COVID clarifies, but we still ignore what we see

In this era of high analytics, it is curious how the easily explainable labor shortage has confounded pundits in ways not seen since Fermat's Last Theorem. The red state answer — that people were sitting on their bums soaking up extravagant unemployment benefits turned out not to be true. The blue state answer — that wages were too low — turned out not to be true either.

A Taxonomy to Assess the Usefulness of Amicus Briefs

In recent years, the number of amicus briefs submitted to the Supreme Court, as well as to the lower courts, has increased. Generally, at the beginning of every brief is a "Statement of Interest," which explains why the brief was filed. The statement of interest tends to convey two broad ideas. First, the brief purports to introduce some argument that is different than the arguments presented by the parties. An amicus brief that merely repeats what the parties argued is not very helpful. Second, the brief is signed by people who bring novel perspectives to the case. For example, they have relevant experience or expertise.

Back to basics: Democrats must alleviate stress, not cause it

I used to talk politics with my father all the time before he passed away. The Trump era provided us with a lot of OMG moments, as it did for everyone else. "Can you believe Trump did X?" he'd ask. "Yes, Dad, I definitely can," was my usual response. It...

SPECIAL PRIVILEGES: NBA basketball stars won’t be required to take covid vaccines, just like members of Congress and their staffers

There is a privileged class of “elites” in this country who have declared themselves exempt from all Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” mandates. One of them is Congress, and another is the NBA. According to reports, professional basketball players will not be forced to take an “Operation Warp Speed” injection because...

How Depoliticized White Rural Communities Allow Themselves to Be Taken Advantage of By Corporations

There’s a whole industry out there trying to explain why poor whites don’t “vote in their own interest.” The problem with this phrasing–which Thomas Frank made perhaps the most famous in his extremely flawed book on Kansas–is that it reduces the idea of “interests” to economic in a way that perhaps might be the biggest influence of Marxism on American political culture since many non-Marxists use this too. But of course people’s interests are multifaceted. They have economic interests, sure. But they also have racial interests, gendered interests, religious interests, etc. Each person is a complex individual made up of many interests. The ones they prioritize when it comes to politics have to do with which they hold most valuable. This is why I am so skeptical when unionists point out the high approval rating for unions. Yes, OK, but when you have a working class person who supports unions but also thinks abortion is a crime against humanity, which do you think they will choose in the voting booth? We all know the answer to this.

Democrats confront 'Rubik's cube on steroids'

Democrats are facing tough choices as they grapple with how to make good on their promise to deliver a sweeping social spending bill crucial to President Biden ’s agenda. The high-profile balancing act is testing Democrats’ razor-thin majorities and putting a spotlight on long-dormant divisions. “This is a little bit...

Juan Williams: Shame on the anti-mandate Republicans

I say what follows with regret. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and many Republican governors bear some responsibility for every COVID-19 death between now and the end of the pandemic. Shame on them. Last week, McCarthy tweeted in all caps: “NO VACCINE MANDATES.”. There is no argument about vaccines...

Robert Reich: The $3.5T Bill Corporate America Is Terrified Of

Once again Robert Reich explains economic impacts on citizens that the rich fight tooth and nail against (4:40) As you may already know, three “moderate” Democrats voted against the drug pricing portion of the legislation that would have allowed Medicare to negotiate drug prices. This was once a feature of Medicare before Republicans took it away in 2006.