate, the artist, whose paintings today cost fabulous money, during...