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Doctor Who review, ‘Survivors of the Flux’: Jodie Whittaker gives a subtle, pained performance as we discover the Time Lord’s origin story

Pinch me if I sound crazy, but did last week’s Doctor Who… actually make sense? Flux finally started to move forward, with an episode mercifully based on just one story. But this week, viewers must steel themselves once again, because “Survivors of the Flux” marks a return to multiple timelines, with the last of the threads being tied up as the series draws to a close. No longer bogged down with having to explain what on earth is going on, Jodie Whittaker is really allowed the space to shine and she gives a subtle, pained performance.After being turned to...
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Not Every Character Needs an Origin Story

In the 1990 Christmas classic Home Alone, a young boy fights off the Wet Bandits, a duo of cartoonish burglars motivated by little more than greed and a desire to say the movie’s name in a sinister voice while flashing a gold tooth. Three decades later, Home Sweet Home Alone, a rebooted version of the story streaming on Disney+, sees a young boy fight off another pair of burglars—struggling parents Pam and Jeff McKenzie, who simply want to take back a priceless doll that was stolen from them so they’re not financially ruined and forced to sell their family home.
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Nyan Cat Was Originally Called Pop-Tart Cat

Those of us familiar with the internet know there are innumerable food-related memes. We've got the Kermit Lipton tea meme. The "None Pizza with Left Beef" meme. The "good soup" meme. The list goes on and on and on. Younger generations have likely also witnessed the evolution of certain memes (particularly during the pandemic), and many of the ones we love today are actually quite different from their original form. The Spider-Man pointing meme, for example, started with just the real Spider-Man and the imposter Spider-Man, says Screen Rant. However, today's version commonly has anywhere from three to seven Spider-Man characters.
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Did You Know People In TURKEY Have Been Snowboarding For 300 Years?

The folks in the Kaçkar Mountains of Turkey have been riding white waves since before we signed the declaration of independence. Follow Alex Yoder and Nick Russell to Petran, Turkey and get a taste of alternate origin story to snowboarding as we know it.
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John Stanisci brings back LIFEDEATH in a new Substack newsletter

Artist John Stanisci and longtime comics marketer Jeremy Atkins have launched Origin Story, a newsletter devoted to comics process that will also be the home of Stanisci’s creator-owned work going forward. The first project from Stanisci that will be available exclusively from Origin Story, which is hosted on Substack, is the return of LifeDeath, a sci-fi series spinning out of the graphic novel of the same name. Along with LifeDeath, Stanisci and Atkins will offer behind-the-scenes material and classes on both creating comics and marketing them to audiences.

The inspirational story behind Fast Fit on Coast Live

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. - Doug Zucco, founder of Fast Fit Body Sculpting, shares the company's origin story and explains how Fast Fit light technology can help burn stubborn fat and improve health!. Presented by. Fast Fit Body Sculpting. 1-800-FAST-FIT.

John Stanisci's Lifedeath Comes To Substack For Origin Story

Writer, artist, and actor John Stanisci's first creator-owned series Lifedeath was originally developed for Vertigo, but after that all folded, was taken to Kickstarter a few years back and now, for his birthday, is coming back via Substack today. With comics industry stalwart Jeremy Atkins, they are launching a Substack newsletter – though not one of the Substack Pro Bros. He will be hosting art and marketing classes in addition to using it as a portal for all of his creator-owned work (including Foundlings) going forward, called Origin Story. A new home for their ideas and IP, as well as weekly instructional content.

▶️ Origin Story: Blomstra

A passion for flowers and connecting with people led this entrepreneur to the world of flower design. Taking this art to weddings, events, you name it – and making it all that much more special. This is Bloomstra’s Origin Story.

Thanksgiving Quiz

Thanksgiving is America's most loved holiday, with tables across the land laden with delicious food and homes filled with joy. How well do you know the origin story of this holiday and the curious traditions that have grown up around it? Test your knowledge with our fun and informative quiz!

HBO's Origin Story 'Tinderbox: HBO's Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers'

The behind-the-scenes story of HBO's history is chronicled in the new book 'Tinderbox: HBO's Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers.' The book tells the true story of how HBO came to dominate the television industry as we know it. The man behind the book has interviewed over 700 key sources to uncover a bottomless trove of secrets, surprises, and never before heard stories. James Andrew Miller joins Cheddar News to share more.