Emboldened China opens Olympics, with lockdown and boycotts

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese President Xi Jinping declared the Winter Olympics open Friday night, inviting the world back — sort of — for the pandemic era’s second Games, this time as an emboldened and more powerful nation whose government’s authoritarian turn provoked some countries’ leaders to stay home.
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COVID, geopolitical concerns make Beijing Games far from joyous for NBC

From a TV perspective, it feels as if the Beijing Olympics will end with NBC’s host Mike Tirico summoning his inner-Bill Belichick and saying, “We’re on to Paris.”. That is where the network’s next Olympics, the 2024 Summer Games, will be held and perhaps — fingers crossed — we will have controlled the COVID-19 pandemic globally to a point that it will no longer be a dominant storyline.
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The Beijing Winter Olympics' cauldron lighting made a political statement

The Olympic flame is now burning in Beijing's Bird's Nest, poised in the center of an extremely unique cauldron that's shaped like a huge snowflake. Rather than an inferno, its flame comes from a single torch, and the identity of one of its lighters made a major political statement. Winter...
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Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Review: China Sets Off Propaganda Fireworks; NBC Awkwardly Balances Sports & Geopolitics

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of this morning’s Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony live on NBC. A Chinese-hosted Winter Olympics in the Year of the Tiger should have been roaring. Instead, this morning’s Opening Ceremony alternated between boring and brutal. Officially starting off with a solemn countdown video linking the Beijing Games and the recently launched Lunar New Year festival, the tone of spring rebirth, propaganda and imperial heritage was firmly established. While there were a few moments of beauty and grace, the privileged post given the goose-stepping People’s Liberation Army early on in the opening ceremony said it all. It was a high-definition LED...

As the Olympics open, China seeks the limelight, but warns against criticism

When China hosted the 2008 Summer Olympics, President George W. Bush attended the opening ceremony and mingled with the U.S. athletes. "I happen to believe that not going to the opening ceremony for the Games would be an affront to the Chinese people," Bush said. Times have changed. President Biden's...

Uyghur athlete delivers Olympic flame in opening ceremony after global criticism of China

China kicked off the 2022 Winter Olympics on Friday with a pared-back but visually stunning opening ceremony and a defiant message to the world leaders boycotting it. After a brisk, snowflake-themed show that emphasized youth and “ordinary people,” the Games were declared officially open by Chinese President Xi Jinping, prompting a burst of fireworks over the “Bird’s Nest” National Stadium in central Beijing.

These are the largest teams competing at the Winter Olympics

More than 220 athletes will represent the United States at the Olympics in Beijing, making it the largest delegation at the Games, according to data from the International Olympic Committee as of Friday morning ET. The U.S. brings a total of 224 athletes. Canada follows with the second-largest delegation at...

The most awkward Olympics

(CNN) — The Olympic torch to be lit Friday in Beijing is supposed to kick off a celebration of athletics. But this year's winter competition is setting world records in awkward. Fears of invasion. One country in the competition, Russia, may invade another, Ukraine. The US alleged Thursday that...

Meet the team: Wisconsin athletes competing in 2022 Winter Olympics

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) - As we gear up for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, check out all the athletes who are connected to Wisconsin. You can stay up-to-date and watch the Winter Olympics on NBC15. Biathlon: (begins Feb. 5) Paul Schommer of Appleton has made the sport of biathlon a...

What's it like to throw a Winter Olympics with no snow?

Organizers of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which officially begin today, have been using dozens of snow generators and hundreds of snowblowers to create 1.2 million cubic meters of powder (or about 42.4 million cubic feet). The Games in Beijing will mark the first time athletes will compete almost entirely on...

Why There's No ‘Olympic Rings' Emoji, and Which Ones You Can Use Instead

As the opening ceremony kicks off the 2022 Beijing Olympics, fans across the globe are sending messages to cheer on their country's athletes from afar. Tributes from celebrities, like Mr. T. going all in for USA Curling, are popping up on social media — as are a new slew of Twitter hashtag emojis for the Olympics, following up on their debut last summer for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.