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Outer Banks Season 2 Is a Shipwreck

Ah yes, life in the OBX—that being the Outer Banks of coastal North Carolina—where teens have no parents, swimsuits are acceptable casual wear, school is optional, and you and your friends are international fugitives wanted for murdering a cop while in pursuit of half a billion in gold bars. And, oh yeah, also the Shroud of Turin?
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Outer Banks

Spoilers ahead for Outer Banks seasons 1 and 2. Outer Banks loves to seal each season with a (ridiculous, yet undeniably delightful) bang. Dramatic cliffhangers have long earned teen dramas their pedigree, and the Netflix fan favorite following a crew of young misfits chasing riches along the North Carolina coast doesn't reinvent the wheel. If you've ever watched a teen soap, you know the drill: Set aside your misgivings. Buy into the asinine. Only then can the real fun begin.
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We Got All the Juiciest ’Outer Banks’ Season 2 Secrets Straight From the Cast

[loop src='' align='center' mediaId='8ba52e6e-f2df-4edc-a917-3f2f24acb09d' size='large' caption=''][/loop]. Outer Banks season 2 understood the assignment. Last time we checked on Netflix’s beachy teen drama, John B and Sarah were presumed dead, and Ward was getting away with a mountain of gold like some sorta murderous Scrooge McDuck. But all that has nothing on the adventure-packed second season Netflix just gifted upon us. Ready for a quick TL;DR spoiler dump? (In other words, if you haven’t binged it yet, go do that and come back when ya have.) (Also, wow, how do you have such self-control?!)

Outer Banks EPs: How That Gigantic Finale Twist Will 'Excavate' the Show's Mythology in a Potential Season 3

Warning: This post contains a major spoiler from Outer Banks‘ Season 2 finale. Just when it seemed like Outer Banks‘ third season was going to end on a visual of the Pogues living their best — if stranded — lives on a deserted Caribbean beach, the Netflix series’ action moved to Barbados to reveal something many fans had predicted since the show’s start: John B’s dad, Big John, is alive.

Outer Banks Season Three Will Continue This Batshit Treasure Hunt

Oh, boy. Are we doing this? We're doing this. Like Season One of Outer Banks, Season Two of the Netflix series pummeled us like a torrential downpour with as much mystery + treasure + making out + strange but totally quotable lingo as our small human brains could possibly handle. And John B be damned, we got another hell of a cliffhanger. Sarah's family stole the new Big Treasure, the Cross of Santo Domingo, and kinda-sorta tried to kill her. When the Pogues rescue her, they decide to toss the cross in the ocean, but Sarah's family fishes it out and chases the crew with all the treasures in tow. Oh, and John B's father is alive. How's that for a finale? Now, once you take a moment to yourself, read on for everything we know about the next season so far.

This Week in TV: ‘Outer Banks,’ ‘FBoy Island,’ More Olympics

A revival of 'Behind the Music' and a new HBO talk show with Bob Costas also premiere between July 29 and Aug. 4. The Olympics roll into their second week, with track and field and medal rounds in some team sports taking center stage. As such, it’s a pretty light week for premieres on broadcast and cable from July 29-Aug. 4, but there are a decent number of streaming debuts on tap — ranging from Netflix’s YA drama Outer Banks to Paris Hilton learning to cook.

It’s Rush Week on the Outer Banks

The Outer Banks has long been a destination for families who travel from near and far to come together and enjoy family time here. But this week, one family reunion being held on the Outer Banks is particularly noteworthy. The Rush family – made up of 101-year-old Anne Marie “Mimi”...

What day is Outer Banks season 2 coming out?

Outer Banks season 2 is coming soon! We only have a few days left until the Outer Banks season 2 release date on Netflix. Fans have been waiting for this day basically since the first season of the Netflix original series ended. I binge-watched the first season on Netflix way back in April 2020 and have re-watched the season several times since. You know I’m counting down the days until John B, Sarah, Kie, Pope, and JJ are back together again on my TV screen!
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Will climate change and a rising ocean mean the end of the road for NC Highway 12?

Laya Barley doesn’t know what she will do this fall if a hurricane blows into the Outer Banks. Barley is from Buxton, the kind of small town where she knows the middle names of each of the 54 students she graduated from high school alongside this spring, as well as where their grandparents sit during basketball games.

Cooper announces support of new CDC mask guidelines

Governor says unvaccinated residents are driving COVID surge. Declaring that the state’s COVID “trends have turned sharply in the wrong direction,” Governor Roy Cooper attributed the problem at a July 29 briefing to “unvaccinated people [who] are driving this resurgence and getting themselves and others sick.”. When asked by a...

Five Relaxing Summer Activities Across The Outer Banks

With over 100 miles of sandy shoreline to explore, it’s easy to see how the Outer Banks have become one of North Carolina’s hottest summer vacation spots. While surfing, swimming, and sunbathing are particularly popular beachside activities, there’s far more to this idyllic region than just lazing in the sand. From remote islands to off-road wildlife excursions, there’s a world of opportunity to be found on the edge of the Atlantic.

Jonathan Daviss on Outer Banks season 2, Pope, Denmark Tanny and more in new interview

Good news, Pogues! You can stream Outer Banks season 2 on Netflix right now. And, after you do, you need to check out our new interview with Outer Banks star Jonathan Daviss. Daviss stars as Pope in the Netflix original series. Pope takes on a much bigger role in the story in Outer Banks season 2 with a new hunt for treasure that is very personal to Pope and his family. Unfortunately, new treasure brings new foes for Pope and the Pogues.

103 COVID cases reported in Dare in 5 days

The Dare County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in a July 30 update, is reporting 103 new cases of COVID-19 in the five-day period between July 26-30 — an average of about 20 new cases a day. In this latest report, 37 of the 103 cases are reported involving non-residents while 66 cases involve residents. Two hospitalizations were also reported.