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Halloween in July returns at Michigan’s largest horror con, Motor City Nightmares

NOVI, MI - The creepiest, kookiest and scariest comic con in Michigan is back and as frightening as ever. Motor City Nightmares returns for 2021 this weekend. The horror con, which features celebrity guests, local artists and vendors, panels, horror-themed cosplay and a film festival, takes place at the Sheraton Detroit Novi at 21111 Haggerty Road from Friday, July 30 through Sunday, August 1.
Picture for Halloween in July returns at Michigan’s largest horror con, Motor City Nightmares

The New Trailer For Lamb Will Give You Nightmares

Film studio A24 has already given horror fans some serious nightmare fuel with films like "Hereditary" and "Midsommer." The upcoming fantasy "The Green Knight," releasing on July 30, may be based on an old Arthurian tale, but the imagery we've seen so far makes it clear that this one will have some chilling imagery as well. Now, with the release of the trailer for Valdimar Jóhannsson's "Lamb," fans of the indie filmmaking studio have an even more bizarre tale to add to their list.
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A Lovely Nightmare for two

Don't lose heart, it's merely the dark. The things you saw, Nightmares, Far gone. Zhak and Lucia aren't really romantically involved. They live together, and bug each other, but that's about it. So this prompt was a bit weird, and as such, i got weird and added a bad poem. Zhak is biting onto a piece of Lucia's cheek, since Beak....
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New Volkswagen Amarok W580X Will Give The Ranger Raptor Nightmares

The Volkswagen Amarok was unfortunately never sold in North America but that doesn't mean we're not among its list of fans. Now that it's about to be retired, Australia's Walkinshaw Performance has teamed up with the German automaker for one final bout of craziness. Presenting the follow-up to last year's W580, the W580X.

Abuse in care: “I still have a lot of nightmares”

A man who suffered catastrophic brain injury as a child in 1974 described abuse in various schools and residential care facilities as a child. Antony Dalton-Wilson, 54, testified before the Royal Commission on Abuse and Care in the Pacific held in South Auckland. In 1974, he was run over by...
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‘Nightmare on Elm Street’: Freddy Krueger Was Inspired by a Creepy Man From Wes Craven’s Childhood

Many fans of A Nightmare on Elm Street are aware that Wes Craven’s idea for the film stemmed from articles he read in the Los Angeles Times. One story focused on a young boy who died after having traumatic nightmares that affected his ability to function. But Craven had another interesting tale about Freddy Krueger’s origins that drew from a scary childhood experience.

Is it ungrateful to hate a holiday when in laws have paid but are being a nightmare?

Will try to cover all key points as quickly as possible so as not to drip feed. DH and I together fifteen years. Liked his parents a lot at first and thought was strange wasn’t close to his brother but over years learnt he was pretty difficult at times (drugs, low level crime, fights) but whenever I met him charming. DH loves mother v much but seemed a bit detached from them as a whole, I thought maybe linked to weird pride / resentment they seemed to feel towards him going to uni when they all left school young, who knows. The dad once did something really crap one Christmas when we were together with my parents asking my dad about his redundancy (he had been explicitly told not to do this) and whether he’d consider the pensioner shifts at b and Q I think trying to make some point that maybe he thought he was too good for that which he definitely wouldn’t but was just weird and clearly deliberately a bit nasty.
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Warzone’s invisible gun glitch is giving players nightmares

You can’t get rid of something you can’t see, and Warzone has seen invisibility glitches in many different forms but this new one is certain to catch you by surprise and frustrate players. Warzone has its fair share of new issues when it comes to bugs and glitches, but invisibility...