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BREAKING: Police arrest woman in connection to Benjamin Foster case

SUNNY VALLEY, Ore. – A 68-year-old woman has been taken into custody, and is accused of hiding attempted murder suspect Benjamin Foster. On Friday, Grants Pass Police confirmed to Newswatch 12 that Tina Marie Jones was taken into custody Thursday night after they found evidence that Jones was hiding Foster at her home, near the Sunny Valley community, and was helping him avoid capture.
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Holocaust Survivor Swindled Out of $2.8 Million by Florida Woman on Dating Site

The latest romance scam hoaxed an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor out of his life savings when he met a woman on a dating site, prosecutors allege. Peaches Stergo, a 36-year-old Florida woman also known as Alice, was arrested Wednesday on one count of wire fraud for allegedly duping the 87-year-old man out of over $2.8 million. The woman used the generous amount of money to purchase Rolex watches, a boat and other luxury items, the US Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York announced Thursday.
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Opinion: How to Spot a Narcissist On Dating Apps

Dating apps/online dating has made it easier for people to connect with others, but it has also made it easier for narcissists to manipulate and exploit those looking for love. Narcissists are experts at presenting a false self to the world, and it cannot be easy to spot one when dating online. However, by understanding the signs of narcissism and knowing what to look for, you can protect yourself from falling victim to a narcissistic online dating scam.
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Who Pays on an Online Date?

You're single and you wanna mingle. But how much can you afford?. The online dating world has exaggerated the so-called 'first date.' Historically, you meet someone and ask them out. The man was expected to spot the tab. It was deemed proper etiquette because the guy was initiating the date.

Jana Kramer Teases New Boyfriend After Sharing FaceTime Screenshot From ‘Sunset’ Date

Soft launch alert! Jana Kramer’s new romance with a Scottish mystery man is heating up — and she’s subtly debuting their connection. During an Instagram Story Q&A session, the One Tree Hill alum, 39, revealed on Thursday, January 26, that her followers have asked her “lots of questions” about her man’s identity. “So, here ya go 😂 😂 😂,” Kramer […]

[2022 Updated] Top ten Magic Relationship Applications

Looking a suitable big date is no a great deal more a difficult task so you can to-do thanks to online dating apps. But not, periodically you ily participants including members of the family. And here wonders relationships gets in the scene. You’ll find undetectable matchmaking software readily available that...

Rely On The Most Effective Dating Apps To Find Your Soulmate In No Time!

Making the switch from real life dating to virtual dating by getting familiar with Indian dating sites might seem too complex, but once you become a part of it you realise its benefits and convenience. No matter where you belong but if you possess the desire to connect with singles in your vicinity then online dating can probably be the most ideal choice for you. The fast-paced services provided by these apps are trusted by thousands of active members therefore increasing your overall chances of finding perfect matches online. A plethora of profiles is guaranteed to inspire and create an experience that only modern dating apps can provide. For a virtual connection that lasts, you can follow your instincts and make the right moves. You can probably chat, connect and socialize with different people through online mode and you never know with whom you may get attached for a lifetime. Also, learning about new people has become much easier, especially when virtual profiles provide you with all the information required, making online dating even more appealing.

Casey Bartholomew Is Online Dating Safe?

There have been many problems, including murder, with online dating. It’s not very safe, it seems. Have you ever done it? At the very least you would think most of the people would be trolls.