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Nokia 6310, hands on a new brick in the wall

Nokia Mobile announced Nokia 6310 this summer together with the excellent Nokia XR20, but the phone was quite late on the market, so it had to be announced once again. But, since it is a new member of the originals, it deserves that. The phone is now available on the market, and folks can get it already in stores for 59 pounds, 71€ or 6,203.93 INR. Nokia Mobile was kind to send us a black model so let’s go and check the next brick of the Nokia world.
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That famous Nokia phone is back!

The iconic Nokia 6310 has returned, 20 years on from original release. Originally released in 2001, the all-new Nokia 6310 known has been reborn to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original handset. The device takes on the original and iconic silhouette of the Nokia 6310, with...
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Nokia Re-Releasing Classic “Brick” Phone For 20th Anniversary

I was one of the last of my friends to get a cellphone. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but it was the early aughts and while everyone I knew had one, I didn’t feel the need. And then my car broke down on the Mass Pike and I had to flag down a flatbed tow-truck – somehow one was going by – to get home. I got a cellphone after that. A Nokia.

Nokia Revamps The Y2K Classic Brick Phone

Twenty years after its first release, Nokia is revamping its classic Y2K-era phone just in time to jump on the peak of the 2000s trend cycle, a beautiful, bloated time when Depop is overflowing with overpriced Ed Hardy, grommet belts, and velvet Juicy baguette bags. What we now commonly refer to as the “brick,” the phone requires you to go back to texting like this: “it was gr8 2 c u,” but is virtually indestructible and has a battery life that’s not designed to significantly decrease once a new model is released. (Looking at you, Apple!)

Nokia Launches New Version of Classic 6310 ‘Brick’ Phone

Get your nostalgia on with Nokia’s callback to the pre-smartphone era. If you’re ready to party like it’s 2001, Nokia has you covered with the release of a new version of its classic and damn-near indestructible 6310 “brick” cell phone. First released in March of 2001, the 6310 became a...

Nokia re-releases the classic 6310 with brick and snake

HMD Global has decided to bring the Nokia 6310 back to the market, as the modern version of the popular feature phone will come with the same structural integrity and quality as it was two decades ago, said the head of product marketing at HMD Global, and many users will relate to the familiar design and traditional keyboard.

Nokia’s Iconic 2000s ‘Brick Phone’ Is Making a Comeback

Nokia's iconic "brick phone" from the 2000s is making a comeback and will even come with the beloved game Snake. The Nokia 6310 was given the nickname "the brick" due to its shape and because it's basically indestructible. It's been 20 years since the cellphone was released in the U.K. and Nokia wants to celebrate by bringing it back.

“Nokia” continues to “Nostalgia” phones with a new “surprise”.

Arabic – News, Opinions & Radio Sputnik. Nokia has announced the launch of one of its classic mobile phones, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its first launch in Britain. The manufacturer of Nokia phones, HMD Global, said that the phone will have the original and distinctive...

Nokia reproduces its famous “6310” phone

Nokia announces the production of its classic phone “Nokia 6310” with minor modifications to the basic design. The company “Nokia” announced the reproduction of one of its classic phones, “Nokia 6310”, on the 20th anniversary of its entry into the British market for the first time. According to the manufacturer...

HMD Global brings the Nokia 6310 back for its 20th anniversary

HMD Global has re-released the Nokia 6310, a smartphone that originally launched 20 years ago. Unsurprisingly, the new model contains a few upgrades on its classic sibling. However, it also looks nothing like it and bears a closer resemblance to the revised Nokia 3310. Supposedly, the Nokia 6310 retains 'iconic...

Nokia Brisk mobiles to return with snake game included - MENAFN.COM

Nokia has announced that on the 20th anniversary of the Nokia 6310 (Nokia Brick Phones) the new version of the legendary mobile phones will be released. The most popular snake game will also be included in the upgraded version of the phones. The Nokia Brick was one of the best...

Nokia re-releases iconic mobile

Remember the days of playing Snake on your Nokia 6310, before you had even heard of an iPhone? Now the tech firm has re-released it – with a bit of a facelift. To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Nokia has rolled out a new version of the classic phone, the 6310.

He still keeps the snake game.. Nokia re-launches the Nokia 6310...

The Finnish company, Nokia, the leader in the phone industry since 1865, announced several modifications to its famous “Nokia 6310” phone, which appeared for the first time twenty years ago, and launched it again, but in a different way and capabilities that compete with most smartphones in the market in the current period, and the goal is It is to provide a good product that is able to work for a long time, and at the same time it contains modern features and works with the quality of phones that spread more than 10 years ago, as they were not easily broken like current phones.