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Good News For Fans Of A&W's Spicy Papa Burger

A&W fans, get ready for the heat as the chain welcomes back the Spicy Papa Burger Combo this summer (via Chew Boom). This popular meal deal features a classic Papa Burger spiced up with jalapeños and served alongside an order of onion rings with Spicy Papa dipping sauce (via A&W). Fans are already excited about the development, as seen on social media, with one person exclaiming, "Oh yeah‼️ With a float to calm the heat, of course!" paired next to a flame emoji (via Instagram). A&W replied to the commented "They're the perfect pair for a hot summer day" alongside a sun emoji.
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Caramelized Onion Hummus with Tahini

In this post I’m going to show you how to make Caramelized Onion Hummus with Tahini. It’s a simple, but delicious recipe that can be whipped up in less than an hour – perfect for a quick dinner or game day appetizer! The hummus is made by caramelizing onions and cooking them down until they are browned and sweet. This makes the onion flavor stronger and sweeter, which contrasts nicely against the tanginess of tahini. For dippers, I love using tortilla chips, pita chips or crackers because the crunchy texture contrasts nicely against the creamy hummus! Give this recipe a try today!
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Yard House - Street Tacos & Onion Rings! - Cincinnati, Ohio

For my partner's birthday, he picked Yard House as his dinner date location. We went on Monday of last week and got the full sports bar experience, as there was a Cincinnati Reds baseball game happening right next door later that night. Regrettably, the nearby parking garage cost us $17 as it was a game night! We didn't let that damper our moods and had a lovely meal. The restaurant crowd did get a little rowdy, though.
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Lorde Just Revealed What Her Perfect Onion Ring Would Be On Hot Ones

After a few years of relative quiet, Lorde is set to release her third album, "Solar Power," on August 20, per Insider. As part of the required media drum-up, she has appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," "Late Night with Seth Meyers," and, most importantly for Mashed, "Hot Ones." In between an episode of biting into wings, sauce, and questions, Lorde listed the qualities needed for the perfect onion ring (via YouTube). After all, as someone who has run a secret onion ring review Instagram account, she surely has some strong opinions.

Lorde Talks 'Solar Power,' Connection Between Bennifer & Cicadas on 'Hot Ones'

Fifteen minutes into her Hot Ones debut, Lorde was not fazed by all of the super spicy chicken wings she had already eaten. That all changed after a few bites of a sauce with a Scoville hotness rating of 135,600, which was so spicy, the New Zealand pop star struggled to keep talking about her orca-watching helicopter expedition in Antarctica. "Ugh, it is hot," she grimaced. "I'm doing good, it's -- I feel it."

Watch: Lorde x Hot Ones.

Lorde is the latest guest on Hot Ones, joining to discuss her new album 'Solar Power', as well as the criteria upon which she judges onion rings: "I want an onion that has been cut thickly. I want a pretty toothsome vertical bite. I want a pretty crisp yet thick crust, you know, I want it to have some substance. I guess I'd probably more be into a battered than a crumbed if forced to make a choice, so that's maybe the way that my bias skews. I like a white onion, although I have had a few red onion rings that have caught my eye."

Gluten Free Fried Onion Rings

These crispy, delicious gluten free onion rings are about to take your gluten free enjoyment to a whole new level! I am sharing gluten free onion rings made two ways, with a gluten free beer batter or plain batter. Either way, you decide to make your batter, these homemade gluten free beer batter onion rings are incredible!
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Watch Lorde Talk Cheese, Cicadas, and Onion Rings on “Hot Ones”

Lorde is on a new episode of First We Feast’s interview show and spicy wing challenge “Hot Ones.” The pop star sat down with host Sean Evans to chat about lyric interpretation, cheese connoisseurship, cicadas, whale watching in Antarctica, and the anatomy of a perfect onion ring. At one point, Lorde reflected on her lunch of fiery chicken wings: “In the pop star life, I feel like you’re not smashing wings that often,” she said. She also discussed her forthcoming LP Solar Power, which she referred to as “a sun worship album.” Watch the full interview below.

Lorde braves the heat, talks ‘Solar Power,’ onion rings & more on ‘Hot Ones’

With her anticipated new album Solar Power due out very soon, Lorde stopped by talk show/endurance test Hot Ones to discuss a variety of subjects while eating increasingly spicy wings. As the first New Zealander to appear on the series, Lorde got quizzed about the "Kiwi lifestyle" (sheep, "hokey pokey" ice cream), working with Jack Antonoff, cicadas, onion rings, her love of books, and more. As to how she can handle the heat, you'll have to watch, but she does a lot better than DJ Khaled, and at one point host Sean Evans is taken aback by her composure. Watch Lorde's Hot Ones episode below.
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Organic Raw Gluten-Free Onion Rings 2oz

This snack is a delicious, crunchy alternative to flour coated, deep fried onion rings. Our Onion Rings are hand cut and dipped in our exclusive cashew based coating, then dehydrated at 115 degrees for 5 days. This produces the best tasting onion rings with all the vital nutrients intact. Enjoy our delicious Onion Rings with soup, a salad, or simply as an awesome snack!