‘Shin Megami Tensei V’ patch brings brightness and display options

Apocalyptic JRPG Shin Megami Tensei V has received a new patch that improves a range of visual features in the game. Developed by Atlus, the fifth core entry in the long-running series – it pre-dates Final Fantasy in their native Japan, and is the franchise that the Persona games were spun off from – sees players caught in an apocalyptic battle between angels and demons, with the throne of God up for grabs. It’s a dark game, and sometimes literally so, which is perhaps part of the reason why the 1.02 update sees a host of camera and lighting options added to the game (as spotted by NintendoLife).
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The Next Pikmin Bloom And Pokémon Go Community Days Align

If one Nintendo walking app community day is not enough to get you outside walking, how about two? This coming December 18 is the next Pikmin Bloom community day…but it’s also the next Pokémon Go community day! Kill two birds with one stone, grow your Pikmin while also catching shiny Machop, Roselia, Swablu, Gible, Snivy, and Fletchling!
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Polymega Introduces Modular Classic Game Console Supporting Original Game Media

We make money from support by sponsors, advertisers, and affiliate partners. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. While there are many options available for emulating classic games downloaded to your computer or other device as roms, few options exist for playing those games from the original cartriges and CDs. Polymega allows just that and also supports a modular system so you can play games from virtually all of the top classic game consoles including: NES, SNES, Genesis / 32X, and TurboGrafx 16.
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Speedrunner Beats Pokemon Shining Pearl In 33 Minutes

A talented speedrunner has beaten Pokemon Shining Pearl in just 33 minutes and the game has not even been out for two weeks!. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl were only released for the Nintendo Switch on November 19th. However, speedrunners are already beating the game in record time. Namely, the YouTuber Werster.

Nintendo Russia to Reduce Price of Nintendo eShop Games and Extend Warranties - News

Nintendo of Russia announced it will be dropping the price of Nintendo games on the Nintendo eShop on December 6 at midnight. "Please note that prices for Nintendo games on Nintendo eShop will be reduced at midnight on 6 December 2021," reads an update from the Nintendo eShop team. "We constantly monitor the dynamics of prices, and this change in prices for the Russian market reflects the current state of affairs in the market."

Speedrunner beats Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in 33 minutes

A speedrunner has beaten the recently-released Pokémon Shining Pearl in only 33 minutes and 10 seconds, potentially setting a new world record. As reported by NintendoLife, speedrunner Werster posted a video of their run of Shining Pearl on YouTube yesterday. Their completion time for an “any percent” speedrun, which means that they “beat” the game rather than completing all of its content, was 33:10, which is thought to be a new record, according to NintendoLife. The speedrun was completed on version 1.1.1 of the game, which is current at time of writing.
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The Game Awards will feature a world premiere 2.5 years in the making

Following a digital event last year, The Game Awards is set to return in glorious fashion early next month, complete with games, celebration, and, perhaps a new reveal or two. The show’s longtime host, Geoff Keighley, has been working to charge up the hype train for the event, including a tweet tonight hinting at a brand new game that will appear at the show this year. You can see Keighley’s tweet below.

Polymega Console Adds N64 Support Early Next Year

Launched earlier this year, the modular retro gaming console, Polymega, is adding support for Nintendo 64 games. Come inside to learn more!. I’m going to be honest here, I’m kind of ashamed that I’m just now learning about the Polymega. Developed by Playmaji, this is an HD Modular Console. It’s core element is a disc-based player that allows you to play games from the PS1, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, TurboGrafx-CD, and Neo Geo CD era. What’s really cool, however, is that it features all these swappable modules that expand the functionality to play cartridges from the NES, Genesis, SNES, and more.

Shin Megami Tensei V to have its first update

The last RPG of Atlus will be entitled to some adjustments, discover the first details of what will contain this update. Atlus announced that Shin Megami Tensei V was going to have its first update. The date of its deployment is not yet known, but we already know qa few...

Polymega™ HD Modular Game Console Releases, Reveals N64 Support with EM05 Ultra Element Module Set

PASADENA, Calif., Nov. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- With mass shipments having started in September and thousands of customers having now received their consoles, Playmaji, Inc. today announced the development of a new, 5th module in their lineup of compatible Element Module Sets for Polymega™ – the world's first HD modular game console. Anticipated to release in 2022, EM05 Ultra Element Module Set owners will be able to play original N64 game cartridges on their Polymega systems region free, using either OEM controllers or the included Polymega Ultra Retro Controller, a new collaboration between Playmaji and Retro-Bit Gaming based on their popular Wireless Tribute64 pad. The EM05 Ultra Element Module Set also includes 4 controller ports on the front of the module, perfect for multiplayer-centric games.

Taito Milestones Collection Will Include 10 'Breakthrough' Arcade Games

While Namco is set to offer us a collection of 14 Pac-Man games next year, Taito is going for more variety with its Taito Milestones collection. As NintendoLife reports, the Milestones collection was originally announced for Switch back in June, but at the time it looked as though only Japan was set to get it. However, publisher Inin Games has confirmed today that it will be publishing the collection in the west.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: ‘Turkey Day’ guide

Animal Crossing: New Horizon gives users a chance to celebrate holidays throughout the year. You can experience unique gameplay with themed music that you can’t find on the game any other day. The game’s version of Thanksgiving Day is called “Turkey Day” filled with new recipes, ingredients and rewards. Last...
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Earth Atlantis Is Getting A Physical Edition In North America

They look like quite nice editions, let us know in the comments whether you're tempted to add them to the collection. This is nice and all, but i think reporting on how Eschatos and Illvelo Swamp come out on Switch in Japan this week is the more important event for Switch-owning shmup fans right now.

GTA Trilogy Getting Review Bombed On Metacritic

The GTA Trilogy has been getting trashed by gamers left, right, and center since it came out last week. Now, Metacritic is being dragged into the uproar over Rockstar’s troubled game. The GTA Trilogy has been hit so hard by user reviews on Metacritic that it is now rated 0.5/10 for multiple platforms. That puts it among the lowest-rated user-reviewed games ever on Metacritic.

Twitch Streaming App Arrives On The Nintendo eShop

Streamer Lingo is Now One Step Closer to Omnipresence, Poggers. There’s been a growing trend of game consoles looking to branch out of being seen as a strict gaming-only device. It debatably started all the way back in the PS3 days with its ability to play Blu-Ray DVDs, but Sony was far from the only company to take this direction. And while the tactic hasn’t exactly changed changed consoles as we know them, it’s certainly cropped up from time to time. Now, Nintendo takes another step in a more universal direction, adding the livestreaming platform Twitch to its eShop library.

Animal Crossing New Horizons may get a Black Friday-themed event

Spoilers ahead: The owners of Nook’s Cranny may have something special planned for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players this month. Timmy and Tommy Nook are planning to help players in time for the holidays with a possible sale happening soon at Nook’s Cranny. If you’re looking to purchase new home...