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How Humans' Greatest Wish Made Online Games Lonelier

The sky in Final Fantasy XIV is full of catgirls on broomsticks and elves on dragonback. In World of Warcraft, orcs glide along in giant metal rockets and humans steer horse-sized birds across miles of desert. In the decade-plus since flying first came to massively multiplayer online role-playing games, digital airspace has become as populated as the ground, maybe even more so.
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Long-dead MMO Warhammer Online just added two scrapped cities

Warhammer Online has been dead for quite a while now. But thanks to the fan-run private server Return of Reckoning, the long-deceased MMO now features two cities that never made their way to the official game (thanks, Eurogamer). Both intended as social hubs and staging grounds for the PVP-focussed MMO's...
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PlayStation Plus Free Game For October 2021 Leaks Online

There is no official word on the free PlayStation Plus games lineup for Oct. 2021 yet, but some fans believe one of the games may have been leaked online before Sony's official announcement. PlayStation Plus usually reveals its list of free games for the upcoming month toward the end of...
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Pokemon TCG Live Brings Updated Features To Online Play

Pokemon TCG Live is coming very soon as a replacement to the outdated Pokemon Trading Card Game Online app. How outdated was the older version? Well, there were no "competing online games, competitive ladders, custom formats, and sealed tournaments." This was bad, but what's even worse is that the actual tutorials included with the app hadn't been updated since the Pokemon X and Y sets, which were released all the way back in 2014.

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is the next Switch Online Game Trial in North America

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will soon be available to play for all Switch Online members as part of a new trial, Nintendo has announced. The game can be played in its entirety with an active subscription starting on September 22. Note that the offer ends on September 28 at 11:59 PM PT / September 29 at 2:59 AM ET. If you want to pre-load, you can do so here.

A new free-to-play online Pokémon trading card game is coming to PC

There's been a Pokémon card game on PC for years now which, I suspect, will come as news to some of us who were always more into the Pokémon RPGs. You TCG fans will want to know that the newly-announced Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will be replacing the current Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Pokémon TCG Live is coming with upgrades like a ranked ladder, 3D avatars, and battle passes. It will also remove some major features such as in-game chat and—crucially—card trading. You can catch the announcement and the details here in the reveal trailer for Pokémon TCG Live.
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Pokémon Trading Card Game Gets New Online App for Smartphones, Computers

Pokémon Trading Card Live will launch "soon" The Pokémon Company International announced on Monday that the Pokémon Trading Card Game is getting a new free-to-play online app titled Pokémon Trading Card Live for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. The game will launch "soon." The game will get an early soft launch for mobile devices in Canada and a global open beta for PC and Mac later this year.

Eight years after Warhammer Online shut down, fans revive two capital cities that never made it into the game

Warhammer Online shut down eight years ago - but it lives on thanks to the work of dedicated fans. Return of Reckoning is a Warhammer Online private server that has been going for some time now, but over the weekend achieved a quite impressive milestone: the release of two capital cities that were planned for the fantasy MMO but never made it into the official game.

Good-bye to the console warfare: the prettiest gestures between rival online game corporations

In recent years, online game corporations have proven their easiest face within the combat in opposition to toxicity. A couple of days in the past, Xbox shared an exquisite symbol on social networks celebrating the variety of platforms and inspiring avid gamers to play on all of the consoles and units they are able to, one thing that to this present day continues to make us particularly excited when it comes from an organization throughout the business. The concept that of “Console struggle” is recently recognized as essentially the most poisonous face of the passion, enthusiasts who construct their character round a online game corporate, or extra in particular, a gaming platform and from a powerful feeling of belonging, shield in any respect prices that emblem that they really feel as a part of themselves, attacking some other that items itself as rival or festival and your person group.
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Pokémon TCG Live App Announced, TCG Online App Shutting Down

Pokémon fans have a new way to enjoy the wildly popular trading card game thanks to the newly revealed Pokémon TGG Live App. The free-to-play game provides a modernized online venue for players to collect cards, build decks, and take on trainers around the globe on desktop and mobile devices.

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is getting a new online app

Digital card packs should hopefully cause less of a commotion. The Pokémon Trading Card Game is getting a revamped digital app, called Pokémon TCG Live. The new free-to-play app was announced for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac today, arriving soon. Pokémon TCG Live boasts some features like avatar creation and...

Summary: The Elder Scrolls Online will be the first game with Nvidia’s new DLAA tech

During a livestream showcasing the Deadlands DLC zone coming to The Elder Scrolls Online, as well as changes being added in its next base-game patch, creative director Rich Lambert mentioned a new tech from Nvidia would debut in the MMO: Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing, or DLAA. It's like DLSS (which The Elder Scrolls Online is also getting), but instead of running at a lower resolution to get a framerate boost while using AI to upscale everything so it still looks shiny, DLAA runs at native resolution while using that same deep learning for extra edge-smoothing. "It's the same kind of concept," Lambert said, about 51 minutes into the livestream. "You won't get a performance boost out of this, but what you will get is absolutely incredible anti-aliasing." If you want to try out DLAA it'll be coming to the public test server, after which it will become an option alongside DLSS whenever update 32 goes live. A decent Nvidia GPU will be necessary, of course. "You need the RTX 2000 or RTX 3000 series cards in order to take advantage of it," Lambert said.Lead graphics engineer Alex Tardif brought up the DLAA debut in a Twitter thread following the stream. "Huge thanks to the team at NVIDIA for humoring and then supporting us releasing this when we brought up and tested this hijacking of their DLSS tech into its own thing", he wrote. "It's not something every game would need, but for ESO it just made sense."Update 32 will also bring changes to combat, which are intended to dial back some of the game's recent power creep, and especially the continued dominance of builds based around critical hits. As a post on the official forum put it, there's going to be "a hard cap to Critical Damage and Healing." Other alterations will be about "improving proc set balance and continuing the hybridization improvements from previous updates".

Multiplayer and online details from the new game video –

Forza Harrison5 A new protagonist Video presentation Forza GO! In the series, now in its eighth episode, it ended a few minutes ago with a specific study Multiplayer and online features Game in development in playground games. Speaking of online, we start with a substantial extension Horizon Open, Forza Horizon...

Deflection Review

Deflection is the next in the line of puzzle games that I have had the pleasure to play over the last few weeks. It has the bright colours from Tron, and you play a laser-based strategy akin to Chess on a 3D board. Your goal is to navigate your laser beam across a board using various pieces to destroy the king and win.

Risk, the game you might like! | echo

As part of the Science Festival 2021, the communications departments of Pacte Laboratories and ISTerre have imagined and created a serious online game. This game, which can be accessed from middle school, deals with the idea of ​​”Great Risks”. What are the major risks? It is the probability of an...

The Elder Scrolls Online Gets Another Facelift with DLSS and First-Ever Debut of DLAA

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) players could experience a notable graphical boost thanks to Nvidia's DLSS and DLAA features coming in a later patch. The announcement came during an official livestream on the game's official Twitch account where the development team debuted a short preview of the upcoming Deadlands DLC. The broadcast kicked off in the afternoon of Friday, Sept. 17, and was headed by the well-known and loved Rich Lambert, the game's creative director. He explained that the feature, "Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing" (DLAA), will be similar to Nvidia's other software, "Deep Learning Super Sampling" (DLSS), in that it will give the game a visual upgrade.