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How banks utilized technology to pivot, adapt during pandemic

Over the course of a generation, personal computers have changed from a niche hobbyist purchase to a mainstay in homes across the country. Advances in technology have made these products increasingly powerful, cheaper and more intuitive to use. Most people now carry a phone that makes the first mass market computers look like relics fit for a museum.
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Teens urged to be careful of online fraud on Black Friday

Parents are being urged to talk to their teenagers about the risks of falling victim to fraud online on Black Friday sales. According to new data, from November 1 to 10 there has been a 24% increase in total online spending compared to the same time last year. And during this period, online spending increased by an extraordinary 184% among teens and 40% in those aged 18 to 25.
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Is Tesco Bank down? Here's what we know so far

Earlier today (Friday November 26) users of Tesco Bank reported outages online for their banking services. According to Down Detector, users were experiencing problems with online banking, mobile banking and online logins. Comments on Down Detector pointed to all online services having a few issues. Tesco Bank put out a...
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Banking services back to normal after two-day outage, says DBS

Singapore‘s DBS Group said its online banking services had been fully restored after suffering disruptions for about two days in its biggest outage since 2010, prompting the central bank to consider taking supervisory action. In a Facebook post late on Thursday, Southeast Asia‘s biggest lender said customer logins and transaction...

How to Buy MANA

MANA, or Decentraland as it is synonymous with, is a Metaverse token that has surged in popularity of late. To clear up any confusion, however, MANA is the actual cryptocurrency, whereas Decentraland is the online platform that supports MANA transactions. Part of the recent popularity boost is due to the rebranding from Facebook, changing its name to Meta and reorganising the purpose of its platform. With that said, although MANA has only recently become headline news, it has been around since 2017.

What is Neobank: The Digital Future of Banking

Finance and banking are no exception in a world where digital technologies are transforming every service and product. Neobanks arose as a result of the transition in consumer interactions from actual bank branches to internet banking. If we search up the definition of a Neobank, we’ll discover that it’s a...

Tesco Bank customers unable to access accounts on Black Friday

With the Black Friday sales kicking off today, many Tesco Bank customers have been left struggling to log in to their accounts this morning. Issues with both the Tesco Bank website and app have seen people being met with messages that read: "This service is currently unavailable." It continues: "We're...

Kina Bank Launches Website

Kina Bank Chief Executive Officer, Greg Pawson when launching the website calling it a ‘world class’ said it complements a number of digital services and products already in the market. He said: “Digital Banking is growing in the country because of its convenience and speed of access, and people need...

How Blockchain Can Help Fix Banking Inefficiencies

The global banking system and its processes were established before the internet. As a result, the networks and methods for conducting business are outdated and slow to react to change brought about by the digital world. While progress is being made with online banking systems and payment platforms, a lot of the advances have come from more agile and innovative fintech companies.
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Mobile banking making leaps ahead

Perhaps nothing has transformed banking more than technology. Online and mobile banking are certainly not new. Websites, for example, first came on the scene in the late 1990s, while mobile apps ramped up with the smartphone debut circa 2007. How comfortable and ready people were to adopt these technologies, however,...

Best Working Solutions to Fix QuickBooks Error OL -301

QuickBooks Error OL-301QuickBooks Bank Feeds Error OL-301QuickBooks Error Code OL-301QuickBooks Bank Connection Error OL-301 Generally, users might end up with QuickBooks Error OL 301 while trying to connect to your bank or download transactions in QuickBooks Desktop application. Also, it might occur when QuickBooks is unable to communicate with the financial institution server or your company file has some issues. Whenever this error pops up, it comes up with an error message indicating “Your Financial Institution sent an error message. It might be because your account info changed or they haven’t turned on a service, like Online Pay Find common fixes for this error or give your bank a call”. On the occurrence of the error, you won’t be able to connect with your bank and thus it puts the ongoing work at a halt. However, it is mandatory to eliminate the online bank feed error as soon as possible to continue with your ongoing work. In this blog, we have covered all the reasons that might trigger QuickBooks Error Code OL 301 alongside the troubleshooting solutions.

Banking Mobile App Development Basic: All You Need to Know

Before the advent of mobile banking software, many of us are no strangers to the stress of carrying out financial transactions in traditional banks. Could you still remember back in the days when you had to spend hours in a queue just to perform simple financial transactions? However, banking app development has almost eliminated the need to visit banks to pay bills, withdraw or transfer cash.

3 Benefits of Opting for Online Bank Accounts

With the evolution of internet technology over recent years, more and more of us now head online to perform many tasks. This could be anything from making purchases to dealing with work, and we even go online to socialize and enjoy entertainment these days. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that many people also go online to deal with their finances these days, and they have access to a range of online banking facilities such as the Chime spending account.

DafriBank is a Smart, Digital, and Borderless Banking Platform

Modern banking is what people need today. Gaining access to modern banking platforms allows people to make payments, save money, or for their business purposes better than traditional banking. Especially now is the era of cryptocurrency, where people can make transactions more secure, low fees, fast, and without area boundaries, which increasingly encourages the development of banking in a more modern direction.

What Should You Know About a Zero Balance Savings Account?

What is a zero balance savings bank account? It’s a savings account that you can open with zero balance. Slowly, you can deposit as much money as you can, and earn monthly interest on your savings. The best zero balance account has no minimum balance requirement to ward off your financial worries further! That being said, here are some other useful things to know about a zero balance savings account.