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Nintendo Switch OLED model will go on sale October 8th for $350

Nintendo is announcing a new Switch model today with a larger 7-inch 720p OLED display. While rumors had suggested this new Switch would ship with a new Nvidia chip inside, this new OLED model is mostly a screen upgrade. Nintendo lists this Switch OLED model as only supporting 1080p via TV mode, and rumors had suggested 4K support, thanks to a rumored Nvidia chip upgrade. The Switch OLED model will go on sale for $350 starting on October 8th.
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What the “OLED Model” means for the future of Nintendo Switch

The most surprising thing about the Switch's newly announced "OLED Model" might just be what it's missing. Namely, it's missing a new chipset that bumps up the processing power above what's available on existing Switch hardware. That lack of improved internals is surprising mainly because of a number of reports...
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How to preorder the Nintendo Switch OLED model

Nintendo today announced its latest version of the Nintendo Switch, the OLED model, will release on Oct. 8 of this year retailing at $349.99. The new model is comparable in size to the traditional Switch, but instead it has a slightly larger OLED screen and a wide adjustable stand for its tabletop mode. The OLED model will have two color options on launch. One will be a black main unit with a white set of Joy-Con controllers. The other will be a black unit with neon red and blue Joy-Con controllers.
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Nintendo to Use Faster Nvidia Chips in New 2021 Switch Model

Nintendo Co. plans to adopt an upgraded Nvidia Corp. chip with better graphics and processing for a new Switch model planned for the year-end shopping season, according to people familiar with the matter. The new Switch iteration will support Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling, or DLSS, a novel rendering technology...

The first Nintendo Switch 2 game may have been announced

Even though we’re still waiting for Nintendo to announce the widely rumored Nintendo Switch Pro, it looks like the first game for the company’s next-gen hardware may have been revealed. Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, which was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021, is also planned for...

Global Nintendo Switch Pro release details supposedly revealed by peripheral maker

Nintendo won’t be releasing a Switch Pro console in 2021 according to a tweet made by the popular YouTube channel SwitchUp. The release information in the post purportedly comes from a Chinese peripheral manufacturer that has been working on accessories for the Nintendo Switch Pro. While gamers may be dismayed about 2021 apparently being off the cards, there is hope offered up by the words “they’ve been told 2022 global market release.”

Who Is The Nintendo Switch OLED Model For, Exactly?

Yesterday, Nintendo surprised fans when it announced a new version of the Switch, and not one that many were hoping for. The Nintendo Switch OLED edition is exactly that, a Nintendo Switch with a slightly bigger, brighter OLED screen as its main draw, combined with improved sound, larger base storage and a wired LAN port. But what it did not have is what earlier reports were saying that were right about everything else, an upgraded chip that would give it more power and allow it to play at 4K resolution when docked. The internals of this new Switch are identical to the current one, including the battery.

Where to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED isn’t up for pre-order yet, but that hasn’t stopped retailers from listing it in advance for eager buyers. In case you missed it, Nintendo’s latest console comes with either a white color scheme or a red and blue one. The Nintendo Switch OLED White features a...
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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin Review (Switch) Monster Hunter is a series with a longstanding tradition of being impenetrable to casual first-time players, with systems layered upon systems and tricky combat. In the mainline series Monster Hunter: World provided a multi-platform mainstream breakthrough, while on Switch the recent Monster Hunter Rise followed that lead in applying copious quality of life improvements, and at times aggressive streamlining, to make the experience more palatable for a wide audience. That said, the IP's broad universe and the intricacies of its monsters are still vitally important factors, and no genre is better suited to making sense of a complex world than a traditional RPG.

Nintendo, stop trying to get me to play my Switch outside

Nintendo’s making a new Nintendo Switch, one with a bigger OLED screen. They gave it a trailer on Tuesday, showing beautiful people taking the console outside and playing it on the go. Who does this?. The advertisement looks like every other promo we’ve seen for the Switch since it launched...
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Must-play Nintendo Switch games are almost half off

Nintendo finally announced the Switch with an OLED screen that comes out in October, but right now, GameStop is hosting a big one-day discount on two must-have Switch games: Super Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Each game is going for $35 (usually $60) for the physical or digital versions, and if you have the means, I suggest getting both. Super Mario Odyssey is the latest (delightful) installment in the long-running Mario 3D platforming franchise, while Fire Emblem: Three Houses has strategic, turn-based battles interspersed with team- and friend-building elements you’d usually find in a Persona game.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Nintendo President finally comments

The Nintendo Switch Pro exists in a strange state of limbo whereby a slew of unconfirmed leaks and rumors make it seem very real, but then Nintendo has kept extremely tight-lipped about any hardware it's working on. Until now. In a recent shareholder Q&A one of the company's investors managed...

Indie highlights! Check out indie games that recently made their way to the Nintendo Switch system

A ton of great independent games (also known as indies) are coming to the Nintendo Switch™ system every month. Below, you’ll find a few of the most recent releases. If you want to browse the full list of digital releases, please visit the Game Store. And for more indie news, including developer interviews, check out the official Indie World site.

The next big Nintendo Switch game could bring back a fan-favorite character

Nintendo is apparently planning to bring Donkey Kong back in a big way, which means everyone’s favorite ape could be swinging onto Nintendo Switch soon. According to Nintendo insider Zippo and Nintendo Life, the company is planning to bring the tie-wearing simian back just in time for the franchise’s 40th anniversary, similar to how Nintendo celebrated Mario’s 35th anniversary, and the next game will be developer by the Super Mario Odyssey team.

Everyone Thinks GameStop Just Leaked The ‘New Nintendo Switch’ [Update]

Update: While I am still waiting to hear back from GameStop corporate, I’ve spoken with some individual stores and this is the gist of what they’re telling me:. Essentially, this ad copy is just all over the place and confusing, but fundamentally no, it does not represent a new Nintendo Switch console, ie. the Pro, being imminently announced. I was told a number of stores were getting in new shipments of current Nintendo Switches this Tuesday, hence the promotion, and this does not have to do with a new model coming.

Daily Deals: Nintendo Switch Games on Sale: Super Mario Smash Bros Ultimate for $45, Link's Awakening for $40, and More

Today, alongside the new Switch OLED announcement, several of the most popular Nintendo Switch video games are on sale. Many of these games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Link's Awakening, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons aren't normally discounted even on big sale days like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day. The sale will likely end very soon (and has already ended at certain merchants) so grab your copies now.

The best Nintendo Switch Prime Day deals you can get right now

This article is part of CNN Underscored’s wall-to-wall coverage of Amazon Prime Day. To find all of our coverage, click here. The Nintendo Switch is still one of the hottest game consoles out right now, and while it rarely goes on sale, Prime Day is a great chance to score some great accessories and games for less. From special Switch bundles to huge discounts on must-have titles and peripherals, here are the best Nintendo Switch deals we’ve picked out for this year’s Prime Day.