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6 Reasons Investors Should Consider Trading Share CFDs Over Trading Stocks

The following post was written and/or published as a collaboration between Benzinga’s in-house sponsored content team and a financial partner of Benzinga. Contracts for differences (CFDs), while prohibited in the United States, are extremely popular in other leading countries around the world. A CFD, as a derivative trade, is an agreement between 2 parties — usually the investor and the broker.
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Best Options Trading Platforms Australia – Top Options Trading Platforms Compared 2021

One thing you’re bound to notice when you begin trading is the huge amount of available investment types. Most new investors assume trading is as simple as selecting a particular market, buying low, and selling high, but with the invention of options and CFDs, this has become less accurate. The investors of today have access to financial products that change the way we invest. Instead of buying an asset outright, you can speculate on whether you think a price will go up or down. This has several advantages over traditional investments, with the primary being a reduced chance of getting stuck in a losing trade and the ability to open and close trades in a quicker time frame when compared to investing in stocks.
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Why do most women still refuse to trade in stocks and shares?

According to the findings of a recent survey, 65% of women in the UK think of themselves as ‘novice’ investors with ‘no’ investment experience. When asked to describe their investment or trading experience, only 15% of female respondents felt they were ‘informed’ investors, compared to 28% of men in the same position.
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Best Trading Apps Australia – Compare Top Trading Apps 2021

If you want to trade on the go, a trading app provides you with the flexibility you need. Fortunately, many brokers nowadays have stepped up their game, and their supported trading platforms can now be accessed from your favourite handheld device. In this guide, we explore the best options you have if you want to access the best trading app in Australia, how to sign up, and what you should consider before depositing your money.
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Best Software For Day Trading 2021: 7 Top Ones Tested And Updated

To reap the maximum benefits of day trading, you need to have the best day trading software. The best day trading software provides you with good trading signals, quotes, routing, and execution of orders. Day trading platforms give you access to market scanners and analysis tools to help make informed decisions. You can also automate your trade with the best day trading platforms and conclude business based on your approach. Whether you’re an experienced trader or just a beginner there is a trading software platform for everyone.

Interactive Brokers Launches Cryptocurrency Trading Service for US Financial Advisors

Global brokerage firm Interactive Brokers Group has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency trading service for Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) in the US. The new service allows US-registered financial advisers to trade and guard Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash through the Paxos Trust company on behalf of clients. Registered...

Best ANZ Trading Platforms Australia – Compare Top ANZ Trading Platforms 2021

One of the largest and most popular banks in the Asia-Pacific region is ANZ. Apart from traditional banking services, ANZ also provides trading platforms for its clients and other Australian citizens interested in investing or trading. One of its main highlights is that, unlike many international brokers, ANZ provides access to virtually every share listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, so it may be the best choice if you want to invest in domestic companies.

Explanation of Trading Forex According to Islamic Laws – Is Forex Trading Halal or Haram?

Since the Islamic teachings integrate a lot of trading aspects into a legit corporate formation, forex trading is a typical subject in Islam. Many individuals are uncertain whether Forex trading is halal and lawful in Islamic countries, which is understandable. Forex in the form of gambling is strictly restricted (many non-Islamic authorities, including the Islamic scholars have expressed the same thoughts). However, halal trading is still a possibility.

Online Trading Platform market to gain substantial traction through 2026

The Online Trading Platform market report is designed keeping in mind the concerns of the stakeholders regarding critical parameters impacting the industry performance in the ensuing years, such as the key growth drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The report cites that the market is projected to witness a CAGR of XX%...

Best Cryptocurrency Day Trading Sites & Platforms [2022]

With all the multi-color-coded charts, numbers flying around, and exotic-sounding indicators, it can be a bit daunting when you first arrive at a trading site. But don’t let information overload put you off because most of what you see isn’t relevant for basic trading. Below we will take a look...

eToro Made Easy Smart Crypto Trading

EToro is a virtual trading and investment platform where users may trade currencies, commodities, indices, cryptocurrency assets, and stocks. etoro provides a user interface and tools that are reasonably basic for novices, as well as more complex capabilities for experienced traders. But it’s the added features that set it distinct from many other platforms.

Where to Buy Penny Stocks and Whether You Should

Investors looking to diversify their portfolios with smaller “penny” stocks in addition to higher-priced stocks on the traditional stock exchange need to know the basics of how penny stocks work. Penny stocks give investors the opportunity to buy shares of companies at very low prices—under $5 per share. Investors should carefully consider penny stocks before buying them.
STOCKS Launches Trading Services in Latin America, the broker brand of StoneX Group, has expanded its geographical reach with the launch of forex and contracts for differences (CFDs) trading services in Latin American markets. Officially announced last week, the broker is targeting the Spanish-speaking markets in the region and has launched services in Spanish. “We have...

FXCM Announces the Expansion of Its CFD Offering

FXCM, a leading global provider of online foreign exchange (FX) trading, CFD trading, cryptocurrencies and related services, announced today that the company has expanded its CFD offering significantly to meet the growing demand. According to an official announcement shared with Finance Magnates, FXCM has enhanced its French, German and UK...

Online trading apps Zerodha, Groww report issues with authorisation

App-based online trading platforms Zerodha and Groww on Monday (October 18) reported issues in their online trade mechanism for some time before it was resolved. Earlier in the day, Zerodha told users who trade stocks on its platforms that they may face issue with authorising stocks sale. The issue primarily was with Central Depository Services (India) Limited (CDSL) authorisation and are in touch to resolve the issue.

New data illustrate scale of GameStop trading frenzy

Nearly 900,000 individual accounts traded shares of GameStop in a single day after a 90-fold increase at the height of the “meme stock” craze, according to a report by the US securities regulator. GameStop, a struggling video games retailer, became an emblem of the mania that gripped markets in January...