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For Sale: A Custom-Designed Home Marries Old and New

If Julius Caesar lived on Siesta Key today, it would be at 3282 Flamingo Ave. Completed in 2019, the arches, columns and Old World carvings somehow look right at home next to the clean, white stucco lines of this home, which sits on an acre of land on the north end of the key. Wall-climbing vines and a water fountain by the regal front entrance beckon a modern-day monarch, while the wrought-iron balconies overlooking the Roman-style pool inside beg for a rendezvous between Romeo and Juliet.
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WhistlePig Teams Up With Limavady to Make World’s First Single Barrel Irish Whiskey

WhistlePig Whiskey has never been shy about crossing borders. Since its inception in 2007, the Shoreham, Vermont-based producer has blended and finished a variety of American and Canadian whiskies in barrels from across the globe: Spain, Portugal, France, Japan, Jamaica, and more. Now, the distillery is crossing the Atlantic again, this time not just for its own production, but to welcome Limavady Irish whiskey into the fold.
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The bifidobacterial distribution in the microbiome of captive primates reflects parvorder and feed specialization of the host

Bifidobacteria, which commonly inhabit the primate gut, are beneficial contributors to host wellbeing. Anatomical differences and natural habitat allow an arrangement of primates into two main parvorders; New World monkeys (NWM) and Old World monkeys (OWM). The number of newly described bifidobacterial species is clearly elevated in NWM. This corresponds to our finding that bifidobacteria were the dominant group of cultivated gut anaerobes in NWM, while their numbers halved in OWM and were often replaced by Clostridiaceae with sarcina morphology. We examined an extended MALDI-TOF MS database as a potential identification tool for rapid screening of bifidobacterial distribution in captive primates. Bifidobacterial isolates of NWM were assigned mainly to species of primate origin, while OWM possessed typically multi-host bifidobacteria. Moreover, bifidobacterial counts reflected the feed specialization of captive primates decreasing from frugivore-insectivores, gummivore-insectivores, frugivore-folivores to frugivore-omnivores. Amplicon sequencing analysis supported this trend with regards to the inverse ratio of Actinobacteria and Firmicutes. In addition, a significantly higher diversity of the bacterial population in OWM was found. The evolution specialization of primates seems to be responsible for Bifidobacterium abundance and species occurrence. Balanced microbiota of captive primates could be supported by optimized prebiotic and probiotic stimulation based on the primate host.
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Mucca Brings Old World Tradition to NYC with Charming Identity for Cafe d’Avignon

Since its opening in 1999, Pain d’Avignon has become one of the New York City culinary community’s most beloved wholesalers, known for supplying quality artisan bread to restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs – sometimes collaborating with them on signature custom items. When the owners decided to expand the brand into retail, they partnered with branding studio Mucca to build the identity for the new effort, Cafe d’Avignon.
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The Marlow: Look inside gracious condo conversion on tranquil block of the Upper West Side

As the outcries over flashy new condos like 200 Amsterdam and ERA show, Upper West Side residents are fiercely protective of their local architecture and streetscapes. But when undertaken with care and context sensitivity, the community accepts the conversion of older buildings into housing that meets the needs of contemporary buyers without affecting the historic architecture. Such has been the case at 555 West End Avenue, The Marbury, and most recently The Marlow.
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Indulge In Wonderfully Authentic Flavors Of Italy At Jianna In South Carolina

If you’re longing for a dining experience that takes a meal to the next level by adding a wow factor, then look no further than Jianna in downtown Greenville. Featuring a modern Italian menu, Jianna blends the best of Old World cuisine with modern trends, like locally and regionally-sourced fresh ingredients. Learn more about Jianna […] The post Indulge In Wonderfully Authentic Flavors Of Italy At Jianna In South Carolina appeared first on Only In Your State.

The Tragic Story Of The Inca Civil War

The Inca state, known to the Quechua people as Tawantinsuyu (the four corners), was a massive empire of nearly 16 million people stretching from modern Ecuador to Chile. Under the leadership of Sapa Incas — emperors of the Inca Empire – the state engineered great cities in the inhospitable Andes and accumulated wealth that would later inspire the European legend of El Dorado. And yet, just like the Aztec Empire of Mexico, the Mesoamerican state fell to a tiny band of Spanish conquerors from across the Atlantic. How could such a large state be taken down by 168 people?
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Lychee Rosé Popsicles

Who said popsicles were only for kids? These boozy pretty in pink Lychee Rosé Popsicles are an absolute MUST for those girl's nights with your BFFs. These Lychee Rosé Popsicles are filled with lychees, strawberries and blended with an elegant Rosé from the South of France. Ladies do I have...
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Bring the Energy

We just left an amazing franchise convention in San Antonio, TX this past week. It was great to finally get the company together in person again after two years. The theme of the convention was “Power” and I made the point in my opening “State of the Company” address that power requires motivation + energy. For that reason, everything we do with the HOTWORX concept is done with motivation + energy in mind. From the convenience of the 24/7 availability of hot yoga and many other workout types to the array of encouragement posters on the walls of the studio (even the image on the vending machine encourages action), motivation and energy are front and center for the customer. Repetition of message is necessary to create actions towards good workout habits. Your habitat can determine your habits! Place yourself in a great environment and you can expect a great outcome.
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The Life Aquatic: Pulling Off Poolside Panache

Some years ago The Rake asked me to meditate on the concept of poolside elegance. My starting point was the work of Slim Aarons, while my ending note was James Bond. In between are stops in Palm Beach with a few notes on WASPdom. If anything, this piece should get you thinking about a summer getaway. — CC.
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Of a Feather: Little kings from the Old World

In the gradually quieter mornings of the summer, I no longer hear some birds and have started to hear others I haven’t heard for a while. Although the black-throated blue warblers seem to have stopped singing, the chickadees and the blue jays are once more scolding their way through the forest. One morning this past week I took the dog up to Langenau Forest on the high ridge between Wilmot and Pleasant Lake in New London, looking for golden-crowned kinglets.

Look: Dubai's indoor rain forest gets region&rsquo s first bearcat

(MENAFN - Khaleej Times) The Green Planet in Dubai — an indoor rainforest — is now home to the region’s first bearcat. Visitors can meet and interact with two-year-old Fluffy, which is the largest animal at the destination. “Named after his fluffiness and irresistible cuteness, Fluffy… can live up to...

WINE PRESS: Tired of the same old summer wines? Here's a new option to try.

Here we are in the middle of summer and for all intents and purposes, Covid is behind us - hopefully. We can all breathe a little easier (did I say no masks?)!. Obviously, we all are comfortable with the usual cast of characters - chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, Vermentino, Arneis, rosés, pinot noir, Chianti, sparkling wine and so on. So, as we continue to look for wines that are great for summer but not from the usual suspects list, one of my favorites that I have enjoyed over the years is pinot blanc.