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Get a Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 headset for nearly half price this Cyber Monday

Are you struggling to pick up the sound of your enemies creeping up on you in games like Call of Duty: Vanguard and Halo Infinite? Then you might be due for a headset upgrade. There are plenty of Cyber Monday gaming headset deals to be had today, but one of the best ones we’ve seen today is on the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 and its accompanying amp.
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Halo Infinite: OpTic Gaming Goes Back-To-Back, Defeats Cloud9 In HCS Open #2

OpTic and Cloud9 square off for the second straight week in the HCS Open Finals. Competitive Halo is trending in the right direction ahead of the first Halo Infinite LAN. Amateur and professional teams have worked diligently since the early release of Infinite’s multiplayer mode. Countless scrimmages and VOD reviews helped produce last weekend’s HCS Online Open, where OpTic Gaming bested Cloud9 in a thrilling bracket reset.
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Halo Infinite: HCS Online Open #2 Sees Record Participation With 512 Registered Teams

Competitive Halo is buzzing ahead of the $250K USD Raleigh Kick-Off Major. The hype surrounding Halo Infinite is not an exaggeration. Players worldwide have enjoyed what 343 Industries has brought to the table, with a ranked playlist on day one and fluid gameplay. The competitive scene, in particular, has responded positively to the game thus far. Last weekend's season-opening Halo Championship Series (HCS) Open Series tournament drew 406 teams, despite no prize pool.

Warzone pro TeeP reveals his biggest wish for the Pacific map

From playing Call of Duty professionally to competing in Warzone’s biggest tournaments, TeeP has seen more CoD than most. And as we head to the Pacific, Caldera map — he has one specific thing he wants to see next. Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow has been competing at CoD’s highest levels since...

7 Halo Open Qualifier Moments (We Think Are Neat!)

Halo esports has returned, and the first open qualifier gave us a glimpse of what to expect from pro play. From wicked matches between Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming to creative uses of equipment, enjoy these 7 Halo Infinite moments we thought were neat.

Scump claims Call of Duty no longer feels the same due to Warzone

Competitive legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner believes Warzone has left a permanent mark on traditional Call of Duty, as the OpTic Gaming star recently explained how there’s been a “drastic shift” ever since the battle royale launched. Warzone released in March 2020, just a few months into the Modern Warfare cycle....

Nadeshot teases 100 Thieves entering Halo Esports

For all the flaws Halo Infinite has in its progression system and battle pass implementation, 343 Industries has nailed the most important aspect -- the gameplay. On top of feeling like a smooth evolution of the Halo formula, Infinite's multiplayer beta launched with all the necessary tools to revitalise a dying esports scene, including a well-received initial loadout that features Battle Rifle starts, no radar, and no grenade hitmarkers to avoid pre-nade spamming.

100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot Interested In A Halo Infinite Team

Nadeshot expresses interest in 100 Thieves joining the Halo Championship Series. Game developer 343 Industries released Halo Infinite to the masses last week to an overwhelmingly positive response. Many players point to how smooth Halo Infinite plays and a ranked playlist included at launch as the standout positives. Naturally, the game would be esports ready from day one.

Envy Gaming appoints two new Sales Directors

North American esports organisation Envy Gaming has appointed two new Directors of Sales. Katie Kristiansen and Kenneth Trader are set to join Envy immediately and will work to drive new revenue opportunities and develop brand partnerships nationally and locally. Both team members will report to Erin Schendle, Senior Vice President...

LPL org Suning rename as Weibo Gaming in major acquisition

Chinese esports organization and League of Legends World Championship runner-up Suning has been acquired by Sina Corporation, the owners of social media platform Weibo. One of the better teams in the world in 2020, Suning have officially been renamed Weibo Gaming, as part of an acquisition by the parent company behind the popular microblogging and social network of the same name.

TSM Snip3down plays final Apex pro match, reportedly plans return to Halo

TSM Snip3down, a member of the top-rated NA Apex Legends for TSM, competed in his final Apex Legends Global Series match this past weekend. He helped lead his team to a 2nd place finish, losing only to Esports Arena. The player is now reportedly planning to return to his roots in Halo, making the jump into the brand new Halo Championship Series for 2021-2022 that also debuted this past weekend.

Halo Infinite: OpTic Gaming & Cloud9 Go The Distance, OpTic Wins Thrilling Bracket Reset

OpTic Gaming and Cloud9 deliver a spectacular finish to the first official HCS online tournament. The Halo Championship Series (HCS) opened its Halo Infinite season with an outstanding display of competition. A total of 406 teams committed themselves to the first North American online tournament of the year. A handful of those belong to some of the world’s most reputable esports organizations.

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Scump wins $100,000 World Series of Warzone Solo YOLO game

Scump, the most popular Call of Duty League player, proved he’s no slouch in Warzone today, winning the $100,000 Solo YOLO World Series of Warzone game. Scump outlasted 149 other players and secured a game-high 11 kills, capping the superb game off with a final kill against popular streamer Aydan. While the King has won many big games throughout his career, Scump jumped up from his chair and ran around his room to celebrate his $100,000 victory.