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OneBit Launches Revolutionary Decentralized Payment Service

) - OneBit, a decentralized service that allows businesses and individuals to accept payments for their information products, training courses, and paid services on their websites, is proud to introduce its revolutionary service to the market. OneBit utilizes the latest blockchain technology to enable fast and secure transactions with minimal...
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Google Store, Hotels, Flights and other services will show more accurate info in the EU

EU’s Consumer Protection Cooperation Network (CPCN) has been in talks with Google since 2021 to make certain online services more transparent and to make them better aligned with the Union’s geo-blocking regulations. The Google Play Store lets you browse versions intended for different countries within the EU –...
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Microsoft reports outage for Teams, Outlook, other services

LONDON (AP) — Microsoft said it’s investigating problems with its online services including its Teams messaging platform and Outlook email system after users around the world reported outages Wednesday. In a status update, the tech company reported “service degradation” for a number of its Microsoft 365 services. Thousands of users reported problems with Teams, Outlook, the Azure cloud computing service and XBox Live online gaming service early Wednesday on the Downdetector website, which tracks outage reports. By later in the morning, it showed the number of reports had dropped considerably. Many users took to social media to complain that the services were down.

Arkose Labs Launches Arkose Email Intelligence, the First Solution that Combines Bot Mitigation with Accurate Email Risk Detection

Arkose Labs leverages multi-layered email risk assessment to deliver formidable security with stellar ROI. Arkose Labs, the global leader in bot management and account security, today announced the launch of Arkose Email Intelligence™, a new product that stops bots and bad actors from utilizing fake or risky email addresses in attacks on online services and applications.

Succeed in Selling Online Services: A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs

Making money from selling online services can be a highly lucrative and rewarding experience. It requires that you have a keen understanding of the market, a knack for knowing what customers need, and an entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to make your first mark on the world of online services, or a seasoned veteran looking to expand your reach and customer base, there are a few key steps and considerations to keep in mind when it comes to successfully selling online services.

Impact of Low Income Internet Services Through the Affordable Connectivity Program

According to the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, about 100 million Americans do not have internet access, which can significantly impact their socioeconomic mobility. Low-income individuals and families are disproportionately affected, as they often cannot afford the high cost of internet services. However, the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity program is working to close the digital divide by providing low income internet services to underserved communities.

53+ Automotive Technician Training Online Volkswagen Fox Finding Automobile Repair Manuals Online How can I learn to fix my car myself?

Automotive Technician Training Online Volkswagen Fox Finding Automobile Repair Manuals Online. Reprocess you must be logged in and a protection pro member to do manual rescans. Our online services is trustworthy and it cares about your learning and your degree. Amtcc brief (24 nov 10) v7 from Click to …

Prescription glasses online is a very common type of glasses in the world

Prescription glasses online is a very common type of glasses in the world. It is one of the most important items in the eye care industry. Online prescription glasses are now available for purchase from various online stores. The online store can be either a physical store or an e-commerce site with a digital storefront. In this case, the customer will be able to browse through the product range and make a selection from it. He/she will then be able to purchase it by paying for it using his/her credit card or bank account information, if available.

Three payment firms alleged by the FCA to have fixed money transfer prices

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has accused Dollar East Ltd, Hafiz Bros Travel & Money Transfer Ltd, and LCC Trans-Sending Ltd to have fixed prices charged to customers in Glasgow for transferring money from the UK to Pakistan. The parties involved were believed to have conducted the alleged breach between...

Broke? Copy This $440/Day Method To Make Money Online As a Beginner In 2023!

Easy Google Profit Reviews – Does Easy Google Profit Work?. Easy Google Profit is an online coaching system that presents the best strategies to get started with a work at home business that only increases as time goes by. This system presents various methods to show people how to make promotional sites that have make money online services such as Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing offers. The goal of the site owner is to understand how to promote these pages in highly populated areas where targeted customers are likely to purchase the promoted products.

Arkose Labs launches email intelligence solution

US-based fraud prevention company Arkose Labs has launched an email intelligence solution to stop bots and bad actors from using fake or risky email addresses in online attacks. Entitled Arkose Email Intelligence, the solution combines bot mitigation with accurate email risk detection. The company aims to ensure the delivery of...