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The state of Overwatch in 2022: Waiting for more

To kick off 2022, we're taking a look at the major games, genres and platforms that make PC gaming to see where they're at as we begin a new year. Overwatch, despite what every tired streamer and burnt out player might lead you to believe, is far from dead. Blizzard's MOBA-inspired FPS may have lost its relevance against games like Valorant and Apex Legends, but it remains distinct and stalwart in its place as the least traditional shooter out there.
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Everything we know Blizzard is working on: new survival game, Overwatch 2, and more

Earlier today, Blizzard announced that it is working on a brand new survival game for consoles and PC. Although very little is known about it beyond a couple of pieces of promotional art, it sounds like this will be a massive undertaking. Blizzard's website is certainly hyping it up, even describing it as "the next chapter in Blizzard's story."
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Former Overwatch League player ta1yo joins ZETA DIVISION as a streamer

Former professional Overwatch League player for the San Francisco Shock Sean “ta1yo” Henderson is joining Japanese esports organization ZETA DIVISION as a streamer. Prior to his Overwatch League days, ta1yo was a part of ZETA DIVISION in late-2018 and throughout 2019 back when they were known as the Overwatch team JUPITER. After a brief stint, however, he moved to a substitute position so he could pursue a career in Overwatch in North America, where he successfully made the jump to the Overwatch League.
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Bren and Sideshow Announce Their Departures From OWL Broadcast for 2022

Brennon “Bren” Hook and Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson will not be returning as commentators for the Overwatch League in 2022, the long-tenured on-air talent duo announced Wednesday morning. A duo that had been in-sync on-air for the OWL since its inaugural season, the announcement was made with...

Sideshow and Bren won’t return to Overwatch League for 2022 season

The casting duo of Josh “Sideshow” Wilkinson and Brennon “Bren” Hook won’t return to cast the Overwatch League’s 2022 season, according to posts from both casters today. The two confirmed that they “do not have an agreement for 2022 with Overwatch League, marking the...
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Sources: Activision Blizzard to farm out ops for Overwatch League

Activision Blizzard will likely farm out operations for its Overwatch League to a third party. The development comes in the wake of Activision bringing on Esports Engine this season to run its Call of Duty League. OWL (started in 2018) and CDL (started in 2020) have been produced and broadcast by Activision Blizzard since their respective inceptions. The move to third parties also comes amid Microsoft's plans to acquire Activision. Microsoft is already using a third party -- Esports Engine in this case -- to operate the relaunch of its Halo Championship Series. With the news that ESL and FACEIT, the largest tournament organizers in the space, will merge into the ESL FACEIT Group after a purchase by Savvy Gaming Group for $1.5 billion, there looks to be more movement and investment in the third-party operator space as it relates to esports production.

Blizzard’s president tweets about Warcraft, Overwatch news ‘over the coming weeks’

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra recently confirmed on Twitter that the teams for Warcraft, Overwatch and Diablo will be revealing news “over the coming weeks.” This was in response to the company’s newly announced in-development survival game when a fan mentioned their current live “underdeveloped” games. Much like the message that Ybarra posted on Blizzard’s forums, Blizzard is communicating plans for the future leading into the Microsoft acquisition.

Overwatch fans want a TV show and they’re already casting Reinhardt

Overwatch fans have been clamoring for a TV show or movie made around the game for some time, and one fan has their vote cast for who would play Reinhardt. Since Microsoft acquired Activision Blizzard in January 2022, Overwatch fans have been wondering what might be next for their beloved game.

Overwatch’s Mercy Just Got A Huge Resurrect Buff

Other than maybe Hanzo’s Storm Arrows and, well, Brigitte’s entire kit, few Overwatch abilities have been as controversial as Mercy’s Resurrect. It went from an Ultimate that could bring an entire team back from the dead to a standard ability with a long, long cooldown. The latest patch (which kicked off the Lunar New Year event) added some more utility to Resurrect. Mercy players will have a way to revive teammates who’ve fallen or been booped off a map.

YouTube’s head of gaming and two other executives are leaving

Three executives are moving on from the platform, including head of gaming Ryan Wyatt. Senior director of creator partnerships Jamie Byrne and vice president and global head of product partnerships Heather Rivera are departing too. “Like many other companies, we’ve seen some of our people choose a new direction in...
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SBJ Esports: Overwatch League likely getting third-party operator

In the first month of 2022, two monumental acquisitions have changed the shape of the esports landscape. Microsoft's influence could be just what Activision Blizzard needs to once again compete with Riot Games for esports supremacy. Meanwhile, the merger of ESL and FACEIT as part of a sale to Savvy Gaming gives that firm a place at the top of the competitive Counter-Strike ecosystem. If this is how the year is going to start, the esports industry could look very different by the end of 2022.
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SBJ Unpacks: Oak View Group lands fintech firm to title sponsor new SoCal arena

Tonight in Unpacks: Oak View Group lands a naming rights partner for its new arena in Palm Springs. PBR CEO Sean Gleason bullish on new Team Series approach. Sources: Activision Blizzard to farm out ops for Overwatch League. U.S. investors eye F1 opportunities after strong 2021 campaign. Epson to title...

Overwatch Lunar Year 2022: Start time, all skins, limited-time mode, and more

Overwatch fans have had a rough going in the last few months. From everything surrounding Blizzard Entertainment and the lawsuits they faced in 2021, to the massive acquisition from Microsoft, making the IP now part of Xbox's portfolio, it's been a rollercoaster. Sadly and naturally, the development of Overwatch 2...