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Attention-Hungry Kim Jong Un Makes Putin’s Bloodbath All About Him

SEOUL—Vladimir Putin has a soulmate in Pyongyang in the form of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un. Hours before Putin ordered his nuclear forces to go on high alert, North Korea put out an analysis showing the parallel between Putin’s fears and Kim’s need for nukes and missiles in the face of demands by the U.S. and its allies for denuclearization.

North Korea expert Sue Mi Terry on the future of the Kim Jong Un regime - "Intelligence Matters"

In this episode of "Intelligence Matters," host Michael Morell speaks with Sue Mi Terry, former senior CIA analyst and current Director of the Hyundai Motor-Korea Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy at the Wilson Center, about North Korea's record-breaking spate of missile tests in 2022 and its overall approach to the Biden administration. Terry and Morell discuss the stances struck by Russia and China to Pyongyang's newly aggressive behavior, as well as the prospects for changes in the Kim regime's behavior. Terry also identifies some burgeoning fissures in North Korean society and discusses growing concerns about leader Kim Jong Un's health.

North Korea and China cooperating to fight US military threat: Kim Jong Un

North Korea and China are fighting the U.S. “military threat” together through “strategic cooperation,” DPRK leader Kim Jong Un reportedly said in a new note to Chinese President Xi Jinping. The message was delivered to Xi in recent days to mark Sunday’s closing ceremony of the...

North Korea's Kim Jong Un rides symbolic white horse in new propaganda video, which ignores missile tests

Seoul — Gazing wistfully out to sea from atop a white horse, Kim Jong Un stars in a new North Korean propaganda video that touts his economic leadership but ignores a recent spate of sanctions-busting missile launches. Pyongyang started the year by conducting a record seven weapons tests, including firing its most powerful missile since 2017, raising fears Kim could restart long-range or nuclear testing.