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Xavi Releases Melodic Bass EP, ‘Home No Longer’

In the midst of his tour, Xavi releases whimsical EP, Home No Longer, out on Seven Lions’ label, Ophelia Records. While out on the road on his first-ever tour supporting Seven Lions, Xavi has continued to stay busy writing and releasing beats. Out now is a five-track Home No Longer EP via Ophelia Records. Inspired by his relationship with friends and nature, Xavi has wowed once again, telling a story through his melodic bass beats, and gets experimental, using his own vocals and calming soundscapes.
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Seven Lions shares ‘Returning To You’ remix package featuring Kill The Noise, Far Out, and more

Seven Lions, Andrew Bayer, and Alison May have renewed their Ophelia Records crossover, “Returning To You,” with a remix package that’s filled with new twists from the likes of Kill The Noise, Far Out, and Sultan + Shepard. All three remixes take the track into an entirely different direction, and Kill The Noise’s recasting even features a conversation between him and his son making plans to play Minecraft together.
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Au5 unravels sonic bliss with new single, ‘Awaken’

Au5 is questions the nature of his reality with his latest single “Awaken” featuring NOHC. The New Jersey-native is continuing to raise the bar with his melodic mastery. The new Monstercat-released track follows up on Au5’s Ophelia Records solo debut “The Paper Owl” in July, as well as his June collaboration “Make You Cry” with Supernovas-featured singer RUNN. Speaking on his latest single, Au5 shared,

Wooli, Trivecta ‘Light Up The Sky’ with Scott Stapp

Wooli, Trivecta, and Scott Stapp “Light Up The Sky” with a new Ophelia Records-issued one-off that finds the producers teaming up with Stapp, whom listeners may recognize as the lead singer of Creed. Blending rock with melodic dance, the track paves a new road for Stapp while showcasing the strides that Wooli and Trivecta have made within the genre time and time again on “Island” and “Falling.”

REZZ and Seven Lions Confirm Collaboration In the Works

REZZ and Seven Lions are officially working on music together. After a fan tweeted REZZ earlier this summer and asked if she'd ever considered a collaboration with Seven Lions, an exchange ensued that lit the dance music world abuzz with rumors. "You guys have very different styles, but I think they would mold together beautifully," the fan wrote. REZZ responded, writing, "That would be sweet," before Seven Lions eventually chimed in to say he's on board.
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Trivecta Teases New Collab With Wooli & Scott Stapp of Creed Out This Friday [PREVIEW]

Trivecta has been teasing new music with Wooli for the past couple weeks, and he’s finally revealed the big surprise: Scott Stapp, the singer from Creed, is on the track. The last time Trivecta and Wooli worked together directly was on 2019’s “Island” with Seven Lions and Nevve, and we all know how big that song became. Now, the “Arms Wide Open” singer is about to break our hearts wide open and we can’t wait to hear what the final project sounds like when it drops this Friday.

Seven Lions’ Label Ophelia Releases ‘Mega Collab’ Featuring 7 Artists Titled ‘Pantheon’

“Pantheon” is a massive collaboration unlike any other. Stitched together over the course of a year and featuring a total of 7 artist, this mammoth tune hits with an epic fury. Released on Seven Lions’ label Ophelia Records, Blastoyz, Dimibo, Jason Ross, Kill The Noise, Seven Lions, Trivecta and Wooli is the full list of artists who’ve thrown in their two cents to juice up this feature.

Ophelia Records Drops Massive Collab to Celebrate 100th Release

Seven Lions, Blastoyz, Dimibo, Jason Ross, Kill The Noise, Trivecta, and Wooli take listeners through a journey of the genres on “Pantheon.”. Ophelia Records was first founded by Seven Lions back in 2018 and helped usher the ever-evolving genre of melodic dubstep to speakers around the world and brought the notion of cry banging to a whole new level. During this time the label has played host to a number of artists in the scene with dynamic production styles, and now they’re celebrating their 100th release by putting exactly that on display.

Ophelia Records reaches milestone 100th release on supersized seven-person crossover, ‘Pantheon’

Ophelia Records‘ “Mega Collab” was conclusively the single most eye-catching member of Dancing Astronaut‘s favorite unreleased IDs catalog moving into 2021. It’s been a long road since Seven Lions’ EDC Virtual Rave-A-Thon set in May of 2020, when he first revealed to Pasquale Rotella that a sonic co-venture between a handful of Ophelia’s finest had begun during quarantine, immediately going on to unearth an early version of what would later become known as “Pantheon.” Almost a year and a half later, Seven Lions has brought that adventure to its final destination, officially writing the names of his fellow collaborators in stone—six others to be exact—by bringing in Jason Ross, Trivecta, Wooli, Kill The Noise, Blastoyz, and Dimibo to assume their positions on a fitting milestone 100th release for Ophelia Records.

Ophelia Records realizes 99th release in Xavi’s ‘Our Painted Sky,’ from forthcoming EP

Xavi has released the first single, “Our Painted Sky,” from a forthcoming EP that, in the context of his longer-form projects, will succeed his debut album, March’s To The Endless Searing Skies. Following his melodic-bass rework of Seven Lions, Wooli, and Amidy’s “Shadows” in September, the St. Louis-native serves up a token of alluring basslines and melancholic harmonies for Ophelia Records‘ 99th release.

Seven Lions’ Ophelia Records Label Releases Highly-Anticipated Collab, ‘Pantheon’

Perhaps the most highly anticipated release of the year, ‘Pantheon,’ is a mega-collab among Ophelia Records’ artists Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Trivecta, Wooli, Kill The Noise, Blastoyz, and Dimibo. With a mix of psytrance, dubstep, and future bass, this track has it all. It also marks a milestone for the label as its 100th release.

Wooli returns to Ophelia Records with Codeko and Casey Cook-powered single, ‘Crazy’

As Wooli heads into the release of Ophelia Records’ “mega collab” on October 1, he’s dropping off an original of his own on Seven Lions‘ label for the first time since “Shadows.” Titled “Crazy,” the new Casey Cook-assisted track witnesses Wooli team up with an unexpected collaborative partner in Codeko.