MagnetCubes: CubeClimbers Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Ever wanted to build your own rollercoaster? And I don't mean just some little cards on a table. I mean a real set of hills and roundabouts. Taht's what you get to do in CubeClimbers, a new magnetic marble rollercoaster board game up on Kickstarter now. From the campaign:. CubeClimbers...
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Tuipster. Find top tweets.

"...ooooh Doggo COMPLETELY outplays them 1v2!" Take a closer look at PSG Doggo's 1v2 Double Kill against @Cloud9! #MSI2021. Take a look back at the best moments with our @AXE Effect Highlights #MSI2021. Trends: #MSI2021 #MSI. LoL Esports @lolesports 5 months ago. Check out @JamesDash's full interview with @Pabu22! #SENDIT...

5 bold predictions for Browns against Chargers

The Cleveland Browns carry a 3-1 record into SoFi Stadium for when they take on the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 5. It is still very early in the season, but the Cleveland Browns have the best record in the AFC. Of course, nearly half of the AFC has a...

A bold prediction for each SEC Week 5 game

It’s bold prediction time again. Last week we went 2-for-3 on upsets, so we’ll come back with more of those. No, we didn’t see Auburn stumbling against Georgia State, but that’s the beauty of a new week — more chances to come up with something off the wall, only to see it happen. Here’s a bold prediction for each SEC Week 5 game.

Dak Prescott, Sam Darnold to Face Off in Potential Comeback Player of the Year Battle

Prescott, Darnold to Face Off in Potential Comeback Player of the Year Battle originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington. The 2021 NFL season is finally in full swing, as contenders start to separate themselves from pretenders entering Week 4. The Dallas Cowboys and Carolina Panthers are hoping to cement themselves in the contender category when they face off at AT&T Stadium this Sunday.

The Next VALORANT Agent Will Be A Sentinel, Riot Confirms

Today, Riot Games just published the latest State of the Agents update to inform VALORANT players about the upcoming new Sentinel agent, and hints at their new gameplay mechanics. Riot has been teasing the eighteenth VALORANT agent for months. The VALORANT Year One Anthem video released in June gave us...

Riot reveals VALORANT Agent 17 will be a Sentinel

Riot released a new State of the Agents update on Monday, and as part of that new update, they revealed new information about VALORANT's 17th Agent. Among the information provided in the post, they revealed that the next agent will be a Sentinel with a focus on "mechanical outplays" and gunplay.