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Craig Shirley: Colin Powell, American Hero, RIP

One of the last people Ronald Reagan saw as his presidency was fading away in early 1989 was Army four star general Colin Powell. Reagan was in the now stripped-down Oval Office, awaiting it’s next occupant when Powell, doing his daily job as National Security Adviser and later as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff gave Reagan a global conflict project report and said, "Mr. President, the world is quiet today."

Trevor Noah Spots The MAGA Reason Kanye West Changed His Name

Trevor Noah said he understands why rapper Kanye West officially changed his name to Ye, and it involves former President Donald Trump. “I get why he changed it,” the comedian teased on Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show.” “I mean, if I had gone super-MAGA like he did last year, I also would want to distance myself from myself.”

Stephen Colbert can't help rising to Trump and Christopher Steele's 'pee tape' tease

"While we were gone there was major news about the most powerful man in the world: Superman," Stephen Colbert said on Monday's Late Show. DC Comics announced that Superman's motto is now "Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow," not "Wearing Underwear on the Outside Since 1938," he joked. But it makes sense to change the actual old slogan, Colbert said, because "if Superman really followed the current 'American Way,' he would fly to school board meetings to scream about how the vaccine gave him heat vision."

10 Best Episodes Of Oats Studios: Volume 1, Ranked By IMDb

Director Neill Blomkamp’s series of experimental films, Oats Studios: Volume 1 debuted on Netflix earlier this month, introducing the collection to audiences who might have never heard of the indie lab’s works. Since Blomkamp helmed films like Chappie, District 9, and Elysium, it’s not surprising that Oats has received widespread acclaim throughout the years.

Longtime LGBTQ activist Nadine Smith awarded key to St. Pete

Over the last 30 years, Smith played a major role in advancing LGBTQ equality. St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman stood before City Council Thursday afternoon and told members he would say something not often expressed in these chambers. “Nadine is a badass,” Kriseman said. “But make no mistake. She is...

The True Power of Money Lurks In the Shadows

How could an inflationary environment persist, actually flourish, during a time when macroeconomic slack was at an extreme? Conventional economic theory uniformly said that when so many workers are sidelined by recession, this acts as a deflationary pressure on first wages before everything else in an economic system. Companies that can therefore choose from a large pool of relatively cheaper labor should then be able to pass along savings to customers in order to boost sales.