How I Built This Summit Announces The 2021 Class of How I Built This Fellows

NPR's How I Built This Fellowship with Guy Raz received close to two thousand applications and is excited to announce their 2021 selection of 10 Fellows. Since 2018 the How I Built This Fellowship has aimed to discover, empower and elevate promising entrepreneurs who have innovative business ideas, perseverance and grit. The Fellows have become an important part of the How I Built This community which started online as followers of the podcast.
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Season 7: New Stories. New Hosts.

This week, Invisibilia is back with two new hosts. Kia Miakka Natisse and Yowei Shaw bring us stories that illuminate the hidden things that shape the world and our lives. The show is returning with a season all about challenging the status quo. We start with an episode on a social experiment in the name of reparations in Vermont, follow with a 3-part series on a website in Stockton, California, that's challenging traditional journalism norms with alarming success, and end with a story that questions storytelling as we know it.
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House Of Yes Performers At Home: How Artists Persevere

There's a place on the normally bustling Wyckoff Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that stands out in the middle of the chattering of pedestrians and regular city life. Part performance venue, dance club and creative space, the House of Yes is many things. It's an eccentric burlesque circus; a cultural fabric of Brooklyn nightlife. For more than a decade, the House of Yes has been nurturing the artistic community in New York City with events ranging from costume creation to circus skill classes.

India, Farming, and the Free Market

There's a battle raging over just how free market India's economy should become. For months, India has been dealing with the one of the largest protests the world has seen in modern history. Tens of thousands of farmers across the country are demanding that the government revoke a series of reforms that will change India's agricultural sector.

Julien Baker's 'Little Oblivions' Goes Deep And Gets Personal

Nothing is as simple as it seems on the surface. Every situation is rich with nuance, there are a million questions to be asked, things to be taken into consideration. In life, there is rarely a quick fix, and Julien Baker knows that. It's been a few years since her...
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When You Add More Police To A City, What Happens?

Editor's note: This is an excerpt of Planet Money's newsletter. You can sign up here. After the death of George Floyd opened up a national debate about policing, Morgan Williams and his colleagues turned to the tools of economics to try and provide some evidence to help inform the conversation. He recently released research that supports the case for police reform while also reminding us why police are important for public safety.
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Columbus Police Shoot And Kill Black Teenage Girl

A 16-year-old Black girl was fatally shot by an officer outside her home after she called the police for help on Tuesday afternoon, according to her family. The girl has been identified as Ma'Khia Bryant by her aunt, Hazel Bryant. Bryant allegedly called officers at about 4:30 p.m. local time...
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How Do We Stop The Next Pandemic? Here's A New Strategy

In movies such as Contagion, a pandemic begins in a flash. A deadly virus spills over from an animal, like a pig, into humans and then quickly triggers an outbreak. But that's not actually what happens, says Dr. Gregory Gray at the Duke Global Health Institute. "It's not like in the movies," he says, "where this virus goes from a pig in Indonesia and causes a pandemic."
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Derek Chauvin Found Guilty Of George Floyd's Murder

The jury has found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all the counts he faced over the death of George Floyd. The trial has been one of the most closely watched cases in recent memory, setting off a national reckoning on police violence and systemic racism even before the trial commenced.

Super Collapse: Plans For New Elite Soccer League Implode

Plans for a new Super League in European soccer collapsed after half of the groups' founding members said they were splitting from the project just two days after it was first announced. The 12 founding clubs announced Sunday their plans to create a rival to the existing Champions League in...

Indonesian Navy Loses Contact With Submarine; 53 Aboard

Indonesia's navy has lost contact with a submarine carrying 53 sailors that was preparing for a weapons training exercise in waters north of Bali, a military spokesman said Wednesday. The German-built KRI Nanggala-402, which went into service in the early 1980s, failed to relay results of the exercise as expected,...
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Crowds Erupt In Cheers In Minneapolis After Guilty Verdict

Cheers erupted from the large crowds gathered outside the Hennepin County Government Center on Tuesday after the jury found former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin guilty in the death of George Floyd. Guilty on all counts: unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. "George Floyd! Justice!" The crowd spilled...