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It’s hard to overstate the influence of the Beatles in the life of any British band that followed them in the late 60s into the 70s. You have to see this clip in the context of the Beatles movie HELP, crossed with all those Benny Hill sketches involving sped up chases of nurses or nuns. The Beatles had opened doors that most popular musicians didn’t know existed - in style, fashion, visuals, movies and music. They offered a blueprint, a template, a kicking-off board for bands like Yes. We took as much as we could and ran with it. I’m...
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Rescue dog from Louisiana lifts spirits at S.D. monastery

YANKTON, S.D. (AP) — The newest member of Sacred Heart Monastery walks on all fours and begs for food. She also likes a good scratch behind her ears and going for walks on a leash. She’s Lexi, a female purebred Yorkshire terrier some refer to as the “Monastery Mascot.”...
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Exhibition in Southam looks back at the school and orphanage run by nuns in the town

An exhibition in Southam will run alongside the reprint of a book which looks back at the days of when there was a school and orphanage which was run by nuns in the town. Southam Heritage Collection has reprinted Mary Rock’s book Looking back at the Sister’s School about St Mary’s Primary School in Daventry Road, which was attached to the Catholic convent. .

JPMorgan fights nuns and activists over climate disclosure proposals

JPMorgan Chase is fighting four shareholder petitions related to climate change at the Securities and Exchange Commission, in spite of a new policy by the US agency to take a tougher stance against attempts to block investor votes. The largest lender to fossil fuel businesses, JPMorgan has faced mounting pressure...
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CenterPointe hands off Trabert Hall time capsule to Lincoln Diocese

Wearing surgical gloves and a KN95 face mask, Topher Hansen, the CEO of CenterPointe, officially handed a 93-year-old time capsule to the Catholic Diocese of Lincoln on Wednesday afternoon, returning the box of history to its rightful owner. The capsule, discovered in late November by contractors at Trabert Hall, was...
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Watch now: CenterPointe hands off Trabert Hall time capsule

CenterPointe CEO unveiled the capsule along with Rev. Justin Fulton of the Lincoln Diocese. CenterPointe hands off Trabert Hall time capsule to Lincoln Diocese. The Catholic nuns who started St. Elizabeth in 1889 hailed from Colorado Springs but were invited and sponsored by the Lincoln Diocese to come to Nebraska in run the hospital, according to the Diocese.

The changing roles of Nursing why is it great for Nurses

Nursing would never be an easy profession to enter — they care for patients from womb to tomb, guiding them through the greatest and worst times of their life. It isn’t easy, but it is a tremendous honor. Despite the rising demand, the nursing mission is to provide...

Woman's group has a blast with 'Fun and Fancy' fashion show

More than 250 people were on hand to enjoy the annual Epiphany Cathedral Catholic Council of Woman fundraising Fun and Fancy fashion show. Like all their events, it was fun. One of the hallmarks of CCW gatherings is committee members welcoming guests, making them feel special. This year, fashions were...

Culture FIX: Jan. 26-Feb. 1

This must be Catholic week in Cincinnati arts & culture circles. Not one, but three presentations have strong, but very distinct Catholic themes. And of course there are many other choices, especially Saturday, which is literally overflowing. Good luck deciding!. NOTA BENE: Please be mindful and respectful of venue policies...
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Mercyhurst North East campus sold to Baltimore-based owner of S.P.I.R.E. Institute

Mercyhurst University finalized the sale of its North East campus to S.P.I.R.E. Institute's Baltimore-based parent company Tuesday evening, ending a more than three-decade ownership of the historic campus in the heart of the community. The 70-acre property, which includes the buildings that were once home to St. Mary's Seminary, was sold to Ehrenfeld Companies,...

Bellwood-Antis Changing it’s dress code policy

As of February 2, 2022 Bellwood-Antis School District will change the dress code policy that’s been the same since anyone can remember. The reason for changing the uniform policy is in past years students can’t obey the dress code and like to have half of their clothes missing when coming to school. There is also a really bad problem with males wearing Nike pros to school and its not a very good look.

Indian nuns decry church silence on rape case, ask where women can get help

NEW DELHI — Catholic women religious in India have expressed support for a nun days after Bishop Franco Mulakkal of Jalandhar was acquitted by a court of rape charges made by her. They also questioned the sustained silence of the official church on the case, reported “As women...

Mother Teresa’s Impact on Southeast Michigan

In 1972, Father Edward Farrell boarded a plane at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to head back home to Detroit. The routine flight turned out to be anything but ordinary. In an interview several years later with the Detroit Free Press, Father Farrell recalled that memorable trip. “I looked at the person in the seat next to me and there she was. I’d heard of her, of course, and greatly admired the work she does among the poor in Calcutta,” shared Father Farrel.

The Dirt Was Everywhere

Remembrances of a Childhood on Colorado's Eastern Plains. Joseph P. Weibel was born at the beginning of the 1930s on Colorado’s eastern prairies, with the dust and grasshopper storms, drought, and the Great Depression. His family endured privation that is difficult to comprehend in the twenty-first century. That time—and its terrible hardships—stayed with people, like Joe, for their entire lives. Joe and I have known each other for over fifteen years and have spoken much about that time. Now ninety years old, he agreed to tell me his full story of those terrible days in a series of interviews, sharing how it was for him then in hopes that it would help others appreciate it now. The words presented here are his, rearranged and edited for clarity and sequence.

Prayer essential in battle for life

On a beautiful Friday evening in January, while the city of San Francisco was abuzz with weekends beginning, groups of young Catholics and Walk for Life pilgrims joyfully headed to North Beach to pray. Inside a dimly lit Saints Peter and Paul Church, the pews were filled with faithful, most...