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The US’s first, ‘historic’ ban on fossil-fuel refineries could have far-reaching consequences for Big Oil

Environmental groups are celebrating a “historic” vote by a county in northeastern Washington state to ban all new fossil fuel projects.Whatcom County, home to two of the state’s five oil refineries, has become the first in the United States to halt the construction of fossil fuel infrastructure, including refineries and coal-fired power plants.The sweeping restrictions voted in unanimously by the Whatcom County Council could serve as a blueprint for other local jurisdictions to curb air pollution and help reduce climate change.“These regulations could usher in a new era of fossil fuel policymaking in the US, where local municipalities can...
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Track Premiere: Slow Rosary “Evangeline”

Ah, that’s neat – we’ve bookended the week with songs with the same title (go check Monday, ‘cos it’s true). Same title, but a very different sound – Slow Rosary have more of a modern folk touched rocking sound to them. Maybe just a hint of prime cut Bright Eyes. Maybe. Slow Rosary revolve around songwriter Rene Duplantier, who has filled out his solo performances with the help of producer Blake Robicheaux to make a fuller sound by bringing in many guest players – and that includes friends and family. The latest release is the album ‘Refinery‘, somewhat inspired by Duplantier’s days growing up in Louisiana, where glowing oil refineries dot the vanishing coastline.
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Bay Area Air Quality Management District Adopts Stricter Emission Standards for Refineries

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) has adopted new regulations designed to further reduce particulate emissions from oil refineries. Changes to the district’s Rule 6-5 impose stricter limits on particulate emissions less than 2.5 micrometers (PM2.5) from Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU), which the district said are the largest single source of particulate emissions at refineries.
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Council Adopts New Restrictions for Cherry Point

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. – Industries at Whatcom County’s Cherry Point will remain but their future expansion will be limited under amendments to the county’s comprehensive plan adopted by the Whatcom County Council Tuesday night. The unanimous vote sets rules in place that allow the two existing oil refineries at the...
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BlackMatter rises from the ashes of notorious cybercrime gangs

A new ransomware gang that calls itself BlackMatter has launched itself on the dark web, and is actively attempting to recruit criminal partners and affiliates to attack large organisations in the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia. As experts at Recorded Future describe, the BlackMatter gang is advertising for “initial...
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Tomlinson: Exxon Mobil lobbyist's revelations demand congressional probe

Five years ago, I opined that state attorneys general had probable cause to investigate Exxon Mobil’s role in spreading disinformation about climate change and potentially misleading investors. It did not go over well at corporate headquarters in Irving. The company’s general manager for public affairs started firing off emails, and...
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Vote Planned Today on Cherry Point Restrictions

WHATCOM COUNTY, Wash. – A years-long debate over fossil fuels, jobs and industry at Cherry Point could come to a conclusion at Tuesday’s Whatcom County Council meeting. The Council will take public comment and will likely take a final vote on amendments to the county Comprehensive Plan in relation to the industrial zone.
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Whatcom County Council vote changes the future of industry at Cherry Point

Whatcom County Council unanimously approved a series of Comprehensive Plan amendments for the Cherry Point industrial zone, adding tougher environmental and development rules for the region that’s home to two of Washington state’s five oil refineries. Tuesday’s vote was hailed by environmental groups as a landmark policy change to regulate...
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Shell refinery fined for Sept. 29 emissions

Nearly a year after a black plume rose from the Shell Puget Sound Refinery at March Point and the nearby Swinomish Indian Tribal Community alerted residents to close windows and stay indoors to avoid a smell described as like burning rubber, the refinery has been fined $60,000. The Northwest Clean...