I came 2 a conclusion that today's hip job is renamed "background music"

I came 2 a conclusion that today's hip job is renamed "background music" My manager put on lil baby before our morning meeting and I realized that today's rap is merely background music while today's Gen chops it up about anything. And million of kids everywhere ARE GETTING dumbed down...
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Beatport and Microsoft Surface Launch “Originals²”

Beatport announced that it is teaming up with Microsoft Surface To celebrate this partnership, Beatport and Surface are excited to launch Originals², a groundbreaking campaign that includes continent spanning collaborations and educational events with world famous DJs and newcomers to fuel the originality of the next generation of musicians. Originals²...
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Tintoy Chuo, The Original Artist who is Bringing Puppets Out of the Shadows

Tintoy shares with UNRESERVED the inspiration behind his art, and his favourite Star Wars character. The Originals. A series of Portraits with some of Malaysia’s most original and disruptive talent. Episode One. Tintoy Chuo. An Original Artist. Founder of Fusion Wayang Kulit. Brought to you by The Glenlivet. Welcome to...

Do mobile apps have no originality?

I was going to ask what you were basing that on, but with the picture zoomed in, yeah, those graphics are STRAIGHT out of AOE 2. It even has the same "town hall [or whatever it was called] under construction" graphic. I guess they figure it's old enough that no...
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Column: Another remake? Witness the death of Hollywood originality

Everyone is familiar with the feeling you get when the screen fades to black and your favorite movie ends. When a story really pulls you in, walking out of the theater feels like waking up from a dream. There’s a feeling of emptiness and solace knowing no matter how great the experience was, you can never relive it again. It’s bittersweet.

Emerson Burrows brings originality to everything he does

A few days ago, freshman Emerson Burrows was watching Little Women when his cat spontaneously caught on fire. “I turned around, and my cat was half on fire,” Emerson said. “I had a candle lit, and he walked over the candle and engulfed himself in flames.”. Having completely set aside...

Jazz original Malcolm Jiyane plays it forward

For a while, musician Malcolm Jiyane was the worst-kept secret in jazz. He had been on the radar of serious fans for close to 10 years, first as a fearlessly original teenage trombone voice from the Music Academy of Gauteng in Benoni and then on voice, bone, piano and canvas – he’s a visual artist, too – at Steve Kwena Mokwena’s Afrikan Freedom Station in Westdene, Johannesburg. He rapidly gained respect, including from older jazz peers such as bassist Herbie Tsoaeli, who featured Jiyane on his African Time album. But that very originality meant less space for his kind of music on big commercial platforms such as festivals.

Shelton High senior a finalist for $15K scholarship

SHELTON - A local high school senior has been selected as a finalist to compete for the $15,000 scholarship in honor of the late Barton L. Weller, founder of Vitramon, Inc., in Monroe. Established in 1977, the scholarship’s purpose is to encourage academic excellence in a substantial independent research or...

B.E.R.I.D.O.X. – “My Style”

“My Style” is B.E.R.I.D.O.X.’s attempt to encourage all artists and listeners to once again embrace originality and to fall in love with the unique sound an artist can bring to the world. In the current world where many copy the style of others to become popular or relevant, it’s refreshing...

My Crime Library YouTube Page

Always looking for new ways to promote My Crime Library to more readers so I have created a YouTube channel titled My Crime Library – The YouTube channel needless to say is still in its infancy as I believe there is eleven videos as of this writing. Any way here is the link – My Crime Library YouTube Page.

Back 4 Blood’s Ridden Beat L4D’s Zombies In Originality & Potential

When it comes to zombies, it’s tough to innovate. Here’s why Back 4 Blood’s Ridden are more original and have more potential than L4D’s Infected. Back 4 Blood is often called the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead, but when it comes to originality, Back 4 Blood’s Ridden win against Left 4 Dead’s Zombies (also called Infected). The difference between the two is striking, and not just in appearances. The Ridden as a concept are far more creative and original than the Infected of Left 4 Dead.

REVIEW: ‘Home Sweet Home Alone’ is Severely Lacking in Originality and Charm

The holidays are fast approaching which means a gluttony of movie bingeing. I adore putting on some classic films and spending the time with my family and sharing some laughs. High up on that watch list is Home Alone 1, and 2 and is something my kids are just now starting to enjoy. So when I heard the news that Disney were introducing another installment to the series I was both excited, and nervous. Home Sweet Home Alone is a 20th Century Studios original film set to premiere on November 12th, just in time for Disney+ Day.