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The Best New Wines From Champagne Don’t Have Any Bubbles at All

Before Champagne became synonymous with bubbly, the region produced wine, of course; it was just meant to be still. And while some of sparkling’s precursors might have enjoyed a modicum of fame (what came from the king’s own vineyards in Aÿ was reportedly excellent), there were also many more simple wines known as oeil de perdrix (“partridge’s eye”) due to their slightly blush color (before about a century ago, it was common for red and white grapes to be mixed in a vineyard). Situated in northeast France, after all, Champagne was famously cool, its low temperatures a challenge for ripening grapes enough to make them into delicious still wines. Historically, the wines began fermenting again in the spring after the cold winter had shut down the process, but because they were shipped (primarily to England) in wooden barriques, the bubbles didn’t hold. Around 1735, though, Louis XV authorized shipping the wine in bottles, and the rest is history, as they say: Champagne was established as a sparkling-wine region.
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Try These 4 High End Wine Brands at JJ’s Wine Bar

Are you a wine aficionado or just a casual wine drinker? Either way, JJ’s Wine Bar, located in historic downtown Franklin, offers four high end wine brands to try. With JJ’s wine-dispensing machines, you can try a taste (1 oz), a half-serving (5 oz) or full-serving (8 oz), using a smart-card received from your server.
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Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet Creates Bold New Packaging for Multi-Certified Organic Sparkling Wines

Building on the dual popularity of organic wines and sparkling wines from non-traditional regions, Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s premier name in organic wines, has spruced up its festive bubble packaging and listed their many certifications on back labels. All four wines, a Charmat white and rosé (SRP $13), and a traditional method brut white and brut rosé (SRP $18), are certified vegan (Veg Argentina), sustainable (Bodegas de Argentina), made with respect for human and environmental rights (Fair for Life) and organic (Ecocert). Bottles sporting the new packaging enter national distribution starting in August.
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Can ‘Do-Nothing Farming’ Produce Quality Wine?

As organic, biodynamic, and regenerative viticultural methods continue to increase in popularity, a handful of brave winemakers are taking low-intervention winegrowing a step further. The Fukuoka-inspired viticultural approach—a supremely hands-off style informed by late Japanese farmer and philosopher Masanobu Fukuoka—makes biodynamic and organic farming seem overly interventionist—conventional, even. As a...

The Total Package: 6 Botle Labels We Love

When it comes to beer and wine, what’s on the inside really counts, but there’s no denying eye-catching labels are what initially lure you in. A few local visionaries create packaging that’s not only informational but artistic, too—think bold lettering, distinct designs, and pretty pictures with soulful stories. Keep reading for a look behind six labels we love.

Bettina Kurz: Love wine? How to buy a winery

Matthias Knab: This is where I grew up - and moved back after having wandered some 30+ years around the planet. My great-grandfather financed the purchase and establishment of the Knab wine- growing estate, and this vineyard - the Engelsberg or Angel Mountain - is just five minutes by bike from my home.

Podcast #446 – Erica Crawford, Founder & CEO Loveblock Wine, New Zealand

Covid may have put many business on hold but the wine industry never stops. As wine lovers, we are very thankful for that. New projects are also a constant, often from well established wine veterans. Erica Crawford is Founder & CEO of Loveblock Wine in New Zealand and in terms of viticulture, she never stops. We spoke with Erica on the phone recently to talk about making organic wine and her dedication to the craft.
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How to Make Peach Wine – A Beginner’s Guide

Peaches are one of the easiest fruits to use for homemade wine. Follow this peach wine recipe and learn to make peach wine today. Sweet, tender peaches are one of the summer’s greatest gifts. When you have a windfall of peaches, make sure to set aside some to make a batch of peach wine!

Phantom Creek Estates Appoints Mark Beringer as Director of Winemaking

Legendary Napa Valley Winemaker Joins British Columbia’s Most Exciting Winemaking Team. – Phantom Creek Estates announced today the winery’s appointment of Mark Beringer to Director of Winemaking. Beringer will work closely with the winery’s winemaker for the white wine program Karin Grosstessner-Hain, who has been with the winery since the inaugural 2016 vintage, and internationally renowned winemaking team Philippe Melka and Olivier Humbrecht MW.

