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One Piece Is Apparently the Biggest Anime Series Stateside These Days

Anime might have been a niche interest decades ago, but the industry has been a juggernaut in the last few years. A renaissance has brought new attention to anime stateside, and every region has their own go-to show. Some might pick Naruto while others lean into Sailor Moon. And now, a new report has confirmed that the United States as a whole is seriously invested in One Piece.
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Aphrodite One Piece in White

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Top 10 Best Villains in One Piece

One Piece is a decade's worth collection of great villains. One Piece is a decade's worth collection of great villains. One Piece might even be the best rogues gallery in any anime. You either love to hate them, love to laugh at them, or love to cry for their backstory. Sometimes all at the same time. In any case, you will memorize how they laugh.

Euphoria One Piece Blue and Pink

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McCracken schools to open for in-person instruction

McCracken County schools will have in-school instruction beginning today (Wednesday) for the first time in a week. The school district used four of its 10 nontraditional days — also known as NTI days — because of a shortage of staff brought on by COVID-19, including personal infections and illness among family members.

One Piece Shares Preview for Episode 1008: Watch

One Piece has dropped the preview for Episode 1008 of the anime! Even after crossing over the impressive 1000th episode milestone last year, the anime has already proven at the start of the year that there are still many explosive events and fights to come as the war across Onigashima heats up even further. The Straw Hats are all getting into their own respective fights against the higher ranks of the Beasts Pirates, and the last time we had seen Nami and Usopp the two of them had drawn the ire of the Tobi Roppo siblings thanks to one of Usopp's pranks.

One Piece Cosplay Brings Katakuri Back to the Spotlight

One awesome One Piece cosplay has finally brought Charlotte Katakuri back to the spotlight after the pirate's debut during the Whole Cake Island arc. Both the manga and anime might have gone far beyond the arc as they are currently in the midst of the Wano Country arc's final battles, but we would not have gotten to this point if not for all of the set up from the arcs before. One of the most pivotal in this case was the Whole Cake Island arc that not only introduced the Straw Hats to Big Mom, but the power of her extended Charlotte Family crew.

Top 15 Current Strongest Swordsman in One Piece, Ranked!

With One Piece running more than 1000 episodes, we have seen quite many capable swordsmen. From the East Blue to the Land of Wano in the New World, the series showcases some very talented swordsmen who are extremely skilled in the way of the sword. My favorite pirate hunter, Roronoa...

12 TV Stands With Storage for Every Style and Budget

Few feelings compare to the unfettered joy that is curling up in front of the TV and bingeing HGTV at the end of a long day. But let’s face it: a chaotic, cramped or cluttered living space will suck the joy out of your House Hunters marathon real quick. The good news? You only need one piece of furniture to take back your beloved evening routine and continue judging others’ real estate decisions in peace. Enter: a TV stand with storage.

Netflix's One Piece Star Discusses the Pressure That Comes With the Gig

One Piece has a tight-knit fandom, and its crew is just as close when you look over the story. Luffy might lead the gang, but others like Chopper and Nami are just as beloved. Of course, Sanji ranks high on that list of favorites, and Netflix has a lot to lose if it gets the character wrong in its live-action adaptation. So in a recent interview, fans aren't surprised to hear Taz Skylar's recent struggle with self-doubt and performance anxiety.