Aeon Station Announces First Live Show, in New York City

Aeon Station, the new project from the Wrens’ Kevin Whelan, will play its first ever live show on March 11. The concert will take place at TV Eye in Ridgewood, Queens. The live lineup of Aeon Station features Whelan with his Wrens bandmates Jerry MacDonald and Greg Whelan, as well as Lysa Opfer and Observatory producer Tom Beaujour.
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UWSP sets lineup for planetarium, observatory shows

STEVENS POINT – Take a journey around the universe this winter at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point’s Allen F. Blocher Planetarium and Arthur J. Pejsa Observatory. Shows are free and open to the public, but donations are appreciated. Face coverings are required indoors at UW-Stevens Point. Junior Scientist...
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Barcelona Joins UNWTO’s Network of Sustainable Tourism Observatories

UNWTO has welcomed the Barcelona Tourism Observatory into its growing International Network of Sustainable Observatories (INSTO). Tourism is one of the leading economic sectors for the city of Barcelona and the surrounding region, responsible for more than 10% of local GDP. The Barcelona Tourism Observatory (BTO) will work to help guide the sector towards greater sustainability. As with other members of the INSTO initiative, the observatory will provide data and analysis to be used to guide evidence-based decision making. This will help Destination Barcelona better deal with the recovery of tourism and in the long run with the large tourist numbers and ensure the sector is managed in a sustainable and responsible manner.
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Summit One Vanderbilt: New York City’s newest observatory

As of October 21, 2022, New York City already has five observatories, with the opening of Summit One Vanderbilt. You’re going to say to me, “Hey, but that’s enough, why would I go to another observatory?” And my answer is simple: “this observatory offers not only a fantastic view but also a unique experience.” So I hope my article makes you want to visit it.

Early morning rain reached yellow and orange warning levels in Madeira

Early morning rain (until 7:00 am) reached yellow warning levels (6 stations/1h and 4/6h) and orange (3/1h and 3/6h) in 9 of the 21 meteorological stations of the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere). IPMA) in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

A Chinese observatory expects an asteroid the size of half a...

The Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has predicted that an asteroid the size of half a football field will pass close to Earth next month, without posing a threat to the planet. The observatory added – in a statement today, Tuesday, according to the Chinese news...

International Astronomical Union Honors Observatory

A minor planet previously known as 1995 SX48 IAU has been renamed Asteroid (69406) Martz-Kohl. It was first imaged on September 29, 1995 by Carl Hergenrother at Steward Observatory Catalina Station Arizona. The name honors the founders and volunteers at the Martz-Kohl Observatory whose mission is to inform, educate and inspire the general public and supports teaching of astronomy. In 1958, Marshal Martz hand-built one of the largest-ever amateur telescopes and dome, later expanded by Dr. Ronald Kohl’s gift of his telescope and dome.

The big cold has returned to 20 degrees, and the Observatory is expected to continue rainy and cloudy days from Friday until the 24th of the year

The northeast monsoon will bring cool weather. The Observatory predicts that there will be one or two light rain tomorrow morning (18th), the minimum temperature in the urban area will drop to 15 degrees Celsius, and the New Territories will be even cooler. Ta Kwu Ling and Shek Kong may further drop to 12 degrees.

The European Observatory shows the amazing, dramatic Flame Nebula.. know the...

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) has released a stunning pair of images showing the dramatic Flame Nebula as seen by the radio telescope. The image was taken with ESO’s Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) telescope, which gets its name from its location in the Atacama Desert in Chile. It can see far into space unobstructed by water in Earth’s atmosphere.

UWSP announces planetarium, observatory and Junior Scientist programs

Take a journey around the universe this winter at the UWSP’s Allen F. Blocher Planetarium and Arthur J. Pejsa Observatory. Shows are free and open to the public, but donations are appreciated. Face coverings are required indoors at UW-Stevens Point. Junior Scientist planetarium programs (ages preschool to third grade)...

The northeast monsoon will hit the observatory tomorrow morning, and it is expected to drop as low as 15 degrees on Tuesday after four consecutive days of rain

Affected by a northeast monsoon, the Observatory predicts that it will continue to be cool and rainy for the next two days. The minimum temperature in the urban area is expected to be only 15 degrees Celsius on Tuesday (18th), and an easterly airstream with strong winds will strike later this week. Thursday (the "big cold" in the 24th solar term) was quite windy, and the highest temperature during the day rose slightly to 20 degrees. The weather was not cold, but it still ushered in a cool morning.

Climate Change Experts Welcome Viewers to Webinar

Westford Climate Action group, in conjunction with Haystack Observatory, will host a free webinar to all who are interested in hearing from experts about the existential threat that climate change poses. The January 27th is the third such outreach by the group and is open to anyone who registers for...

3833 Observatory Dr

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The other royal observatory

– From our window in Isleworth, we see across a forested island in the Thames to another line of trees, beyond which is a greater green space, in the middle of which is the King’s Observatory. Sometimes I think I see a light from it coming through the trees.

Tremor Measuring 4.4 Richter Shakes Ikaria

ATHENS – A 4,4 on the Richter scale tremor occurred in the sea area 17 km north-western of Ikaria, the Geodynamic Institute of the National Observatory of Athens said. The earthquake occured at 00.54 on Thursday.