7 Canned Wines For Your Next Picnic

Turning up at a picnic or beach party with a cooler full of canned wines would have earned you a couple of frowns from guests a few years ago. Canned wines have historically lacked in flavor and quality, but that all seems to be changing. Thanks to innovative and Instagram-worthy packaging, and more winemakers ensuring canned wine tastes as exciting and refreshing as its label, canned wines are making a big splash.

Summit special – a gourmet guide to Valais - Switzerland

Walliserhof Grand-Hotel & Spa Saas-Fee Five star hotel with luxuriously modern, chalet-style rooms and superb swimming pool and spa. Doubles from £175. Dorfweg 1, 3906 Saas-Fee, 00 41 27 958 1900, walliserhof-saasfee.ch. The canton of Valais is located in the south-west of Switzerland, and sits within the Rhône Valley close...

25 of 2021's best sparkling wines under £40, from £10 cava to champagne and English fizz

For the sheer joy of the ritual, nothing in the world of wine beats opening a bottle of fizz. The unwinding of the wire cage, the pop of the cork (which should be a controlled, hushed “phssst”, not a bang), the sound of foaming liquid poured into a tall flute, then the sight of the bubbles streaming back up to the top and blinking in the froth. It’s a very special joy.

Discover Why Napa Wine Prices Are On The Rise

If you ever wondered why a Napa Valley label on a bottle of wine usually comes with a premium price, here’s a clue. According to the website Vinovest, a planted vineyard in Sonoma County starts at about $70,000 per acre. Napa Valley, on the other hand, will cost you about $250,000 per acre for an entry-level vineyard. In order for a Napa producer to get a decent return on his investment, he must sell his wine at higher prices.

What you need to know about organic wine

You’ve probably heard about organic fruits, vegetables, and poultry. The definition of the term is hard to pin down. However, generally, “organic” food is grown or raised without using certain chemicals, pesticides, or other artificial agents. These days, you may be noticing the word “organic” on more and more labels...

Best Wineries in Guanajuato: Travel Guide to The Wine Route

Guanajuato state should be firmly planted on your Mexico travel list. Blessed with natural beauty, Spanish colonial cities, cultural and historical festivals, and fantastic shopping, Guanajuato has a little something for everyone. Add to it the fact that there are more than 25 wineries in the state and you’ll probably...
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One Of The Oldest Wine Producing Countries Growing Grapes In Conflict Zones—The Reemergence Of Armenia

For many wine producers, harvesting the grapes is the most stressful time period as it can make or break the future of potential wines. Some harvests are easier than others with enough time to gather the grapes with the days and nights going exactly as planned and making it a truly wonderful celebration of gathering ideally ripened fruit under easy circumstances. Yet there are other harvests where each step is trying, terrifying and at times exhausting as Mother Nature paints the skies grey with the gloom and doom of either too much rain or devastating hail. Neither an easy nor tough harvest is an absolute guarantee that the wine will be great as sometimes the cruelest vintages, with regards to weather, can produce incredible wines but those same wines will still send a chill up the spine of the winemaker as the memories of relentless stress are conjured by the very smell and taste of it.

Barbaresco: One of Italy’s Greatest Wines

For centuries, Barbaresco wine was seen as the little cousin of Barolo, and its depth and taste didn’t receive many accolades. But after the first world war, dedicated producers started to invest more time and effort in making Barbaresco. The actions brought increased attention to the wine and made it one of Italy’s most excellent.

Wine of the Week: Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

While pinot noir grapes are grown all around the world, including France, Chile and New Zealand, there is something special about the wines from the state that has recently defined domestic pinot noir: Oregon. Oregon has long been known for its spectacular scenery and fertile soils, but it hasn’t been...

The Top 25 Best Dry Red Wines: A Guide For Beginners

Dry red wines have zero residual sugar and have no sweetness, hence the term "dry." These wines underwent the whole fermentation process; thus, the yeast has consumed all the sugar present in the grapes. People like dry red wines for their tannins that taste more "complex" than other types, bringing...