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The New York Center for Children (NYCC) held its Annual Bowling Ball on Wednesday, November 17th at Bowlero in Chelsea Piers. Hosted by NYCC’s Board of Directors and Junior Board, the event honored New York City’s Essential Workers for their outstanding dedication and service throughout the pandemic. Guests enjoyed an evening of bowling and fun to raise funds for NYCC’s services to help children heal from abuse. The event raised almost $25,000 in support of NYCC’s vital mission.
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A few years ago, I remember reading a statistic that something like 85% of people who worked at Disney World reported having recurring dreams of having the park to themselves. Just imagine: the "happiest place on earth", minus the crushing crowds, lines and hassles. If that’s been your dream about San Diego Comic-Con, this weekend’s "Special Edition" show was as close as you’re likely to come in the 21st century.

Outlander Season 6 is not coming to STARZ in December 2021

There is certainly no doubt that we’re excited to see the end of Droughtlander. There’s still a bit of a wait. Outlander Season 6 isn’t coming next month. We’re still waiting for the Outlander Season 6 premiere. Even though we didn’t even expect it, we looked through the list of STARZ arrivals in December just in case there was some sort of Christmas miracle or surprise.
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A part of former Eisenhower College is disappearing

SENECA FALLS — Two vestiges of the former Eisenhower College campus on Route 89 are being demolished. The current owner and occupant of the 286-acre campus — Northeast College of Health Sciences — has contracted with Sessler Companies of Waterloo to tear down and remove two long-vacant student dormitories on the east side of campus. The demolition of Woodlands and Iroquois halls is expected to be completed by the end of the year, according to Vice-President for Marketing and Communications Colleen Brennan-Barry.

Target Exclusive 6" Retro Batman 66 TV Series Wave 2 Official Figure Images

McFarlane Toys has released official images for their Target Exclusive 6" Retro Batman 66 TV Series Wave 2 figures which includes Riddler, Batman In Swim Shorts and Joker In Swim Shorts. Unfortunately neither Batman or Joker come with Surf Boards like where seen in the episode where they had the swim shorts on.

Ripon homes in danger of collapse are fenced off

Additional safety measures have been taken at a Ripon residential block in danger of collapse through subsidence caused by sinkhole activity. Ripon City Council is in the process of writing to North Yorkshire County Council, calling for the four properties at Bedern Court to be demolished. In the meantime, Bedern...
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Anime NYC was a big hit…again – UPDATED

New York saw the return of another one of its signature shows last weekend with Anime NYC. I was there for a panel on Friday, and I went to check out more of the show on Saturday, and to say it was packed is an understatement. UPDATE: Calvin Reid at...

Public footpaths in North Yorkshire

Overgrown vegetation and shrubbery on public footpaths in North Yorkshire have been a cause for growing concern amongst its residents. For six years, North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) have been in charge of the UK’s longest public rights of way network, including public footpaths. Below is a map depicting the...

New York City Passes Bill to Address Bias in AI-Based Hiring Tools

The New York City Council has passed a bill meant to address bias in AI-based hiring tools. The bill was introduced in February 2020; the NYCC passed it on Nov. 10. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has until Dec. 10 to sign the bill, veto it, or allow it to become law without being signed. If the bill is enacted, it will go into effect on Jan. 1, 2023. That gives vendors, employers, and employment agencies over a year to make sure their tools meet the bill's standards.

Outlander Season 6: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know

Outlander fans are still suffering from the longest Droughtlander — a term for intense Outlander withdrawal — we've ever had while waiting for new episodes. However, we can tell that we are getting closer to new episodes because new information on Season 6 has been coming out at an increasingly consistent rate. We have a Season 6 release window and an official season poster that has us shaking in our boots. All we need now is a full-length trailer to really feel like we're finally heading back to Fraser's Ridge!

‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Review: The Best Movie of the Franchise

I said, what I said. Ghostbusters: Afterlife is the best movie of the franchise. Hands down, forever I don’t make the rules. I just follow them, especially when a movie is delivered like this. And let’s make one thing clear before OG fans get all up in this review with, “YOU LIAR!” and “YOU’RE NOT A REAL FAN!” Excuse you. I am and went to the NYCC panel to watch this bad boy. I was surrounded by my people.

Funko Reveals Festival of Fun 2021 Shared Retailers Exclusive List

It looks like all of the Funko Festival of Fun exclusives have been revealed, with 21 Pops getting released. We have already seen all of these reveals except 1 with and that is a special Black Light Rainbow Jimi Hendrix Pop that will be a Funko Shop Exclusive. This will now be the Top Pop to acquire for the special convention, so make sure you prepare to click fast to get this rock icon. There will be four Show Only exclusives which will be up for purchase at the Festival of Fun itself or if you are a winner of the lottery. The four exclusives will consist of The Great Galoo, Basketball Freddy (Home), Play-Doh (Blue), and special Festival of Fun tees. Another waiting room will be implemented for Lottery Winners, so be prepared to save yourselves the hassle and have backup plans for the General Public release and Shared Retailer Locations. Check out all teh rules and guidelines for the Festival of Fun right here and Happy Hunting.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers announced for 2022

If you had “Dragon Ball survival horror game announced” on your 2021 Bingo card, you just won big. Dragon Ball: The Breakers is an online “asymmetrical action game” that pits seven survivors against one “raider,” Cell, Buu, or Frieza. The survivors are tasked with surviving the onslaught of the overpowered raider and escaping via Trunks’ time machine. It looks to break away from the traditional fighting or RPG games we’ve come to expect from the Dragon Ball franchise.
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Star Trek: Discovery's First Family Talks Vacations, Conflicts, and Conquering Death

Debuting in 2017, Star Trek: Discovery spent its first three seasons adventuring through time and space and alternate dimensions in their efforts to save the galaxy. However, despite the presence of Sarek from the beginning, the inclusion of Spock and Amanda, as well as Gabby Burnham on Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, and the mission to save Book's family and homeworld on Star Trek: Discovery Season 3, Discovery's crew hasn't had a family unit to call their own until Adira Tal (with Gray Tal) became a de facto part of Stamets and Culber's household.