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3 Experts on What Unvaccinated Kids Can—And Can’t—Do Safely These Days

Vaccination against COVID-19 has been a welcome relief for many adults around the world who have been lucky enough to easily access the shot. But if you’re a vaccinated parent and have unvaccinated kids who aren’t yet protected, you’re probably wondering what activities are safe for your family. Can you go back to work without unknowingly bringing home the virus? Can your kids come to an outdoor restaurant with you, or take a plane for vacation? And what should you do about that epic family reunion your unvaccinated aunt is planning with your 20 cousins and centenarian grandmother?
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My 4-Year-Old Daughter Made a Suicidal Comment—What Do I Do?

My 4 year old daughter was upset and said she wants to "go away forever." How should I respond to suicidal ideation or comments at this young age? Concerned Parent. I want to start with empathy for you, and how hard that was to hear from your daughter. Any comment that hints at a possibility of our child wanting to die hurts a parent's heart. This topic of utmost importance does not get discussed as much as it should, so thank you for bringing it up.
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Tennessee resuming nearly all adolescent vaccine advocacy

Tennessee is resuming almost all of its adolescent vaccine advocacy efforts, a top health official announced on Friday, following backlash for the state's reported plans to suspend outreach. Tennessee Health Commissioner Lisa Piercey told reporters that the state will return to promoting all vaccines for children and hosting vaccination events...

European agency clears Moderna vaccine for children 12-17

The European Medicines Agency on Friday recommended authorizing Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 12 to 17, the first time the shot has been authorized for people under 18. The EU drug regulator said research in more than 3,700 children aged 12 to 17 showed that the Moderna vaccine—already given...

Covid: Moderna jab approved for teenagers in EU

The European Medicines Agency has approved use of Moderna's Covid vaccine for children aged between 12 and 17. It is the second Covid jab to be approved for adolescents by the EU's medicines authority - in May, the Pfizer-BioNTech one got the go-ahead. The US-made Moderna jab requires two doses,...
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Births in Iowa drop to lowest level in over 100 years

DES MOINES — Iowa couples delivered the fewest babies last year since the state began keeping track in 1915 — a disturbing decline brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic that also pushed deaths to a yearly high. According to preliminary numbers issued by the state Department of Public Health, live...
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Rethink ADHD Drug Holidays

(BPT) - Getting back into the swing of things for this year’s return to school may be a challenge after more than 18 months away, and even more so for children living with ADHD. But caregiver concerns about ADHD are not just limited to the school year. Some parents and/or caregivers opt for a “medication vacation” or “drug holiday” to give their children a break from treatment during the summer.