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Outer Banks Season 2 Is a Shipwreck

Ah yes, life in the OBX—that being the Outer Banks of coastal North Carolina—where teens have no parents, swimsuits are acceptable casual wear, school is optional, and you and your friends are international fugitives wanted for murdering a cop while in pursuit of half a billion in gold bars. And, oh yeah, also the Shroud of Turin?
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What Time Will ‘Outer Banks’ Season 2 Premiere?

‘Tis the season for sun, surf, sand, and treasure. At last, Outer Banks is coming back with Season 2. And if you thought this North Carolina drama was insane last year, buckle up. We’re talking more secret maps, more giant action sequences, and more crackling chemistry between your teen heartthrob faves, John B (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline).
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What time is Outer Banks season 2 on Netflix?

All pogues around the globe rejoice! Outer Banks season 2 is coming to Netflix very soon. We can’t contain our excitement!. Outer Banks season 2 will be hitting the streaming service Friday, July 30, 2021! The second season of the Netflix original series is set to be one of the biggest new Netflix shows of the entire year.
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Outer Banks season 2 review: This North Carolinian can't get enough

"Holy shit, that's a mile from our house!" I gawk at the YouTube video on my screen. Packed onto an old-fashioned bike and whizzing across my little beach town are the stars of Netflix smash hit Outer Banks: a smoky-eyed young woman with sun-streaked hair, draping her arms around a dude in a white T-shirt with a similarly blondish shoulder-length mop. Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline flirt beneath the craggy trees two minutes up the road from me; they ride across the marina that I pass every time I leave the island; they get steamy at The Fat Pelican, a local dive bar.

Outer Banks season 2 release time where you live

Outer Banks season 2 hits Netflix in a few hours. Technically, Outer Banks season 2 premieres on Friday, July 30, 2021, but you’re probably wondering when exactly you can stream Outer Banks season 2 where you live on Netflix. Outer Banks season 2 hits Netflix at 12:01 a.m. PT on...

The Pogues Might Be Going to the Bahamas, but Outer Banks Season 2 Wasn't Filmed There

With the July 30 release of season two of Outer Banks on Netflix, we can't blame you for wanting to join the Pogues and the Kooks on their adventures. Although the series centers on a group of teens in North Carolina, filming for the first and second seasons primarily took place in Charleston, SC. This was due to North Carolina's anti-LGBTQ bathroom bill, which was passed in March 2016. While filming for the second season also took place in Charleston, because of the first season cliffhanger ending for John B and Sarah Cameron, the Outer Banks cast also got to spend some time in the Caribbean. Although John B and Sarah end up in the Bahamas at the end of season one, those scenes were actually shot in Barbados.

Does Sarah Die in Season 2 of ‘Outer Banks’?

Only a couple of episodes in and Outer Banks has already delivered the scare of the season. While running through the Bahamas with her boyfriend, Sarah (Madelyn Cline) gets hurt. Does Sarah Camren die in Outer Banks Season 2? If you’ve switched off your TV in fear of losing your favorite character, we’re here to help. Spoilers for Outer Banks Season 2 ahead.

Outer Banks Season 2 Is Here—And It's Turned the Volume Way Up

Outer Banks was a smash hit when it premiered on Netflix in spring 2020. The soapy drama centers on John B. (Chase Stokes), a teenager from North Carolina's Outer Banks who's desperate to find a $400 million treasure his father died trying to hunt. He convinces his best friends—Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), and JJ (Rudy Pankow)—to help him, and along the way falls for rich girl Sarah (Madelyn Cline). Sarah is what the OBX gang calls a “Kook,” a.k.a a wealthy person in their town. The opposite of this is a “Pogue,” a label John B., Kiara, Pope, and JJ wear proudly. The Pogues and Kooks don't get along—so as you can imagine, John B. and Sarah's coupling ruffles some feathers.

Jonathan Daviss on Outer Banks season 2, Pope, Denmark Tanny and more in new interview

Good news, Pogues! You can stream Outer Banks season 2 on Netflix right now. And, after you do, you need to check out our new interview with Outer Banks star Jonathan Daviss. Daviss stars as Pope in the Netflix original series. Pope takes on a much bigger role in the story in Outer Banks season 2 with a new hunt for treasure that is very personal to Pope and his family. Unfortunately, new treasure brings new foes for Pope and the Pogues.

What day is Outer Banks season 2 coming out?

Outer Banks season 2 is coming soon! We only have a few days left until the Outer Banks season 2 release date on Netflix. Fans have been waiting for this day basically since the first season of the Netflix original series ended. I binge-watched the first season on Netflix way back in April 2020 and have re-watched the season several times since. You know I’m counting down the days until John B, Sarah, Kie, Pope, and JJ are back together again on my TV screen!
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What to Watch Friday: Costas is back (with Bomani Jones) plus new ‘Outer Banks’

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Outer Banks’ Charles Esten Details ‘Heightened ‘ Season 2, ‘Hothead’ Rafe and More

During season 1 of Outer Banks, Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) made a lot of bad decisions — and that only continues in season 2. “I think he had good intentions. It’s not that his intentions weren’t good. It’s just that maybe his judgment isn’t good,” the Nashville alum, 55, told Us Weekly exclusively ahead of the second season. “Every decision he made, he sorta doubled down later, and by the end of it, he was cornered. What struck me the most is when I read the second season, the very first episode, I was about five pages in and I stopped and I called my wife. I go, ‘Man, they hit the ground running!'”

'Outer Banks' Season 2 Might Be More Intense Than Season 1

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks Season 2. When Season 1 of Outer Banks ended on Netflix, the series left a few things up in the air – specifically, the fate of the Royal Merchant loot, valued at $400 million, which is the driving force behind much of the drama and action. But it also left fans wondering what would happen to John B and Sarah going into Season 2. Now, viewers are dying to know when Outer Banks Season 2 comes out. Spoiler alert: not soon enough for some antsy fans.

Outer Banks season 2 cast: Who’s joining the show?

Pogue season is almost upon us as Outer Banks season 2 sets to land like a hurricane on Netflix Friday, July 30. The original series, which takes viewers south to North Carolina where the Royal Merchant’s lost gold is wreaking havoc, was a fan favorite of 2020. Brimming with action,...