#On War

Cold Beat – War Garden (2021)

2020 should’ve been Cold Beat‘s year. That February, they released Mother, an acclaimed set of thought-provoking, danceable synth pop that seemed poised to take Hannah Lew and company to the next level – until the COVID-19 global pandemic grounded tours and left musicians stuck at home. However, the situation had a tiny silver lining for Cold Beat, since separation and survival have been major themes in Lew’s music since the beginning.
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Overkill: Reforming the Legal Basis for the U.S. War on Terror

After the 9/11 attacks, the U.S. Congress passed a use of force authorisation that successive presidents have used to expand military action ever further. As part of our series The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”, we argue that Washington should enact a new statute that promotes transparency and narrows the war’s scope.
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War Heroes on the Water Welcomes Vets on Oct. 1

NEWPORT BEACH一 War Heroes on the Water will host their annual charity fishing tournament benefitting wounded war veterans and the non-profit Freedom Alliance the first weekend of October. The annual event is in its fourth year and has reached a new milestone by supporting 100 veterans from around the country...
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Study criticizes post-9/11 reliance on war-zone contractors

Up to half of the $14 trillion spent by the Pentagon since 9/11 went to for-profit defense contractors, a study released Monday found. While much of this money went to weapons suppliers, the research is the latest to point to the dependence on contractors for war-zone duties as contributing to mission failures in Afghanistan in particular.

War Child To Re-Release Four Classic Albums From The 2000’s

War Child UK have this week announced they are to re-release four classic compilation albums from the 2000’s – 1 Love, Hope, Help! A Day In The Life and War Child Presents Heroes via War Child Records, the charity’s recently launched independent record label. The albums, each originally released between...

The cost of our silence on war was too high

During 20 years of writing intermittently about the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq soon after, I encountered a dilemma: How to honor the warriors without honoring the wars. I have met and corresponded with people who lost loved ones in combat or were seriously injured themselves. Nearly...

Everything that ended up beating under the slogan of the war on terror

Twenty years later, the gloomy haze of dust and smoke that enveloped the towers collapsed in the attacks of September 11, 2001 has not yet cleared. A multitude of questions and doubts still surround that extraordinary attack that modified world history and cut the individual liberties of Americans like never before behind an unfinished and ungraspable war against the terrorist enemy.

Barbara Lee on 9/11 and Why She Voted ‘No’ on the Afghanistan War

When Kabul fell to Taliban forces in August, the United States ended its 20-year war in Afghanistan right where it started—with the militant group back in power. The devastating conclusion left people in the U.S. distraught, frustrated, and asking the same regretful question: What if Barbara Lee hadn’t been alone?
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Disabled Iraq vet: On 9/11, I think about how decades of war have failed the US

A video shows a young Marine in Kabul tenderly give water to an Afghan child. It makes me think of what might have been these last 20 years. I contrast that Marine’s act of compassion with the institutional actions of violence, greed and self-interest that, so far, have defined the American 21st century.

US War on Terror is still omnipresent

“Last night in Kabul, the United States ended 20 years of war in Afghanistan. The longest war in American history.” These were the words of President Joe Biden on August 31, one day after the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan was concluded. Notably, however, Biden asserted in the same...

Ukraine calls on world to condemn new wave of repression in occupied Kosovo (Crimea)

The claims and even the exact phraseology of the following excerpts and comparable actions and statements by Ukrainian and Turkish officials cannot but evoke the lead-up to NATO’s war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1999. Substitute a toponym or two and it could describe the situation in Kosovo as NATO portrayed it to justify waging its first war and the first war against a European nation since World War II.